Jucifer, +Hirs+, Fantasy Panther, Callous Philly Photo Review


Nomadic two-piece sludge outfit, Jucifer recently lit up Philly’s Kung Fu Necktie venue with a rock solid cast of local support by +HIRS+, Fantasy Panther, and Callous.

+HIRS+ are one of our favorite Philly locals also consisting of just two members- Single vocalist and guitarist, complemented by a wall of amps, drum machine, and unhinged stage presence that just bludgeons the audience from front to back with some of the most brutal grind you’ll find East of the Mississippi. You’ll get a few seconds to come up for air as the occasional humorous sample precedes one rampaging tune into the next. +HIRS+ are currently supporting new spits with Water Torture and Bubonic Bear that can be streamed at the +HIRS+ Bandcamp.

Callous have seen a few recent member changes and are blossoming into a sludge powerhouse featuring beatman Pat Forrest (Backslider) behind the kit. Next up was Fantasy Panther who hit the stage like Iggy Pop on speed. This newly formed three-piece proceeded to tear through a deliciously haphazard set that saw members flailing in all conceivable trajectories. An uncanny amount of local hipsters checked in briefly for the performance, then quickly exited before Jucifer took the stage. Showcasing some Philly old-schoolers coming together to blast some fresh grind into the scene, this is definitely a band to keep an eye on as we head into into 2014.

Jucifer is currently touring in support of their 20th year on the road with some fresh studio material inspired by the band’s extended tour throughout Russia and Eastern Europe entitled, за волгой для нас земли нет. With seminal releases on a range of independent mainstays, including Relapse Records and the band’s own label imprint, Nomadic Fortress Records– Still nomadic, still powerful, Jucifer are showing no signs of slowing down, now 20 years deep in the game.

Without further ado, enjoy a fresh batch of exclusive photos by BTS Senior Photographer, Dante Torrieri of (Useless Rebel Imaging)








Fantasy Panther

Fantasy Panther-band-024

Fantasy Panther-band-014Fantasy Panther-band-015Fantasy Panther-band-016

Fantasy Panther-band-019

Fantasy Panther-band-017Fantasy Panther-band-018Fantasy Panther-band-019

Fantasy Panther-band-026

Fantasy Panther-band-020Fantasy Panther-band-021Fantasy Panther-band-022Fantasy Panther-band-023Fantasy Panther-band-024Fantasy Panther-band-025Fantasy Panther-band-026Fantasy Panther-band-027









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