Electric Wizard, Satan’s Satyrs Live In Philly


Enjoy a quick flashback as we’re catching up with some archived photos of the mighty Electric Wizard as the band tore through Philly’s Union Transfer venue with Satan’s Satyrs earlier this year. The UK doom giants played to a sold-out crowd, many of whom were floating around the room on any and every imaginable psychotropic known to man. The doom purveyors continue to support 2014’s Time To Die full-length, which has seen almost universal praise with Pitchfork commenting, “The latest effort from England’s reigning doom entities Electric Wizard, Time to Die, deserves every accolade thrown its way..energy has clearly seeped into these new tunes—there’s a rawness and immediacy that will surely translate well into a live setting.” And translate into the live setting it did. With the set heavily weighted towards these newer tracks, the band let loose waves of chest shaking riffs that saw stage dives, crowd surfing and a plethora a fixated stares as the band melted eardrums.

Fans can expect the UK doomsters to keep marching forward and stay the course. Commenting in a recent interview with The Guardian, front man Jus Oborn explains “People like to be reassured that their band hasn’t sold out or started releasing commercial shit. I guess we had to spend a long time creating our own enigma and our own scene. But at the end of the day it’s still rock’n’roll. Just have another beer and a bong and hopefully it’ll work out.”

For those that stayed sober enough to focus on the human figures banging away on stage, you may have noticed Satan’s Satyrs sharing their bassist Clayton Burgess with Electric Wizard. If you were too twisted to remember, you’ll get a second chance to witness Burgress and peers, as Satan’s Satyrs embarks on another US tour run with the mighty Pentagram this month. Satan’s Satyrs continues to support 2014’s Die Screaming LP on Thrash Hits that can be streamed in its entirety below.

All photos by Blow The Scene Senior Staff Photographer Dante Torrieri (Useless Rebel Imaging)

Satan’s Satyrs


Satan's-Satyrs-band-012 Satan's-Satyrs-band-011 Satan's-Satyrs-band-010 Satan's-Satyrs-band-009 Satan's-Satyrs-band-008 Satan's-Satyrs-band-007


Satan's-Satyrs-band-006 Satan's-Satyrs-band-005 Satan's-Satyrs-band-004 Satan's-Satyrs-band-003 Satan's-Satyrs-band-002 Satan's-Satyrs-band-001


Electric Wizard


Electric-Wizard-band-038 Electric-Wizard-band-037 Electric-Wizard-band-036 Electric-Wizard-band-035 Electric-Wizard-band-034 Electric-Wizard-band-033


Electric-Wizard-band-032 Electric-Wizard-band-031 Electric-Wizard-band-030 Electric-Wizard-band-029 Electric-Wizard-band-028 Electric-Wizard-band-027


Electric-Wizard-band-026 Electric-Wizard-band-025 Electric-Wizard-band-024 Electric-Wizard-band-023 Electric-Wizard-band-022 Electric-Wizard-band-021


Electric-Wizard-band-020 Electric-Wizard-band-019 Electric-Wizard-band-018 Electric-Wizard-band-017 Electric-Wizard-band-016 Electric-Wizard-band-015


Electric-Wizard-band-014 Electric-Wizard-band-013 Electric-Wizard-band-049 Electric-Wizard-band-048 Electric-Wizard-band-047 Electric-Wizard-band-046


Electric-Wizard-band-045 Electric-Wizard-band-044 Electric-Wizard-band-043 Electric-Wizard-band-042 Electric-Wizard-band-041 Electric-Wizard-band-040 Electric-Wizard-band-039

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