Housecore Horror Film Fest III Day 3 – Goblin, Autopsy, Incantation, Zombi, Ghoul, more

Author & Punisher-band-017

Day 3 of the Housecore Horror Fest 2015 saw highly sought after doom, progressive, and metal acts Goblin, Autopsy, Incantation, Zombi, YOB, Author & Punisher, and Muscle and Marrow hit the stage at San Antonio’s Aztec Theater.

Italy’s progressive soundtrack masters, Goblin set forth a live score of Dawn Of The Dead that was the perfect closer to a stellar weekend of horror movies and live performances. Goblin continue to release new work and perform around the world in three current and different versions of the band.Noisey did a fair job sifting through the different variants for the uninitiated in a recent interview. For those looking to jump down the rabbit hole, be sure to scope the recently released Rebirth album on Relapse Records and the Four Of A Kind CD released by Back To The Fudda in July featuring varying line-ups of original members.

Influential death metal practitioners Autopsy, now 30-years deep in the game have released a new EP this year entitled Skull Grinder via Peaceville Records. This most recent effort was hailed by both critics and fans alike with The Guardian commenting “They are still firmly tethered to their trademark formula of breakneck extremity and harrowing, slow-motion doom, but there is a heightened sense of the viscerally visual to this EP, as if its creators have found new ways to express their obsessions with the gruesome and the horrifying.”

Relapse Records just re-issued Incantation‘s acclaimed 2000 full-length The Infernal Storm with a deluxe vinyl treatment. Though first released at the turn of the century, The Infernal Storm has more than weathered the test of time and still stands as a punishing, top-tier extreme metal release today. Fifteen years since its release and since its first & only vinyl pressing, The Infernal Storm will now be repressed on Relapse 25th anniversary silver vinyl and black vinyl housed in deluxe gatefold packaging. The reissue will also include liner notes by the band’s John McEntee, expanded artwork, and an album art poster.

The prolific instrumental duo of Steve Moore and A.E. Paterra, known as Zombi, recently released a long awaited new album Shape Shift, via longtime label Relapse Records in October. The album marks a return to the group’s prog-inclined rock roots after a detour into electronic textures on previous albums, a path that had been informed by pursuing the group as a long-distance studio project following their withdrawl from live performance in 2007. Energized by their return to the touring circuit in 2013 (supporting Italian horror soundtrack legends Goblin), the band resumed regular rehearsals to compose as a unit. The resulting album is their most cohesive and representative to date, nine songs brimming with head nodding beats and hypnotic keyboard runs. Moore commented on the new material: “It’s a rock record – think of it as a follow-up to Surface To Air. There are no techno jams or symphonic prog fantasies. No solo track interludes. We have officially moved from ‘studio project’ mode back into ‘live band’ mode.”

Ghoul has released a new song for the ongoing soundtrack to Image ComicsThe Humans graphic novel series. The song is available online from The Humans Soundcloud page. The Humans comic, by Keenan Marshall Keller and Tom Neely, is set in the ’70s and follows a motorcycle gang’s exploits, but with a twist; in this world, the gangs are all apes and actual humans are primitive beasts kept around for sport. Each issue of The Humans is accompanied by two original songs released online from bands such as Goblin Cock and Witches Of God. Ghoul‘s song, “Humans Till Deth,” is an octane-fueled surf-thrash tune attached to the release of issue #8, out now. Ghoul are recording a follow-up to their 2011 LP, Transmission Zero, for Tankcrimes Records this month.

YOB continues to tour in support of their universally-adored Clearing The Path To Ascend full-length, released early last Fall via Neurot Recordings. Recorded at Gung Ho Studio in Eugene alongside longtime YOB comrade/iconic sound wizard, Billy Barnett, and mastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, Beastmilk, Nails) at Audiosiege, Clearing The Path To Ascend topped Rolling Stone’s 2014 list of the best metal albums and was praised by countless media outlets from Pitchfork to The New York Times. Never before has doom metal been at the forefront of the public consciousness, and it’s easy to see why: though it’s come almost two decades into their existence, YOB have created not just the best album of their career – they’ve manifested what will come to be regarded as one of the defining records in the pantheon of doom metal.

Tristan Shone, the one-man industrial doom strategist responsible for the crushing sounds of Author & Punisher, will drag his iron and steel overseas for a near-three-week live takeover next month. Set to commence on January 16th in Rouen, France, Shone’s latest expedition will make its way through ten countries, coming to a close on February 4th in Milan, Italy. The European tour follows Shone’s successful two-leg North American Fall exhibition with special guests, Muscle And Marrow. Author & Punisher continues to astound ears with the mechanical deviance of latest full-length Melk En Honing, released earlier this year via Housecore Records. Produced by label founder, Philip H. Anselmo (Pantera, Down, Superjoint Ritual et al), with Melk En Honing, Shone has incorporated various drone machinery, multiple physical rhythm machines, some synth and the new electromechanical masks that began to appear in Author & Punisher performances across the US and Europe in 2014. After a solid year of heavy touring and festival appearances, the goal with Melk En Honing was to capture the live dissonant power of the true, devouring Author & Punisher experience. The record continues to reap critical accolades from fans and critics globally and was recently listed among Decibel Magazine’s Top 40 Albums Of 2015.

