Photos: Department Of Correction, Mother Brain in Philly


It was a great night for grindcore and crust as French practitioners of ultra-fast grind, Department Of Correction hit Philly with Long Island’s Mother Brain as part of the Obscene Extreme Festival Tour. This ground-shaking pairing was joined by Philly’s own ear-drum decimators in Drones For Queens who completed this unholy trifecta.

Drones For Queens continue to support a latest EP entitled Practically Weapons, which Newnoisenoise Magazine aptly described saying “Imagine fast paced metallic, thrash, punk, sometimes melodic D-Beat rage..Drums that pound your ears raw, heart felt screamed and growled vocals. This is a short but sweet 7” that will leave any fans and new comers drooling for more from these Philadelphia boys.” Enjoy listening samples below the fold.

Mother Brain is band we love here at BlowTheScene.com. Single guitar attack with a drummer capable of crashing down on the skins like an avalanche, complimented by an unhinged vocal presence- Is just the right mixture for success in grindcore. Following a noteworthy performance at MDF, Mother Brain continue to tour in support a latest offering, Rise And Grind, which is a quick 7-inch release showcasing the band’s ability to reign down unrelenting grind for the well-initiated. Not a band to sleep on in 2016.

It was with great pleasure we got to experience France’s Department Of Correction for the first time. Often described as “ultra-grind” it becomes readily apparent as these boys strike up the opening barrage of riffs that this moniker is quite fitting. Gravity blast snare pops at will underneath walls of distortion and punishing riffs are the theme here. The beefy vocals are delivered intensely and complimented by a dual microphone technique that only adds to the madness as the band rips into and out of some of the fastest, most punishing grind in the northern hemisphere.

Department Of Correction has seen numerous splits alongside such mainstays as Strong Intention, Proletar, Total Fucking Destruction and many more across a wide swath of great underground labels. The band is known for it’s nearly relentless tour schedule throughout the World, spanning across their European homelands, North America, and recently the band performed in Dubai! Following a not-so-distant run through Europe with the mighty Pyrrhon, DOC will be joined by Philly slayers Die Choking for new round of European and UK dates in February of 2016. DOC is another band you’ll want to keep an eye on in 2016.

Without further ado, enjoy a fresh set of photos by BTS’s Joshua T. Cohen and be sure to follow the links for purchase and further investigation below.

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