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Fantasy Panther

It was an evening where grind and punk reigned supreme as Philly shredders Fantasy Panther hosted a raucous record release party at The Barbary venue along with regional talents Boroughs, Die Choking, Skin Graft, and Rat Kicker.

Opening the show were Philly newcomers Boroughs who wasted not time setting up in front of the stage on the floor and proceeded to melt faces with a potent blent of crusty powerviolence that quickly set the tone for the evening. Unfortunately, we had no light to work with on the floor space in front of an already dimly lit stage, so we are forced to throw up a stream of the band’s new EP and ask you simply take our word, do yourself a favor, and go see these nut jobs live soon.

Also new to the Philly landscape was Die Choking who took the stage next and ripped into a furious set of their patented blend of fast, grindy punk and metal. Die Choking was just announced as the regional opener for the Philly date of the forthcoming Decibel Magazine Tour with Carcass and Gorguts as the band continues to promote a new 5-song, self-titled EP that is currently streaming via bandcamp. CvltNation.com debuted the EP stating “Over 5 tracks, this band scrambles your brain cells with their brand of high-octane grindcore laced with traces of rancid crust! What I dig about this record is the hidden grooves that are smashed against walls of aggressive speed & angst!”

Up next was Skin Graft who broke into a murky drum and bass set of unsettling powerviolence as they too released a new cassette tape during this celebration of grind. The tracks on this latest release are a moody blend of stripped down punk rock with blasts of powerviolence and dark hardcore strewn throughout. The movements are far from one-dimensional and bring to mind early Ceremony releases.

Rat Kicker held up the metallic-punk end of the spectrum with a tough set that was polished and pulled off without any hesitation marks. Rat Kicker is currently supporting a new full-length, Fuck Off, Thank you that is streaming in full below for your listening pleasure.

Last and certainly not least Fantasy Panther unleashed a thunderous set that was as tight as it was demolishing delightful. One of the best live shows in Philly right now, this rising three-piece outfit features ex-members of psyche grind mainstays, An Albatross. The veteran musicianship shines through on the band’s latest full-length, self-titled LP. Guitarist Dan Kishbaugh handled recording duties at Creep Records Studios before turning mastering over to Mike Piacentini at West West Side Music. Fantasy Panther is a highly recommended grab for 2014. With a live show that more than punctuates their grindcore madness, this is band we will be keeping an eye on. Fantasy Panther has released an rad set of new music videos, one of which, “Beasts” is featured below:

Enjoy a fresh photo set from Blow The Scene‘s Senior Photographer, Dante Torrieri (Useless Rebel Imaging).


Die Choking

Die Choking - Joshua Cohen

Die ChokingDie-Choking-band-015Die-Choking-band-014Die-Choking-band-013Die-Choking-band-012Die-Choking-band-011

Die Choking - Paul


Die Choking - Jeff


Skin Graft

Skin Graft

Skin GraftSkin-Graft-band-022Skin-Graft-band-021Skin-Graft-band-020Skin-Graft-band-019Skin-Graft-band-018Skin-Graft-band-017

Rat Kicker

Rat Kicker






Fantasy Panther

Fantasy Panther

Fantasy PantherFantasy-Panther-band-057Fantasy-Panther-band-056Fantasy-Panther-band-055Fantasy-Panther-band-054Fantasy-Panther-band-053

Fantasy Panther


Fantasy Panther

Fantasy-Panther-band-046Fantasy-Panther-band-045Fantasy-Panther-band-044Fantasy-Panther-band-043Fantasy PantherFantasy Panther

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