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Photos: Skeletonwitch, Oathbreaker, Iron Reagan, Homewrecker in Philly

Monday, November 14th, 2016
skeletonwitch-band-14 Skeletonwitch, Oathbreaker, Iron Reagan, and Homewrecker recently shook Philly's Underground Arts venue to its core with an unrelenting line-up of some of the best in in the underground world. Per usual-'s Dante Torrieri was on hand to capture and deliver an exclusive set of photos for your viewing pleasure below the fold. Homewrecker slings some seriously intense, raw Slayer-worship on it's latest EP Extinction by Design, shifting gears at all the right moments, from churning death-groove to evil thrash. Recorded and mixed by Andy Nelson (Harm's Way, Eternal Sleep), and mastered by Brad Boatright (Nails, Full of Hell), the new EP hit the streets in mid-October on Good Fight Music to ...

The Dark Arts: Black Metal, Art Show, Horror Reading Spectacular Today

Saturday, November 12th, 2016
black arts surgeon Tonight at 5PM the Philly-based The Dark Arts collective presents a black metal, art show, and horror reading spectacular at Philly's raddest secret venue- The Shred Shed. Comprised of many of the leading underground artists, show organizers, and more, The Dark Arts is an ever evolving collective of some of Philly's finest talents. Today's line-up is truly something special kicking off an Art Show portion at 5PM seeing a large gathering of artists and amazing art works from throughout the region. There will be a smattering of horror readings by metal journalists Andrew Bonazelli, Shawn Macomber, and more and rounding off with live music performances ...

Homeward Bound Art Show at Grindcore House Gallery

Sunday, June 16th, 2013
homeward-bound-philly-paws-benefit-24 In conjunction with our forthcoming Blow The Scene Fest 2013: Artists For Animals on June 29, 2013 at The Broad St. Ministry in Philadelphia, the Homeward Bound: A Benefit for PAWS art show launched in May at Philly's top vegan eatery and coffee bar, Grindcore House. Curated by Philadelphia Art Professor Ryann Casey, the art show features artwork of various mediums donated by over 50 artists from around the world with the proceeds of all sales being presented to P.A.W.S (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society). We caught up with Homeward Bound: A Benefit for PAWS on opening ...

Homeward Bound Art Exhibit to Benefit PAWS starting May 10

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013
homeward-bound-PAWS-art-show-benefit If you've been paying attention to our Artists for Animals benefit show series, then you have no doubt seen numerous mentions of the fantastic art show portion curated by local Art Professor Ryann Casey. Today we are very excitied to make the official art show announcement! Over 50 artists are donating their time and work to Philadelphia’s largest no-kill shelter. Every year over 30,000 dogs and cats enter Philadelphia’s animal control shelter. An estimated 12,000 don’t make it out of the shelter alive. PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society) has worked vigorously since 2005 toward decreasing that number. The largest no-kill shelter in Philadelphia, PAWS also operates as ...

Philly Punx Picnic: Media and Arts Event Photos

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013
tattooed moms art show - punx picnicCutting a wide swath across various niches of Philadelphia's DIY community and art scene, the Philly Punx Picnic event group recently hosted a media and arts showcase at the now legendary Tattooed Mom restaurant and bar on South St. The 2nd floor of Mom's was transformed into a gallery of paintings, prints, clothing, records, pictures, literature, pins, patches, and scores of other unique and rare items in distro fashion. We do not have a full listing of artists, but feel free to send us one here. A few artists we did recognize included John Baizley of ...

Countdown to (En)Danger: A Show to Benefit the World Wildlife Fund

Monday, November 5th, 2012
Countdown to (En)Danger Art ShowToday we’d like to shed some light on an incredibly talented and motivated group of Philadelphia-area artists who recently came together to deliver Countdown to (En)Danger: A Show to Benefit the World Wildlife Fund. Curated by Ryann Casey and Josh Robeson, Countdown to (En)Danger features donated artworks by over 40 artists currently on display/sale at B2 Cafe in South Philadelphia through this Wednesday, November 7th. Blow The Scene’s Joshua T. Cohen recently had the joy of catching up with Countdown to (En)Danger on the opening night of its B2 residency with a full photo gallery ...

