1FEST 2017 Hits Northeast US with insane line-ups

1fest Jan 27 28 29

1fest Jan 27 28 29

BlowTheScene.com is very pleased to be helping present 1FEST 2017 with booking group Nonzerosum as the January 27th,28th,and 29th editions prepare to steamroll through Brooklyn, Syracuse, and Boston respectively. This round of 1FEST dates will include ACxDC (final East Coast shows), Cloud Rat, Die Choking, The Grindmother, Escuela, and Goolagoon who will be joined by a rotating cast of special guests each night including SIEGE in Boston, Backslider, Sick Shit & Chepang in NY and many more. Below we detail the unique line-ups each day with listening samples and links for further investigation.


ACxDC (performing Jan 27,28,29)- Modern-day kings of powerviolence, forerunners of “Satanic Straightedge”, Los Angeles’ mighty Antichrist Demoncore will be making their final East Coast appearances as part of this 1FEST touring series. The California powerviolence unit will be sorely missed by many grind enthusiasts as the band’s output spans well over a decade. Seeing scores of LPs, EPs, and split releases, the band has left an indefinable impact on the underground music world. With origins dating back to 2003, ACxDC returned to the scene in 2010 after a hiatus and has been systematically killing ever since. Produced by Taylor Young (Nails, Twitching Tongues) and mastered by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise), CvltNation.com hailed 2014’s self-titled full-length Antichrist Demoncore as “one of the standout albums of 2014”. ACxDC are veterans of Maryland Deathfest, extensive European & North American tours, festivals including Fluff Fest, New Noise, Dynamo, Obscene Extreme, and more.

cloud rat

Cloud Rat (performing Jan 27,28,29) – This Michigan-based 3-piece grindcore unit is without question one of the top acts of the genre. The band’s latest full-length, Qliphoth, released on Halo Of Flies Records was one of the top records of 2015 seeing widespread acclaim including BlowTheScene.com‘s #1 album of the year, and also receiving nods from Rolling Stone, Decibel Magizine, NPR, and more. “..Their churn is closer to punk or hardcore — a more relatable and humanized swirl for vocalist Madison Marshall to bark out murder fantasies that take heel or boltgun to bigots, kings and oppressors,” commented the RollingStone. Cloud Rat have toured the US and Europe extensively in recent years building a large underground following. The band recently recorded over an hour of new material to be split among releases with Crevasse, Moloch, The World Is A Vampire, Disrotted, and Test throughout 2017.

Die Choking (performing Jan 27,28,29) – This Philadelphia 3-piece grindcore unit has been on a steady path of destruction since the release of the band’s debut full-length III in 2015 following well received debut Eps I & II respectively. Having toured the US, Canada, and Europe, Die Choking has quickly climbed the ranks with some of grindcore’s top brass as the band’s emphasis for intricate song-writing shines through the near-overwhelming blunt force trauma induced on first listen. MetalInjection.com commented on the band stating, “III is an insane full length debut from an already incredibly destructive grind force. There’s no reason, and at this point, no excuse as to why you shouldn’t be listening to this.”

escuela grindcore

Escuela (performing Jan 27,28,29) – Escuela are a relatively new grindcore unit hailing from Ithaca, NY featuring Jesse Adan Fuentes (Kill The Client) on guitar. The band hit the ground running in 2016 with a fresh demo and DIY LP in hand. This 3-piece unit purveys a sound fans of Despise You will certainly appreciate, with moody tempo changes and unrelenting ferocity. Escuela also incorporate a burly Nasum-esque thickness into the single guitar execution that lays the foundation for vocalist Katerina Economou to rattle off irate vocal assaults. Stream Escuela‘s debut LP, NON SERVIAM, below!


The Grindmother – (performing Jan 27,28,29) – As seen on CTV – “The granny from Windsor, Ont., is following in the tradition of bands like Napalm Death, Pig Destroyer and Carcass, as the screaming voice of her eponymous band. Her videos have racked up hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, and she even earned a Twitter shout-out from Ozzy Osbourne, the “Prince of Darkness” himself..The Grindmother started unleashing her rage through music in late 2014, when her son, who goes by the name Rain Forest, and his friend invited her to join their band. The two had been struggling to find the missing ingredient for their sound.” 1FEST Northeast will be The Grindmother debut shows!

goolagoon halloween 2016

goolagoon halloween 2016

Goolagoon (performing Jan 27, 28, 29) – Combining their love of Spongebob Sqaurepants with powerviolence, Boston’s Goolagoon rip through tracks like “Suds” and “Big Pink Loser” with a hardcore punk rawness that has been inciting underground crowds since the band’s inception in 2015. Circle pits with Spongebob pinatas are not uncommon at Goolagoon shows, nor is the whirlwind performance the band delivers amidst a smattering of Spongebob samples. The band flexes a more serious tone on “Life Of Crime,” proving they can deliver on the socio-political end of the punk spectrum as well.

1fest NYC 2017


Backslider (Performing January 27) – Philadelphia’s long running purveyors of powerviolence, Backslider will be a special guest at the Brooklyn 1Fest as the band comes fresh off a European Tour with Triac followed by a run through the UK with Famine in support of 2016’s Motherfucker LP. One of our favorite LPs of 2016, Motherfucker was hailed in underground circles for a clever crafting of powerviolence meets noise and math rock for a interesting twist thrown in the band’s formidable output. Noisey hailed Motherfucker stating, “Backslider’s brand of weird, dirty powerviolence has been a welcome thorn in the side of the Philadelphia underground music scene since 2009’s Skull-Fracturing Fastcore demo. Seven-ish years and a half dozen releases down the line, the trio is finally poised to release its first-ever full-length album (their first release as a trio, thanks to the addition of bassist Jake Smith)… Powerviolence, grindcore, fastcore, hardcore, skronky grunge, big fat slabs of grimy rock’n’roll—you’ll find all that on this groovy, grinding piece of mayhem…the ignorant grooves on “Sex in Prison” and noise rock noodling on “Swollen and Sore” alone make the purchase price worth it, to say nothing of the five other tracks that whip by in a flash on this short, salty beauty of a debut.”


