Photos: Yob at St. Vitus

Cosmic doom trio YOB made their return to the stage at the Northwest Terror Fest in Seattle, Washington alongside Coven,…Read More

Fastcore of The Month!

Two, 3-piece fastcore bands that we love dropped surprise releases this month that both ripped new assholes in the music…Read More

This Is Hardcore Fest 2017 Commences in Philly

Hardcore music enthusiasts from across the globe have started the annual convergence upon Philadelphia, PA as This Is Hardcore Fest…Read More

Converge: ‘I Can Tell You About Pain’ new single

Converge is currently completing a ninth studio album, but have taken the time to drop a two-track 7″ that surfaced…Read More

Raw Punk: Impalers

We can go ahead and add Impalers to the tight but growing list of punk bands currently reinvigorating the American…Read More

New Music Now XXIII

New releases from Psudoku, Wolfbrigade, Eaten, Blood Pressure, Cognizant, IDES, Municipal Waste, NY IN 64, Organ Dealer, Birdflesh, Witch Vomit,…Read More

Eyehategod: Special Edition- Live Photos & News

Eyehategod frontman Mike IX Williams made his triumphant return to the stage in April following a successful liver transplant this…Read More

Photos: Obituary & Kreator at Philly TLA

The 2017 edition of the Decibel Magazine Tour recently lit up Philly’s TLA venue with German thrash titans Kreator delivering…Read More

Death Metal Tuesdays: Goat Disciple

It is wonderfully fitting that such a blasphemous sound and moniker would emerge from Salt Lake City, Utah.  Goat Disciple…Read More

D-Beat Mondays: Driller Killer

D-Beat Mondays once again brings us back to the fine land of Sweden in the mid-90s, this time for Malmö’s…Read More

Death Metal Tuesdays: Horror

The 1993 demo by Minneapolis MN band Horror was unfortunately their only release. This was one of the first death…Read More

D-Beat Mondays: Martyrdöd

Martyrdöd is unfuckablewith in its d-beat legacy and we are pleased to enter the band into our coveted D-beat Mondays…Read More

New Music Now XXII

New releases from Mary Todd, Chepang, Succumb, Full Of Hell, Mister Lizard, Artificial Brain, Night Raids, John Frum, SYNDRØMES, Joseph…Read More

Ambient/Noise: Gridfailure & Megalophobe joint track premiere

In January, Benjamin Levitt, aka, MEGALOPHOBE, traveled north of NYC to record source material for upcoming GRIDFAILURE recordings with the…Read More

D-Beat Mondays: From Ashes Rise

I don’t know what was in the water in Tennessee during the mid-to-late 90’s, but it sure attracted a significant…Read More

DIALYSIS: ‘Pretty Men’ track debut

Syracuse, NY’s grindy and always quirky hardcore punk unit, DIALYSIS will release a debut LP, Pretty Men this Spring via…Read More

Death Metal Tuesdays: The Dead Youth

I’m jumping right to the big guns with this record. For me, one of the best death metal records ever…Read More

D-Beat Mondays: Discharge (The origin of the d-beat)

It was only a matter of time before D-Beat Mondays honed in on the United Kingdom’s genre-defining, d-beat punk band,…Read More

Premiere: Kill Verona release first new song in 13 years

Kill Verona were at the forefront of the budding East Coast punk/emo/hardcore scene in the early 2000’s. The band narrowly…Read More

Death Metal Tuesdays: Coagula

There are crust and punk elements to Coagula‘s style providing a depth that shies away from the unfortunate East Coast…Read More

D-Beat Mondays: Baptists

Since the the inception of the d-beat in the late 70s, early 80s, we’ve seen many leaps in evolution ranging…Read More

FULL OF HELL: New Song Stream, Trumpeting Ecstasy LP coming

Full Of Hell offer up the first song premiere, ‘Deluminate’, taken from the forthcoming LP Trumpeting Ecstasy that was recorded…Read More

Wolfbrigade drop new song on Southern Lord’s ACLU benefit comp

Sweden’s Wolfbrigade just released the lead single from their forthcoming ninth LP, Run With The Hunted, set for to hit…Read More

Death Metal Tuesdays: The Chasm

Many death metal nerds may know Daniel Corchado of The Chasm from his brief stint with Incantation for the awesomely…Read More