J. Irvin Dally: Spotlight Interview

J. Irvin Dally

We are continuing a new column to our site; Local Spotlight. Here you will find local bands and artists from around the globe that have either contacted us or we have hand picked to feature. The idea behind Local Spotlight is simple; a focus on true independent, underground musicians, and artists that you probably wouldn’t hear of otherwise, if you’re not already living in his or her neighborhood.

Last week we were introduced to an LA-based musician, J. Irvin Dally and his latest video for song Blue/Grey, and well, we were impressed.

Without further delay, let’s hear from the man himself.

Joshua T Cohen (BTS): Greetings! Go ahead and introduce yourself to Blow The Scene readers around the world by declaring your musical weapons of choice and means of delivery.

Dally: — I’m Jordan Dally, I play just about any instrument that’s in front of me for anyone who wants to listen. Sometimes I remember to hit ‘record’ and that’s what you’ve heard.

Joshua BTS: Your music incorporates a wide range of influences. You’ve been compared to Jeff Buckley and Cat Power. Tell us how you define your musical projects.

Dally Definitions and limitations will come once I stop making music, until then who knows what the hell I’ll do.

Joshua BTS: Anything cooking right now besides the solo material?

Dally: Nope, but the “solo” material is going to vary greatly in style as I include the talents of a lot of good friends. Right now, my friend Chaz Knapp in Denver is working on some string versions of my songs “Wild Things” and “the Punchbowls” that I’ll be adding vocals to once they are finished.

Joshua BTS: Who were some of your early influences? I know you’ve stated that you pull a lot of your influences from life experience as opposed to musicians. What’s been going on in your world that you’ve found inspiring lately?

Dally: Growing up, my father always had some old jazz records playing in the house, sometimes simultaneously in multiple rooms. However, I couldn’t tell you who was playing because at the time I was more enamored with Sugar Ray and No Doubt till about the age of 12. I think this image has had a lot of pull on my songs lately.

Joshua BTS: Any current artists or projects that are really exciting you right now?

Dally: My friend Mason Lindahl blows me away every time I hear him. He’s an artist that resides in Oakland, originally Sacramento. I haven’t had a computer charger for a while, so I’ve been going through my vinyls and found his. It’s been my muse for some time now. Last time I stopped in at his house he was working out a rendition of a Philip Glass song on guitar…

Joshua BTS: There is quite a bit of soulful inflection in your voice and you have a unique delivery that is quite engaging. How long have you been developing your vocal presence?

J. Irvin Dally - Despistado EPDally: About a week. I always get new ideas I want to try out. New ideas always reshape the old ones, no matter how solid they originally were or maybe the old ideas shape the new ones, who cares. The process of learning is intangible. I’ve mainly been working on my range which has grown considerably in the last year or so from the recordings of the Despistado EP.

Joshua BTS: What do your future tour plans look like? Any surprises in store for fans? Any US tours being planned or Europe and abroad?

Dally: I’ve never stayed in one place too long, I’ll be on the road again within the next months. I have the intention of riding the East Coast and the Southwest, in separate expeditions of course. I also talked to a buddy on my most recent tour who was telling me how to go about touring Alaska, which interested me. In time, I’d like to see my friends in France and Switzerland as well.

Joshua BTS: Have you set any musical goals for yourself for 2011? Where would you like the see the winds take you apart from tour life?

DallyThe last idea I had I’d like to accomplish, not necessarily next year, was that I wanted to spend a year to write and record a new song each day. Then at the end of the year show the collection to no one and just throw it all away. I always felt that would be a good reminder as to why I make music, but as of now I don’t think I need that – it all sounds a bit melodramatic. Overall, I don’t really use goals to motivate myself anymore. I just work hard.

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Brand New Video By TerrorEyes.tv

J. Irvin Dally “Blue/ Grey” from TERROREYES.TV on Vimeo.

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