Incantation, Funerus, Pissgrave at Kungfu Necktie

NYC death metal legends, Incantation hit Philly’s Kung Fu Necktie venue earlier this year along with Funerus and Philly’s own Pissgrave for a solid night of beyond extreme metal. BTS’s Senior Photographer Dante Torrieri was on hand to capture the evening in photos for your viewing pleasure, featured below the fold.

Incantation re-issued its acclaimed 2000 full-length The Infernal Storm via Relapse Records last month. Though first released at the turn of the century, The Infernal Storm has more than weathered the test of time and still stands as a punishing, top-tier extreme metal release today. Fifteen years since its release and since its first & only vinyl pressing, The Infernal Storm is available on Relapse 25th anniversary edition silver and black vinyl housed in gatefold packaging. The reissue also includes liner notes by the band’s John McEntee, expanded artwork, and an album art poster. Incantation’s ominous sound and style, borne of founder/guitarist John McEntee‘s desire to meld classic metal influences with an over-the-top heaviness heavier than anything that had come before it, has cast a shadow long and dark over the entire genre. They are the innovators of what has been dubbed the ‘New York death metal style’ and have influenced hundreds of bands the world over.

Funerus provided the low end sewage style death metal featuring John McEntee (Incantation) and wife Jill that many metal connoisseurs in the crowd soaked in enthusiastically.

Philly’s own Pissgrave rounded the bill as they continue to support what is undeniably one of 2015’s rawest death metal offering, Suicide Euphoria, that hit streets via Profound Lore earlier this year and continued to build a growing buzz throughout the underground metal scene.

Without further ado enjoy an exclusive round of photos by BTS’s Senior Photographer Dante Torrieri (Useless Rebel)



Pissgrave-band-001 Pissgrave-band-003 Pissgrave-band-002 Pissgrave-band-004 Pissgrave-band-005 Pissgrave-band-006


Pissgrave-band-007 Pissgrave-band-008 Pissgrave-band-009 Pissgrave-band-010 Pissgrave-band-011 Pissgrave-band-012


Pissgrave-band-013 Pissgrave-band-014 Pissgrave-band-015



Funerus-band-016 Funerus-band-017 Funerus-band-018 Funerus-band-019 Funerus-band-020 Funerus-band-021


Funerus-band-022 Funerus-band-023 Funerus-band-024 Funerus-band-025 Funerus-band-026 Funerus-band-027 Funerus-band-028 Funerus-band-029



Incantation-band-030 Incantation-band-031 Incantation-band-032 Incantation-band-033 Incantation-band-034 Incantation-band-035


Incantation-band-036 Incantation-band-037 Incantation-band-038 Incantation-band-039 Incantation-band-040 Incantation-band-041


Incantation-band-042 Incantation-band-043 Incantation-band-044 Incantation-band-045 Incantation-band-046 Incantation-band-047 Incantation-band-048

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