Without further ado enjoy an exclusive round of photos by BTS’s Senior Photographer Dante Torrieri (Useless Rebel)


Muscle and Marrow

Muscle and Marrow-band-010

Muscle and Marrow-band-010 Muscle and Marrow-band-009 Muscle and Marrow-band-008 Muscle and Marrow-band-007 Muscle and Marrow-band-006 Muscle and Marrow-band-005

Muscle and Marrow-band-004

Muscle and Marrow-band-004 Muscle and Marrow-band-003 Muscle and Marrow-band-002 Muscle and Marrow-band-001

Author & Punisher

Author & Punisher-band-013

Author & Punisher-band-016 Author & Punisher-band-015 Author & Punisher-band-014 Author & Punisher-band-013 Author & Punisher-band-012 Author & Punisher-band-017 Author & Punisher-band-011

Author & Punisher-band-015



YOB-band-046 YOB-band-045 YOB-band-044 YOB-band-043 YOB-band-042 YOB-band-041


YOB-band-039 YOB-band-038 YOB-band-037 YOB-band-040 YOB-band-036 YOB-band-035


YOB-band-034 YOB-band-033 YOB-band-032 YOB-band-031 YOB-band-030 YOB-band-029


YOB-band-028 YOB-band-027 YOB-band-026 YOB-band-025 YOB-band-024 YOB-band-023


YOB-band-022 YOB-band-021 YOB-band-020 YOB-band-019 YOB-band-018



Ghoul-band-082 Ghoul-band-081 Ghoul-band-080 Ghoul-band-079 Ghoul-band-078 Ghoul-band-077


Ghoul-band-076 Ghoul-band-075 Ghoul-band-074 Ghoul-band-073 Ghoul-band-072 Ghoul-band-071


Ghoul-band-070 Ghoul-band-069 Ghoul-band-068 Ghoul-band-067 Ghoul-band-066 Ghoul-band-065


Ghoul-band-064 Ghoul-band-063 Ghoul-band-062 Ghoul-band-061 Ghoul-band-060 Ghoul-band-059


Ghoul-band-058 Ghoul-band-057 Ghoul-band-056 Ghoul-band-055 Ghoul-band-054 Ghoul-band-053


Ghoul-band-052 Ghoul-band-051 Ghoul-band-050 Ghoul-band-049 Ghoul-band-048 Ghoul-band-047



Zombi-band-093 Zombi-band-092 Zombi-band-091 Zombi-band-088 Zombi-band-089 Zombi-band-090


Zombi-band-087 Zombi-band-086 Zombi-band-085 Zombi-band-084 Zombi-band-083



Incantation-band-0123 Incantation-band-0122 Incantation-band-0121 Incantation-band-0120 Incantation-band-0119 Incantation-band-0118


Incantation-band-0117 Incantation-band-0116 Incantation-band-0115 Incantation-band-0114 Incantation-band-0113 Incantation-band-0112


Incantation-band-0111 Incantation-band-0110 Incantation-band-0109 Incantation-band-0108 Incantation-band-0107 Incantation-band-0106


Incantation-band-0105 Incantation-band-0104 Incantation-band-0103 Incantation-band-0102 Incantation-band-0101 Incantation-band-0100


Incantation-band-099 Incantation-band-098 Incantation-band-097 Incantation-band-096 Incantation-band-095 Incantation-band-094



Autopsy-band-0149 Autopsy-band-0148 Autopsy-band-0147 Autopsy-band-0146 Autopsy-band-0145 Autopsy-band-0144


Autopsy-band-0143 Autopsy-band-0142 Autopsy-band-0141 Autopsy-band-0140 Autopsy-band-0139 Autopsy-band-0138


Autopsy-band-0137 Autopsy-band-0136 Autopsy-band-0135 Autopsy-band-0134 Autopsy-band-0133 Autopsy-band-0132


Autopsy-band-0131 Autopsy-band-0130 Autopsy-band-0129 Autopsy-band-0128 Autopsy-band-0127 Autopsy-band-0126 Autopsy-band-0125 Autopsy-band-0124



Goblin-band-0168 Goblin-band-0167 Goblin-band-0166 Goblin-band-0165 Goblin-band-0164 Goblin-band-0163


Goblin-band-0162 Goblin-band-0161 Goblin-band-0160 Goblin-band-0159 Goblin-band-0158 Goblin-band-0157


Goblin-band-0156 Goblin-band-0155 Goblin-band-0154 Goblin-band-0153 Goblin-band-0152 Goblin-band-0151 Goblin-band-0150


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