The Column Out of Space Pt II

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012
Column Out of Space Michael Bukowski is a Philadelphia artist that has been creating art for and among the DIY community for over a decade, having worked with bands, artists, and animal conservation groups alike. His signature works are hard to mistake and currently circulate the globe. For the full story of Michael Bukowski, be sure to scope The Column Out of Space launch and in-depth interview with this talented and intriguing artist. Today, Bukowski gives Blow The Scene readers around the world an inside look into the processes behind a slick Tshirt he crafted. ...

The Column Out of Space Pt I

Thursday, June 14th, 2012
The Column Out of Space Pt. I - by featured artist, Michael Bukowski Michael Bukowski is a Philadelphia artist that has been creating art for and among the DIY community for over a decade, having worked with bands, artists, and animal conservation groups alike. His signature works are hard to mistake and currently circulate the globe. For the full story of Michael Bukowski, be sure to scope The Column Out of Space launch and in-depth interview with this talented and intriguing artist. Today, Bukowski gives Blow The Scene readers around the world an inside look into the processes behind a fantastic work of art he created for an H.P. ...

Wizard World’s 2012 Comic Con Philadelphia

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012
Comic Con Philadelphia 2012 SpidermanWizard World's 2012 Philadelphia Comic Con Once a year, Philadelphia comic book geeks like BTS Senior Staff Photographer, Dante Torrieri and myself, are treated to countless indulgences in nerd and pop culture as the 4-day takeover by Wizard World’s annual Comic Con envelopes our Convention Center. Artists, celebrities, superheroes, fans, kiddos, and even the deranged, traverse their way through miles of pop-culture's own iconostases. What started as a convention for the devote comic book collector has transformed over the past decade into one of the largest celebrations of pop culture in the US, as Wizard World’s Comic Con makes an annual trek across scores of the ...

The Column Out of Space Launch – Michael Bukowski Artist Interview

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012
Michael Bukowski - Bat art pieceWe are very excited to launch a new art column today entitled, The Column Out Of Space, by Philadelphia artist Michael Bukowski. If you have been following Blow The Scene for some time you may remember our recent Empty Night Skies exhibit coverage where we visited one of Philly's premiere vegan coffee stops and art space, Grindcore House, to document an art benefit hosted by Bukowski, his partner Jeanne D' Angelo, and Ryann Casey. The exhibit raised money and awareness concerning White-nose Syndrome- a disease that will see the extinction ...

Empty Night Skies – Artists Unite to Help Dying Bat Population

Thursday, April 26th, 2012
Empty Night Skies - Art Show Benefit For Bats - Grindcore HouseHibernating bats in the northeastern United States are dying at an alarming pace due to the onset of White-nose Syndrome. Named for the white fungus evident on the muzzles and wings of the affected, this fungus thrives in cave temperatures. Apart from the physical ailments, afflicted bats awake early out of hibernation in an attempt to cleanse themselves of the fungus. This early awakening inadvertently leads to death from freezing temperatures as these animals attempt to find food to replenish their stored winter fats. White-nose Syndrome has already killed ...

Dante Torrieri Interview

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011
Dante TorrieriHere at Blow The Scene we like to spread the love – this time by focusing on our amazingly talented staff who donate countless hours to the site and help make it what it is. We pride ourselves on showcasing quality over quantity. Music lovers who want in-depth coverage with substance come here. Those who are looking for regurgitated PR emailers have thousands of other sites to reference. We are very fortunate to have a staff that is comprised of artists and musicians alike, who have true passion for whatever they are covering. Our writers and photographers are a part of local artist communities in several cities throughout the ...

