Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Aeon, Tribulation at the TLA


Metal titans Cannibal Corpse and Behemoth headlined an evening at Philly’s TLA venue with special guests Tribulation and Aeon with BTS photographer Dante Torrieri on point, having laid out the photo evidence below the fold.

Cannibal Corpse has spent the summer of 2015 conquering Europe, with included stops at Hellfest, Wacken, Bloodstock, Brutal Assault, Party.San, Copenhell, Graspop, and numerous club shows. But they aren’t even close to being finished with 2015. The band recently revealed their plans for a massive US tour this Fall, bringing a brutal package of acts with them across the United States beginning October 8th, and running through November 7th. Direct support is slated to come from Metal Blade labelmates, Cattle Decapitation, preceded by Sweden’s Soreption, plus a local opener on each show.

A Skeletal Domain, the latest full-length from Cannibal Corpse and thirteenth full-length overall, debuted at an astounding #32 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart, making it the highest charting record in the band’s storied history. Produced by Mark Lewis (The Black Dahlia Murder, DevilDriver) at Audio Hammer Studios in Florida, the record boasts twelve ravenous tracks of confrontational, meticulously-executed ill-omened brutality as only Cannibal Corpse can deliver.


Behemoth‘s The Satanist was released in February of 2014 to overwhelming praise from fans. The album debuted at #1 in Poland, and at #34 on the Billboard Top 200 charts in the US, 21 spots higher than their previous album, Evangelion. Earlier this year, the band’s official biography, Behemoth: Devil’s Conquistadors, was released to the masses. Written by Lukasz Dunaj, the gorgeous, meticulously-designed 490-page, hardcover tome takes an in-depth look at the history of the events that materially influenced the band, their music, their ultimate rise to the upper echelon of metal and becoming a household name in their native homeland of Poland. Behemoth: Devil’s Conquistadors includes quotes and anecdotes from current and former Behemoth members as well as interviews with Tomas Krajewski, Rob Darken, Graal, Havok, vintage, never-before-seen photos, flyers, lyric sheets and so much more.

Behemoth joined forces with director Zev Deans to compose a video for “Messe Noire” from The Satanist. The Brooklyn based director brings a visually dark and surreal atmosphere to a song and album that is one of Behemoth‘s most bleak. To add to the atmosphere, costumes were provided by amazing fashion designer, Sharon Toxic. The combination of these visual and auditory talents could not be more ideal.

This October/November, Sweden’s Tribulation will return to North America for their first stateside run in support of their recently released new album, The Children Of The Night on Century Media Records. Deafheaven will also join the band on the trek (plus ENVY on select dates), making this one tour not to be missed. On their latest album, Tribulation combines foreboding death and black metal with vintage rock/metal, as well as dark wave- offering nods to influential bands, but refusing to fall into mere mimicry. With a willful drive, an irresistible groove, bewitching melodies and a haunting atmosphere, The Children Of The Night is guaranteed to turn heads of both newcomers and the initiated alike.

Swedish death metal unit, Aeon, began their march through North America earlier this month on the Devastation On The Nation Tour featuring headliners Origin and Krisiun. The Metal Injection-sponsored live takeover will decimate nearly three-dozen venues through October 5th. Additional support will be provided by Alterbeast, Soreption and Ingested. Aeon released their critically-lauded Aeon’s Black full-length in 2012 via Metal Blade Records. Called, “one of the best death metal albums of 2012,” by Revolver.

All photos by Blow The Scene Senior Staff Photographer Dante Torrieri (Useless Rebel Imaging)



Tribulation-band-031 Tribulation-band-030 Tribulation-band-029 Tribulation-band-028 Tribulation-band-027 Tribulation-band-026


Tribulation-band-025 Tribulation-band-024 Tribulation-band-023 Tribulation-band-022 Tribulation-band-021 Tribulation-band-020


Tribulation-band-019 Tribulation-band-018 Tribulation-band-017 Tribulation-band-016 Tribulation-band-015 Tribulation-band-014


Tribulation-band-013 Tribulation-band-012 Tribulation-band-010 Tribulation-band-009 Tribulation-band-008 Tribulation-band-007


Tribulation-band-006 Tribulation-band-005 Tribulation-band-004 Tribulation-band-003 Tribulation-band-002 Tribulation-band-001



Aeon-band-053 Aeon-band-052 Aeon-band-051 Aeon-band-050 Aeon-band-049 Aeon-band-048


Aeon-band-047 Aeon-band-046 Aeon-band-045 Aeon-band-044 Aeon-band-043 Aeon-band-042


Aeon-band-041 Aeon-band-040 Aeon-band-039 Aeon-band-038 Aeon-band-037 Aeon-band-036

Aeon-band-035 Aeon-band-034 Aeon-band-033



Behemoth-band-084 Behemoth-band-083 Behemoth-band-082 Behemoth-band-081 Behemoth-band-080 Behemoth-band-079


Behemoth-band-078 Behemoth-band-077 Behemoth-band-076 Behemoth-band-075 Behemoth-band-074 Behemoth-band-073

Behemoth-band-072 Behemoth-band-071 Behemoth-band-070 Behemoth-band-069 Behemoth-band-068 Behemoth-band-067


Behemoth-band-066 Behemoth-band-065 Behemoth-band-064 Behemoth-band-063 Behemoth-band-062 Behemoth-band-061


Behemoth-band-060 Behemoth-band-059 Behemoth-band-058 Behemoth-band-057 Behemoth-band-056 Behemoth-band-055 Behemoth-band-054

Cannibal Corpse


Cannibal-Corpse-band-0114 Cannibal-Corpse-band-0113 Cannibal-Corpse-band-0112 Cannibal-Corpse-band-0111 Cannibal-Corpse-band-0110 Cannibal-Corpse-band-0109


Cannibal-Corpse-band-0108 Cannibal-Corpse-band-0107 Cannibal-Corpse-band-0106 Cannibal-Corpse-band-0105 Cannibal-Corpse-band-0104 Cannibal-Corpse-band-0103


Cannibal-Corpse-band-0102 Cannibal-Corpse-band-0101 Cannibal-Corpse-band-0100 Cannibal-Corpse-band-099 Cannibal-Corpse-band-098 Cannibal-Corpse-band-097


Cannibal-Corpse-band-096 Cannibal-Corpse-band-095 Cannibal-Corpse-band-094 Cannibal-Corpse-band-093 Cannibal-Corpse-band-092 Cannibal-Corpse-band-091


Cannibal-Corpse-band-090 Cannibal-Corpse-band-089 Cannibal-Corpse-band-088 Cannibal-Corpse-band-087 Cannibal-Corpse-band-086 Cannibal-Corpse-band-085

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