Chepang – (Performing January 27) – Offering Nepalese grindcore by way of NYC, Chepang are a force to be reckoned with in a live setting. Explosive hardcore punk flavored grind that fans of Magrudergrind and Wormrot will find more than worthy. Chepang’s latest EP, LATHI CHARGE, on Nerve Altar was one of favorites of 2016. This will be your last chance to catch them live before Maryland Deathfest 2017!

death vacation

Death Vacation (Performing January 27) – A fresh blast of street punk meets grindcore with a barrage of snappy riffs and throat-piercing punishment from New Jersey’s Death Vacation. The band’s 2016 Bones Grow Cold, EP is a short ripper worth an immediate spin.

sick shit band live

Sick Shit (Performing January 27) – “When I came across Hightstown, NJ hardcore punks Sickshit, I knew I’d struck gold. They caught my attention in a way no other hardcore-adjacent band since G.L.O.S.S. has managed to pull off—I usually prefer my tunes blacker, or doomier, or crustier, but please believe me when I tell you that Sickshit is some good shit..Their take on hardcore is incredibly abrasive; gang chants crash into powerviolence, grinding noise usurps bottom-heavy grooves, dirty punk beats careen past peppy bursts of crust, and vocalist Sami’s manic shriek oversees the violence, spitting brutal poetry like snake venom. In short, it fucking rules, and the band’s latest EP, Reclaimed​, is an absolute beast.” – Noisey

1fest Syracuse

1FEST – January 28, 2017 SYRACUSE, NY – Special Guests

Dialysis band grindcore

Dialysis (Performing Jan 28) – Syracuse’s own, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always raging! The band utilizes only the bare bones of guitars, drums, and vocals to spread it’s mania. Stream Ludicrious Speed below!

media limits band

Media Limits (Performing Jan 28) – Binghampton, NY hardcore with a fresh release Exercise Your Mind!


Misgiver (Performing Jan 28) – “Cruelty of Life is a heavy-handed hardcore record that draws from contemporary beatdown and slam-tinted heavy music stylings and infuse them with traditional, riff-driven hardcore. Misgiver aren’t technical and they sure as hell are not subtle; much like their debut, Loathing, their latest offering is hell-bent on beating the listener to a pulp.” – New-transcendence.com

hallucination realized band

Hallucination Realized (Performing Jan 28) – Brand new grindcore from Rochester, NY.

1fest Boston

1FEST – January 29, 2017 BOSTON, MA – Special Guests


photo by Returntothepit.com

SIEGE (performing January 29) – Despite being active for only a brief period in mid-80s, Massachusetts’ own SIEGE proved highly influential to formative grindcore and death metal bands with heavyweights such as Carcass, Metallica, Dropdead, and countless others having cited SIEGE‘s influence. Recently re-united in 2016, the band has been decimating stages in the US and Canada with a feature performance forthcoming on 2017’s Maryland Deathfest.


Cinderblock (performing January 29) – Boston Oi! “Anti-Nuke Anti-Police Anti-Religion Pro-Punk
New Boston punk band featuring ex members of WKSJ?” – Brain Solvent Propaganda (New LP just hit streets January 16th! Stream below!)

ascend descend band

Ascend/Descend (performing January 29) – “Ascend/Descend’s Murdock Street gains its power from the fact that this is hardcore recorded like high-end black metal: each aspect of the quartet stands out, shining brightly. The separation between everything on Murdock Street sounds streamlined, but by no means is that any kind of “not punk enough” slag on the Boston hardcore band. If anything, it makes everything that much more distinct.” – Modern Vinyl

suffer on acid

Suffer on Acid (performing January 29) – “Suitably antagonistic, barely listenable in places, Wit’s End is a short-sharp explosion of punishment disguised as music. Acerbic and spiteful, Suffer On Acid are having a blast – fans of Despise You, Some Girls, Spazz, Wormrot and Head Wound City should be wrapping their bleeding lug-holes around this with maximum air-punch.” – Keep It Fast


Lunglust (performing January 29) – “Boston has a rich history when it comes to metallic hardcore. Lunglust continue this fine tradition with a sound that bares the influence of the past, whilst pushing high-octane, heavy music in exciting new directions. Ripping through eight tracks in just less than half an hour, “Repetition is Hell” is a blistering ride. The band’s exhilarating brand of filthy punk rock blends d-beat, hardcore, hints of grindcore and pushes everything into the red.” – Sludgelord

D Sagawa

D-Sagawa (performing January 29) – “I stumbled upon this record and thought it might be an amusing little novelty due to the band name inspired by Issei Sagawa, our favorite Japanese murderer/cannibal, and instead I got SWALLOWED THE FUCK WHOLE..This is hardcore punk at its most brutal, savage, and evil. Black as the fucking void, crusty as a delicious human corpse that’s been left out too long. The only thing even comparable to this in heaviness I’ve heard so far this year is Nails’ most recent, but even that record isn’t as abashedly violent as this.” – Some Weird Sin Records

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