Debut: Multicult stream new song ‘Coxcomb’

multicult band

multicult band

Enjoy an exclusive stream from Baltimore noise rock outfit Multicult as we unleash new song “Coxcomb” from the forthcoming album Position Remote, which will drop via Reptilian Records tomorrow!

Beginning with the release of band’s self-titled debut in 2010, Multicult have carved an unmistakable niche in the East Coast punk rock landscape offering clever, often ingenious spins on the genre that sees hardcore punk, alternative, and experimental elements converge to defy classification.

It’s not uncommon to see the band’s dymanics on full display as Multicult shares the stage with post-punk, grindcore, progressive, and other fellow noise bands, reining in support accross the DIY spectrum. It’s also not surprising that these music aficionados have done time in numerous touring acts including grindcore masters Triac, which sees drummer Jake Cregger further display his ability to devour a drum kit with laser-like precision. Bassist Rebecca Burchette also splits her time with noisey punk rock outfit, Lady Piss, while singer/guitarist Nick Skrobisz rips the strings in the long-standing progpunk project The Wayward. All bands highly recommended.

Multicult is the sum of an equation larger than the sum of its parts as the diverse musical elements bring to mind such DIY greats as Q and not U, Minor Threat, and Fugazi as the band further carries the torch with musical peers such as Fight Amp. These up-and-coming bands are collectively writing the next chapter of American noise rock, particularly the unmistakable impact of the East Coast. It’s an exciting time to be into noise rock these days and Multicult proves they are at the front of the pack with the release of Position Remote imminent.

Multicult launches an East Coast tour today at Strange Matter in Richmond, VA- be sure to check them out on the road. Full list of dates below:

Exclusive BTS debut stream of song “Coxcomb” below:

Position Remote album pre-order at Reptilian Records

Multicult on Tour:

8/18 Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter w/ Humanshapes, Prayer Group, Buzzard Dust

8/19 Brooklyn, NY @ Aviv w/ Couch Slut, Humanshapes, Dead Tenants, Bbigpigg

8/20 Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie w/ Psychic Teens, Humanshapes

8/21 Syracuse, NY @ Gorham Bros. Music w/ Jaye Jayle (mem. Young Widows)

8/22 Ithaca, NY @ IU Collective w/ Twin Lords (ex-Tombs)

8/23 Pittsburgh, PA *more info soon*

8/24 Charlotte, NC w/ powertakeØff *more info soon*

8/25 Atlanta, GA @ 529 w/ Purkinje Shift, Thousandaire

8/26 Athens, GA @ Caledonia Lounge w/ The Powder Room

8/27 Columbus, OH @ Spacebar w/ TBA

8/28 Nashville, TN @ Queen Ave w/ Horse Lords, Gnarwhal

8/29 Wichita, KS @ Kirby’s Beer Store w/ Sin Lengua, Mystery Blood

8/30 Kansas City, MO *more info soon*

8/31 St. Louis, MO @ Foam w/ Hardbody, Kenshiro’s, Wet Ones

9/1 Minneapolis, MN @ Turf Club w/ Buildings, Novacron (mems. Vaz), Animal Lover

9/2 Chicago, IL @ Township w/ Fake Limbs, Buildings

9/3 Louisville, KY @ Cure Lounge PRFBBQLOU 2016 w/ Whores., Buildings, powertakeØff, The Powder Room, Vincas, Empty Vessels, and many more!

9/4 Detroit, MI @ UFO Factory w/ TBA

9/5 Morgantown, WV more info soon*

9/10 Baltimore, MD @ Windup Space (Record Release) w/ Old Lines, Grizzlor, Bardus, Homosuperior

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