Top 150 Photos of 2014

This Is HArdcore 2014

This Is Hardcore 2014 – Photo by Anne Spina

Blow The Scene‘s photo coverage is an integral part of our online magazine and for the third year in a row, we would like to solute our tireless photographers by featuring 150 of what we consider the best exclusive Blow The Scene photos of 2014. We published countless thousands of band photos in 2014, and these 150+ photos are just the tip of the iceberg. Feel free to investigate further! Links to the photographers’ individual websites are included below. Simply mouse over the photos and thumbnails for the name of the performing act.

Without further ado enjoy photos by Blow The Scene‘s Senior Photographer Dante Torrieri, Blow The Scene‘s Anne Spina, as well as contributing photographers Joshua T. Cohen and Tanner Douglass.

Photos by BTS Senior Photographer Dante Torrieri (Useless Rebel Imaging)

Trap Them

Witch-Fist-band-052Windhand-band-047Whores-band-043weedeater split-band-072Trash-Talk-band-014Trap-Them-band-042


TIHC-NailsTIHC-Portrait3TIHC photobooth Day4-36TIHC photobooth day3-24TIHC photobooth day3-21TIHC photobooth day3-9


Thy-Art-Is-Murder-band-045The-Body-band-005Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland-door-band-003Sleep-band-049Sleep-band-046Skeletonwitch-band-051


Shannon Trapeze -band-069Shannon Silks-band-050Shannon Silks-band-039Serpent-Throne-band-010SADGIQACEA-band-027Ringworm-band-034



Negative Approach


Jello Biafra & the Guantanamo School Of Medicine






Fantasy Panther




Cop Problem







NoisemBlack Dahlia MurderTombsObliterationThe Dillinger Escape Plan - live at Union Transfer PhiladelphiaGoatwhore

Joshua T. Cohen (BTS Editor in Chief)

††† Crosses band

DyingLike RatsDeath Valley High††† Crosses band††† Crosses band††† Crosses band

BTS Photographer Tanner Douglass (Tanner Douglass Photography)

No TIme band

No Time bandNo TIme bandNo Time band

BTS Photographer Anne Spina (Anne Spina Photography)


BaneBanecruel handPower TripThe Last Standslap shot

Xibalba - keystone jam 2014

Xibalba - keystone jam 2014backtrack - keystone jam 2014comeback kid - keystone jam 2014comeback kid - keystone jam 2014comeback kid - keystone jam 2014yesterdays youth - keystone jam 2014

Expire - This Is Hardcore 2014

lifeless - keystone jam 2014100 demons - keystone jam 2014wisdom in chains - keystone jam 2014sheer terror - keystone hardcore jam 2014Rock Bottom - This Is Hardcore 2014 Day 1Expire - This Is Hardcore 2014

code orange - this is hardcore 2014

Noisem - This Is Hardcore 2014xibalba - This Is HArdcore 2014code orange - this is hardcore 2014code orange - this is hardcore 2014overcast-this-is-hardcore-2014-thursday-6crowbar - this is hardcore 2014

all else failed - this is hardcore 2014

Unearth - This Is Hardcore 2014backtrack - this is hardcore 2014dropdead - this is hardcore 2014all else failed - this is hardcore 2014all else failed - this is hardcore 2014slapshot - this is hardcore 2014

converge - this is hardcore 2014

turmoil - this is hardcore 2014converge - this is hardcore 2014converge - this is hardcore 2014full of hell - this is hardcore 2014cruel hand - this is hardcore 2014wisdom in chains - this is hardcore 2014

Blacklisted - This Is Hardcore 2014 - Saturday

CIV - This Is HArdcore 2014bold - this is hardcore 2014Blacklisted - This Is Hardcore 2014 - SaturdayThis Is Hardcore Fest 2014title fight - this is hardcore 2014Downset - This Is Hardcore 2014 - Electric Factory

bad luck 13 - this is hardcore 2014

harms way - this is hardcore 2014slumlords - this is hardcore 2014incendiary - this is hardcore 2014bad luck 13 - this is hardcore 2014bad luck 13 - this is hardcore 2014madball - this is hardcore 2014

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