Homeward Bound Art Exhibit to Benefit PAWS starting May 10


If you’ve been paying attention to our Artists for Animals benefit show series, then you have no doubt seen numerous mentions of the fantastic art show portion curated by local Art Professor Ryann Casey. Today we are very excitied to make the official art show announcement!

Over 50 artists are donating their time and work to Philadelphia’s largest no-kill shelter.

Every year over 30,000 dogs and cats enter Philadelphia’s animal control shelter. An estimated 12,000 don’t make it out of the shelter alive. PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society) has worked vigorously since 2005 toward decreasing that number. The largest no-kill shelter in Philadelphia, PAWS also operates as a high-volume, low-cost veterinary clinic for pet owners and rescue organizations that do not have access to affordable basic veterinary care. PAWS is a privately funded organization which means community support is a vital part of sustaining their mission.

On May 10th – July 10th Homeward Bound: A Benefit for PAWS will give people the opportunity to not only give to PAWS’ efforts but also view and acquire artwork from various mediums donated to the show by over 50 artists. Curated by Ryann Casey and hosted by Grindcore House, Homeward Bound will also feature a display showcasing a few of the many cats and dogs available for adoption through PAWS. If you don’t leave with a piece of art perhaps you’ll leave with a new pet companion in mind.


Homeward Bound: A Benefit for PAWS
Grindcore House: (1515 S 4th St)
Friday, May 10th, 2013
7: 00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

The fundraising doesn’t stop there. Homeward Bound coincides with Artists for Animals a music event taking place June 29th.

Blow The Scene Fest 2013 - Artists For Animals PAWS benefit show

For more information on PAWS please visit:

The list of Homeward Bound participating artists includes:

Justin Arawjo
Carl Auge
Zachary Baez
Amy Black
Alan Brown
Brittany Buescher
Jodi Cachia
Ryann Casey
Kate Collins
Jeannine D.
Paul D’Elia
Stephanie Dimiskovski
Kati Driscoll
Melissa Farley
Constantine Frangos
Sienna Freeman
Heather Gargon
Justin Gray
Leah Greenberg
Katie Henry
Joseph Hasenauer
Lisa Imperiale
Darla Jackson
Andrew Johnson-Lally
Alina Josan
Adrienne Langer
Doug LaRocca
Segreto Leah
Jes Mae Lynch
Rach Mojecki
Kathryn Moran
Jaime Morgan
Gabrielle Muller
Alicia Neal
Joslyn Newman
Matt R. Phillips
Mary Price
Paul Romano
Joanna S. Quigley
Alana Reichfeld
Josh Robeson
Jen Roder
Clayton Rossner
Colleen Rudolf
Kristin Scholz
Chris Schoonover
Jonathan Schoonover
Peet Sketches
Jamielynn Storch
Kirsten Teel
Nancy M. Thivierge
Dante Torrieri
Valeriya Volkova
Lindsey Wavrek
Ketch Wehr
Calyn Williams
Joëlle Workman

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