Photos: Decibel Tour 2015 Philly, At The Gates, Converge, Pallbearer, Vallenfyre, Krieg

At The Gates-band-0116

The mighty Decibel Magazine annual tour showcased some of 2015’s best talents, having stormed through Philly’s Union Transfer venue earlier this year with a gnarly billing including At The Gates, Converge, Pallbearer, Vallenfyre, and Krieg. Blow The Scene‘s Dante Torrieri was on hand to capture the evening in photos for viewing pleasure, featured below the fold.

All of the performing acts are supporting stellar new releases. At The Gates continue to support At War with Reality, the band’s latest and now fifth overall full-length effort that ended a near 20-year drought. The Swedish death metal unit released this beast via Century Media Records in October of 2014 and the album has seen wide praise from both fans and critics alike making it all the way to #2 on Decibel‘s coveted year-end list in 2014.


Converge are set to release the highly anticipated sequel to the landmark 2003 DVD “The Long Road Home” later this month- Entitled “Thousands of Miles Between Us” this new video collection boasts 3 unique configurations with a barrage of accoutrements that fetish collectors will surely go nuts over. Enjoy a snippet from video below the fold.

Pallbearer wrapped up a dense 2015 with a North American tour alongside High On Fire recently, punctuating a massive cycle around newest album Foundations Of Burden, which hit Decibel Mag‘s #1 album of 2014. Pallbearer have etched themselves a permanent place amongst the leaders of doom evolution. We’ll be keeping an eye on them into 2016.

The evening’s billing was rounded out by British extreme metallers Vallenfyre with regional support by black metal practitioners Krieg.

Listening samples and links for purchase available below.

All photos by Blow The Scene Senior Staff Photographer Dante Torrieri (Useless Rebel Imaging)



Krieg-band-020 Krieg-band-019 Krieg-band-018 Krieg-band-017 Krieg-band-016 Krieg-band-015


Krieg-band-014 Krieg-band-013 Krieg-band-012 Krieg-band-011 Krieg-band-010 Krieg-band-009


Krieg-band-008 Krieg-band-007 Krieg-band-006 Krieg-band-005 Krieg-band-004 Krieg-band-003 Krieg-band-002 Krieg-band-001



Vallenfyre-band-038 Vallenfyre-band-037 Vallenfyre-band-036 Vallenfyre-band-035 Vallenfyre-band-034 Vallenfyre-band-033


Vallenfyre-band-032 Vallenfyre-band-031 Vallenfyre-band-030 Vallenfyre-band-029 Vallenfyre-band-028 Vallenfyre-band-027


Vallenfyre-band-026 Vallenfyre-band-025 Vallenfyre-band-024 Vallenfyre-band-023 Vallenfyre-band-022 Vallenfyre-band-021



Pallbearer-band-061 Pallbearer-band-060 Pallbearer-band-059 Pallbearer-band-058 Pallbearer-band-057 Pallbearer-band-056


Pallbearer-band-055 Pallbearer-band-054 Pallbearer-band-053 Pallbearer-band-052 Pallbearer-band-051 Pallbearer-band-050


Pallbearer-band-049 Pallbearer-band-048 Pallbearer-band-047 Pallbearer-band-046 Pallbearer-band-045 Pallbearer-band-044


Pallbearer-band-043 Pallbearer-band-042 Pallbearer-band-041 Pallbearer-band-040 Pallbearer-band-039



Converge-band-087 Converge-band-086 Converge-band-085 Converge-band-084 Converge-band-083 Converge-band-082


Converge-band-081 Converge-band-080 Converge-band-079 Converge-band-078 Converge-band-077 Converge-band-076


Converge-band-075 Converge-band-074 Converge-band-073 Converge-band-072 Converge-band-071 Converge-band-070


Converge-band-069 Converge-band-068 Converge-band-067 Converge-band-066 Converge-band-065 Converge-band-064 Converge-band-063 Converge-band-062

At The Gates

At The Gates-band-0117

At The Gates-band-0122 At The Gates-band-0121 At The Gates-band-0120 At The Gates-band-0119 At The Gates-band-0118 At The Gates-band-0117

At The Gates-band-0100

At The Gates-band-0116 At The Gates-band-0115 At The Gates-band-0114 At The Gates-band-0113 At The Gates-band-0112 At The Gates-band-0111

At The Gates-band-0110

At The Gates-band-0110 At The Gates-band-0109 At The Gates-band-0108 At The Gates-band-0107 At The Gates-band-0106 At The Gates-band-0105

At The Gates-band-0101

At The Gates-band-0104 At The Gates-band-0103 At The Gates-band-0102 At The Gates-band-0101 At The Gates-band-0100 At The Gates-band-099

At The Gates-band-095

At The Gates-band-098 At The Gates-band-097 At The Gates-band-096 At The Gates-band-095 At The Gates-band-094 At The Gates-band-093

At The Gates-band-0120

At The Gates-band-092 At The Gates-band-091 At The Gates-band-090 At The Gates-band-089 At The Gates-band-088

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