Ectoplasmic Meltdown Cannabis Corpse Interview

Monday, January 24th, 2011
New Artwork for Coffin Dust by SLIME Ectoplasmic Meltdown: Special Edition! Interview Andy Horn of Cannabis Corpse and BattleMaster Greetings Ghouls and Ghoulettes!!! Yes I know, it has been a LONG FUCKING TIME since I have given an update. I must say that I have been quite the busy little ghoul! My requests for artwork have been higher than they ever have, so I have been keeping extremely busy. On top of that, I just graduated from WCU with a BA in studio arts, and Coffin Dust also completed our first tour (although it was just a weekend, it was a WILD weekend) at the beginning of December! We ...

Darrell Kinsel Interview Local Artist Spotlight

Thursday, January 13th, 2011
Darrell Kinsel Pittsburgh Artist Local Artist Spotlight - Pittsburgh, PA Darrell Kinsel Interview By Andy McNeil, Assistant Editor Vibrant child-like paintings of colorful crayon meadows and wax mountains cover the walls of Calli’s restaurant in Pittsburgh. Despite the country themes and elementary appearance, these works of art were not created by some rural rascal. These are the doing of a 26-year-old city slicker who slightly resembles a thin Mr. T - without the jewelry obsession and affinity for punching people’s lights out. Darrell Kinsel, sporting a thick beard and often found rocking a mohawk, is not a conventional painter by any means. He is a self-taught artist who grew ...

Scene Stompers I: Ashley Ryon Interview

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Scene Stompers Vol I:  Ashley Ryon of Yinzer Party & Hott Mess

Scene Stompers Vol I: Ashley Ryon of Yinzer Party & Hott Mess By Andy McNeil, Assistant Editor The staff at Blow The Scene loves a good party – so much so that we’ve decided to dedicate a new column about the folks who set up the parties, shows and events that give us an excuse to stay out late. Scene Stompers are the people who are out there crushing their local scene with positive party energy. This month BTS’s resident friendly giant catches up with Ashley Ryon, a real guru of gettin’ down, over a pint at the Tiki Lounge in Pittsburgh’s South Side. If wildlife photographers think they have it hard - they should try working in the concrete jungle as a nightlife photographer. Spilled beer, dangerous dance moves and the occasional pudding wrestling matches are common place for Ashley Ryon – a nocturnal beast best known for her party photography. Hot MessThe petite Ryon is the mastermind begin the Web site. She is also the creator of a monthly indie pop dance party called Hott Mess, hosted at Pittsburgh’s hipster-mecca Brillobox, which is celebrating its one year anniversary, appropriately titled Best of Hott Mess, on Thursday, November 18th. Since beginning the site in July 2009 – Yinzer Party has posted over 10,000 photos of the best of Pittsburgh’s underground parties and shows. She was inspired to start the site after moving to the city of steel in 2008 when she was still unfamiliar with the scene and wasn’t sure were to head to find a good time. “Living in Vegas and New York - you go to photo sites and you see these rad looking people - you want to be there with them,” Ryon says. “[Pittsburgh] didn’t have that here. I’m a bit of an entrepreneur – I get super excited to start projects and so I started it trying to discover what’s cool in the city.” In addition to indie parties and bar events – she has been busy shooting shows as well. Ryon has snagged images of bands such as Electric Six, The Flaming Lips, Municipal Waste, Valient Thorr, GWAR, The Bronx and Portugal the Man. Ryon’s first exposure to the party photography came when she was living in Baltimore and was frequenting shows at Sonar back when Diplo (half of DJ act Major Lazer) would play there regularly. At the shows, she noticed a photographer taking everyone’s picture, but thought little else of it until her mug popped up somewhere unexpected. “One day I find myself on a flyer for Sonar and I’m like ‘What the fuck is this?’”

Ectoplasmic Meltdown III HALLOWEEN EDITION!

Saturday, October 30th, 2010
Matt Slime Bucket Pumpkin Ectoplasmic Meltdown!: HALLOWEEN EDITION! GREETINGS ALL YOU GHOULS AND GHOULETTES! and pardon my vulgarity but HAPPY FUCKING HALLOWEEN! I decided to hold off on talking about the pinball table and the interview with Jon until next time, and instead decided to do something quick, fun, and relevant to the season, and spirit....I don't know how many of you heshers out there still get stoked to do this, but i sure do...I decided to carve a sweet pumpkin! Last night, i stayed up late in the kitchen, listening to the misfits, ate a pizza, and carved a head. Talk about gnarly rituals! I had a little bit of a tough time getting some ...

