Dying/Woodwork Split EP Premiere

Dying band EP cover

Enjoy an exclusive premiere and stream from Philly’s unrelenting practitioners of abrasive, 90s-influenced hardcore, Dying. Blow The Scene proudly presents four new songs taken directly from the forthcoming split with France’s Woodwork. Vinyl connoisseurs take note, the record is limited to 300 copies; 150 clear, 150 black, and 7 test presses are up for grabs as the pre-orders go on sale tomorrow, March 13, 2014 via Hydrogen Man Records and End Result Records in the US, it’s also available from Dans Le Vide (France) and Pure Heart Records (Czech Republic). Each band crafted a separate piece of art for the project allowing for a run of alternative covers.

Known for an explosive live set and vegan straight edge approach, Dying continues to make waves across the region with a flurry of passionate performances. The sound pulls from far ends of the hardcore spectrum with pervasive movements marked by darkness and desperation while nodding to such mainstays as Cursed, Converge, and Unbroken.

Woodwork band Ep Cover

France’s Woodwork is a relatively new band from Toulouse. The band plays 90s-inspired hardcore in the vein of 108 and Unbroken with a subject matter that is politically focused, adding lyrical strength to tightly written and well executed songs.


Dying/Woodwork Track list

1. [wpaudio url=”https://blowthescene.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Reflective.mp3″ text=”Reflective” dl=”0″]
2. [wpaudio url=”https://blowthescene.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Condolences.mp3″ text=”Condolences” dl=”0″]

1. [wpaudio url=”https://blowthescene.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Blinded-Trust.mp3″ text=”Blinded Trust” dl=”0″]
2. [wpaudio url=”https://blowthescene.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/When-Darkness-Falls.mp3″ text=”When Darkness Falls” dl=”0″]

Hydrogen Man Records – (USA)
End Result Records – (USA)
Dans Le Vide (FR)
Pure Heart Records (CZ)

Live Dates with War Emblem

March 13 @ LAVA Space, Philadelphia PA w/ UltraMantis Black, War Emblem, Callow
March 14 @ Nancy Run Fire Hall, Bethlehem PA w/ War Emblem
March 15 @ Romeo St, Pittsburgh PA w/ War Emblem, Eel, Blood Red

Video of “Condolences” at LAVA Space:


Band websites:

More Blow The Scene Coverage of Dying.

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