Ectoplasmic Meltdown Cannabis Corpse Interview

New Artwork for Coffin Dust by SLIME

Ectoplasmic Meltdown: Special Edition! Interview Andy Horn of Cannabis Corpse and BattleMaster

Greetings Ghouls and Ghoulettes!!!

Yes I know, it has been a LONG FUCKING TIME since I have given an update. I must say that I have been quite the busy little ghoul!

My requests for artwork have been higher than they ever have, so I have been keeping extremely busy. On top of that, I just graduated from WCU with a BA in studio arts, and Coffin Dust also completed our first tour (although it was just a weekend, it was a WILD weekend) at the beginning of December! We have also begun writing our first full length album, and are planning a two week summer tour in late July/early August with Lexington, KY’s TOMBSTALKER….Definitely some awesome shit to look forward to!

Today I am just going to show you some of the pieces I have been working on (Also my first pieces under my new alias…I’ve shortened it to just SLIME), and i also have a very special treat for you…an interview with Andy Horn of the almighty Cannabis Corpse and the shredtastic Battlemaster!!!

Over the last few months I have been handed some amazing opportunities for some artwork. One of them, was the chance to do a shirt design for the devastating BLOOD FREAK!
Super stoked about this one!!!!

Blood Freak - Shirt Design by SLIME

My friends in the Indiana based black/death brutalion MountainGrave are going to be putting out their first release soon, and they asked me to do the cover for it…The release will be titled RAGE AND RUIN.

Rage and Ruin Album Cover by SLIME

Here is a piece that i did just for fun…It’s been awhile since I’ve done a new Ghoul piece >;]

Ghoul art by SLIME

T shirt design for my buddy Pat’s awesome band Decap Attak!

Decap Attack shirt design by SLIME

Album artwork i did for trippy death metallers Slaughter of Elysium!

Slaughter of Elysium Art by SLIME

Album artwork i did for tech death metallers Necrocide!

Necrocide album art by SLIME

Album artwork for a band who’s name i forget (IM SORRY DUDES!) haha Mutant Sea Turtles!!!!

Mutant Sea Turtles by SLIME

And finally, i got a chance to do a new shirt/demo cover for my deathrot war brothers in Battlemaster…behold, Ceremonial Dragon Mutilation!

BattleMaster Art by SLIME

Speaking of which, I got a chance to catch up with Andy Horn a little bit lately.

Cannabis CorpseI’ve known Andy for a few years now (The first time Trasher ever played Richmond, VA on tour with Sacrificial Blood, Andy was the only one in the venue besides the bartender to see us), and ever since I’ve always met him, he’s always been the RADDEST dude. After we talked about me doing the artwork for the new shirts, i asked him if he would be interested in answering some questions for me for my column…and he was totally stoked!

SLIME: Andy Horn, the duke of dude, spill your slime you deathfiend!!!!!

How long have you been involved in the scene dude?? What local bands were around when you first got involved??

Andy Horn of BattleMaster and Cannabis Corpse: I think i got hooked at age 15, and would go to this shitty club called JAXX in Northern Virginia that i grew up next to. I’d see punk and metal shows any old place they had them too. My buddy Pat would get Profane Existence news paper sent to him so we would always jam punk and the stuff we heard about through there. I eventually got hooked on Napalm Death and other crushers and then decided that crushing was what i needed all the time. I never got to feel at home with any local ‘scene’ because it was all so spread out. I just stuck with my friends in school and tried to scrape up whatever cool shit we could find on our own.

SLIME: What bands were you in before Battlemaster and Cannabis Corpse?

Andy Horn: Said buddies and I played one show with a band we had for a couple practices called Mos Teutonicus. I don’t remember how that happened, but Alex Psitos, James Wood and myself then started Battlemaster with some friends in Richmond.

SLIME:When did BM and CC come into existence??

Andy Horn: Battlemaster in the summer of 2003 and Cannabis Corpse in summer of 2006.

SLIME:How have both bands progressed since they’ve started, and what direction do you see them taking???

Andy Horn: Definitely a progression! Battlemaster was pretty much every members first attempt at playing in a band and trying to write metal songs. The first Battlemaster demos are pretty ridiculous, as we had no idea what we were doing. Our first album, Warthisting & Winterbound, was kind of a compilation of songs written across the entire span of the band. The only plan with newer and future songs is to ‘up the evil, increase the speed’. As for Cannabis Corpse, we have progressed with recording and songwriting too. I think anyone who enjoyed Tube of the Resonated will surely get a wicked kick out of the upcoming 3rd LP. I am very confident in the songs and can’t wait til the record comes out (spring ’11?).

SLIME: Favorite band??

Andy Horn: Yeah right! Haha! I wish i had that much focus, but i can tell you some favorites and current crushes…

Manilla Road – All (especially Crystal Logic!)
Abyssic Hate – Suicidal Emotions
Absu – Tara (still at the top of speedspell blackthrash wizardry)
GG and the Jabbers – Always Was, Is and Shall Be
Beowulf – S/T and Lost My Head
Benediction – Transcending the Rubicon
Skeletal Earth – Eulogy for a Dying Fetus
Lots of Bulldozer, Negative Plane, Chaos Horde, (the 1st) Merciless Death, tons of NWOBHMish whenever I’m at work.

Man, I’m just listing shit that came to mind but the stream flows forever it seems. So I’ll end there for now. Some regional newer bands that definitely deserve mention: Volture, Infernal Stronghold, Mutant Supremacy, Coffin Dust, and Parasytic!

SLIME:Favorite movie??

Andy Horn: Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. A lot of Easy Wheels and The Stoned Age lately.

SLIME:Favorite Munchies??

Andy Horn: Ramen and weedy treats, duh!

Thanks again dude!!!!

SLIME:No, thank YOU Andy!!!!

Well, this has been another upchuck of Ectoplasmic Meltdown! Next time, I have big news to announce, and a new piece to go with the big news!!!!!!

This is your brain on GORE

-Matty Splatty

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