Dave White Interview Exclusive

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Dave White - Renown UK Artist

Dave White has been creating award winning art since the early 1990's. Born February 19th, 1971 in Liverpool, UK, Dave developed his technique and graduated from John Moores University with a BA in Fine Arts Painting in 1994. Today, Dave White's art has held residencies across the globe. He has been recognized by AOL, Nike, Wall Street Journal, and dozens more publications internationally. TJ: Hello Dave White! Please give our readers from around the world the skinny on who you are and what it is you do!? Dave White: Hi all, my name is Dave White I am an ...

Ectoplasmic Meltdown II w/ Spewtilator Interview

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010
Coffin Dust Tshirt Design By Matt Slime Bucket ECTOPLASMIC MELTDOWN VOL II By Matt Slime Bucket This month’s slime! Greetings ghouls and ghoulettes! And welcome to this month’s upchuck of Ectoplasmic Meltdown! Despite the fact that classes are back in session (most non excellent), I’ve been busy at work in my cellar putting together some new monsterpieces for all you sick little gore goblins….I’m going to show you some finished products, and a couple platters of splatter that have been in the works for a decent amount of time now. Also, as a special treat (because it does just happen to be the month of my favorite holiday >:] I think you can ...

The Jordan Buckley Interview: Exclusive

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010
Jordan Buckley World Wide Interview Banner Jordan Buckley Live Warped Tour 06Jordan Buckley has changed the course of underground metal forever. Widely recognized as one-half of Buffalo’s favorite guitar duo in metallic hardcore group Every Time I Die, Buckley and his guitar work (along with partner-in-crime, Andy Williams) seamlessly fuse elements of Southern Rock, Punk, Metal, and Hardcore - consistently pushing the boundaries of extreme music with each new album. Having seen four full-length releases on Ferret Recordings and latest work, New Junk Aesthetic on legendary label Epitaph, Every Time I Die have wowed fans ...

Ryan Armbrust – Master of Lifestyle Photography

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Ryan ArmbrustHi Ryan! Tell us a little about yourself. I'm a self-taught, Louisville Kentucky based editorial photographer and a bit of a "Good-Time" Charlie. I collect Pez and Mr. Potato Heads. I actually have a whole room dedicated to my toy collection! I have a huge Rat Fink tattoo on my arm. Oh yeah, and I like to shoot people! What is your favorite style of photography? I would have to say classic pinup is my favorite genre of photography. Concert Photography is a close second. Explain what makes you an expert in the “Lifestyle Portrait” compared to other photojournalists. I have a studio, but shooting portraits of kids and families ...

Adam Potts Talks American Traditional Tattoos

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Adam Potts Watercolor Hi Adam Potts! So tell us, what's your short story? I do tattoos at Acme Ink in Louisville, KY. I do them as clean and nice as I can and I do them very fast. I also paint a little. How long, and with whom, did you apprentice before coming into your own? I apprenticed under Tattoo Charlie Wheeler for around fourteen months before I started tattooing for money in November of 2001. I don't feel like I came into my own until a year or two ago, but that's not to say I'm finished learning or moving forward. That's one of the things I love about my job, ...

Into The Mind of Stephen Tompkins

Friday, April 30th, 2010
Stephen Tompkins For our readers who may be hiding under an artistic rock, how would you answer, “Who is Stephen Tompkins?”, in a paragraph or less? Hey. Come out from under that rock. My name is Stephen Tompkins. I create. How would you best describe your style of art? Cartoon limbo, cartoon explosions, complex synchronic visceral experience. Eye candy. Explain your philosophy behind creating multiplicities. In a very brief nutshell...and I promise this is the longest answer of the interview...I don’t like the idea of just creating a static subject or presence. Right now I'm focused on the way absence and negative aspects of spatial arrangements as well as multiple partialities unfold or ...