Top Lists 2015

A look back at 2015 with a little help from our friends. Enjoy top lists from Blow The Scene staffers, and lists by artists, promoters, members of Fight Amp, Concussive, His Hero Is Gone, Backslider, Artificial Brain, Grin And Bear It, SICK/TIRED, Organ Dealer, Cloud Rat, Old Lines, and more!

Joshua T. Cohen Editor-in-Chief at BlowTheScene.com, Drummer of Die Choking, Cop Problem

1. Cloud RatQliphoth
2. Cult LeaderLightless Walk
3. Fight AmpConstantly Off
4. Napalm DeathApex Predator
5. Soaked In Bleach – Documentary concerning the people and events surrounding Kurt Cobain’s death.
6. Triac ​/​ Sacridose Split EP
7. Fucking InvincibleI Hate Myself And I Want You To Die
8. Extreme Noise Terrorself-titled
9. Grin And Bear It – splits w/ MDLF/God’s America, Youth Violence
10. IlsaThe Felon’s Claw
11. Cattle DecapitationThe Anthropocene Extinction
12. PissgraveSuicide Euphoria
13. PyrrhonGrowth Without End
14. MarutaRemain Dystopian
15. Boroughs / Falter – Split 7″
16. White JazzModern Living
17. Organ DealerVisceral Infection
18. Empty VesselsThrow Your Shadow
19. Occult 45Human Abhorrence
20. ACxDCpostcard Flexi
21. Concussive – 2015 DEMO + Split EP
22. Outer HeavenDiabolus Vobiscum
23. Black BreathSlaves Beyond Death
24. NightfellDarkness Evermore
25. AntigamaThe Insolent

Mitch Roemer (Old Lines, ex-Pulling Teeth)

Uncle Acid and the DeadbeatsThe Night Creeper
Beach SlangThe Things We Do….
Fight AmpConstantly Off
Legendary DivorceMake me
Fucking InvincibleI Hate Myself And I Want You To Die
GoatsnakeBlack Age Blues
Good RiddancePeace in our time
IlsaThe Felon’s Claw
RadioactivitySilent Kill
WindhandGriefs Infernal Flower

Richard Hoak: (Brutal Truth, Total Fucking Destruction, Peacemaker)

Top 17 of 2015

Hellchild “Re-Crystalization” reunion demos
Bastard Noise: Our Earth’s Blood Part 5 7”inch
OTO Tachihiko, ex-UBI Quitous beyond the Tazigen Festival
Agathocles live at Obscene Extreme North America fest
Inhumate live at Obscene Extreme North America fest
DJ G-Force and the Radios Appears show on WLFR
Army of Gay Unicorns s/t album
No Cats in Ohio s/t album
G.I. Joke live at Grind the Nazi Scum fest
Matrak Attakk/Naked Ape live rehearsals
DJ George Burnz and the Full Metal Racket show on WSPN
Cortisol: The Feminist / Fleischkraft album
David Hall & Mick Barr: Mother Satan Don’t Put Out The Light film & music
Minutemen Live at Love Club 1983 at archive.org
Crate Digger book by Bob Suren
Bongzilla live at Kung Fu Necktie
Hex Inverter live at Beaumont Warehouse

Doug Moore (Pyrrhon)

20. Howls of EbbThe Marrow Veil
19. VhölDeeper Than Sky
18. SatanAtom By Atom
17. Beaten To DeathUnplugged
16. RevengeBehold.Total.Rejection.
15. AntigamaThe Insolent
14. DodheimsgardA Umbra Omega
13. OnirikCasket Dream Veneration
12. MarutaRemain Dystopian
11. Hate EternalInfernus
10. LychgateAn Antidote For The Glass Pill
9. MglaExercises In Futility
8. PutridityIgnominious Atonement
7. strong>KEN modeSuccess
6. NileWhat Should Not Be Unearthed
5. SlugdgeDim & Slimeridden Kingdoms
4. Jute GyteShip Of Theseus
3. KralliceYgg huur
2. SarpanitumBlessed Be My Brothers
1. LeviathanScar Sighted

Carl Auge (His Hero Is Gone, Drain The Sky)

Birushanah, Makyo LP
Die Choking, III
Extreme Noise Terror, Self Titled LP
Nightfell, Darkness Evermore LP

Rorick Brooks (Cloud Rat)

2015 has been one hell of a year. Life (and death) did not pull any punches. Not going to get into that here of course. So anyways, I kinda fell behind on new music, but in the past couple months I’ve realized just how good of a year it has been for music. So many fucking great records. I have a lot of catching up to do, but here’s what I’ve got for now.

1. Kowloon Walled CityGrievances
The weight of this album crushes everything. Songwriting is perfect. Production is massive, but so real and fluid. Such tasteful playing from all involved. The lyrics and vocal delivery capture the feelings of tired frustration and defeat in the most poignant way.

2. FalseUntitled
Absolute fury from one the greatest bands on the planet. Their best work yet. Beautiful and relentless and so fucking powerful. Incredible lyrics. Also, favorite live band, ever.

3. DisrottedDisrotted
Glacial heaviness. Utmost hatred. Sketchiest dudes. I love this band.
Dean also does the coolest guitar trick ever, where he makes everything sound like an earthquake. Fuck.

4. Heat DustHeat Dust
We played one of Heat Dust’s first gigs back in 2011 and fuck, I was blown away. We got their demo on that tour and it never left the CD player (except for when we wanted to annoy our tourmates and play Scatman John.) Now they finally put out a fucking record, and it is AMAZING.

5. ChurchUnanswered Hymns
Beautiful while being heavier than everyone else. Another stellar doom record this year. I especially like the way the clean vocals are incorporated, brilliant.

6. The Body & ThouYou, Whom I Have Always Hated
The unholiest D&D collab returns to bum everyone out once more. I had the pleasure of seeing this project a few times last year, so heinously heavy. So much love.

7. ScumScum
Perfect raw punk record from one of the most underrated bands to come out of Michigan. I miss my friend. Rest In Power, Joe.

8. Daily Ritual Daily Ritual
Punk Rock played so fucking well. Catchy and well written and produced. Cannot recommend this enough. We played a gig in Kiel with them earlier this year, having never listened. Fucking WOW.

9. Captain CleanoffRising Terror
Totally flawless pure fucking grindcore. Murray is a machine, truly.

Others I’ve enjoyed a lot but haven’t listened enough yet:
PrurientFrozen Niagra Falls
Speedy OrtizFoil Deer
VastumHole Below
Die ChokingIII
Bell WitchFour Phantoms
SvalbardOne Day All This Will End
GrimesArt Angels
The ElsinoresNew Forms
Paradise LostThe Plague Within

There is a lot of other important shit that I’ve slept on this year. Am working on changing that.

Charles R. Pauley (Grin And Bear It)

at MDF
Agoraphobic Nosebleed at MDF
Playing shows with DIE CHOKING
Die ChokingIII
The WeekndBeauty Behind the Madness
Jesus EggVersion 1.0
California XNights in the Dark
Marilyn MansonThe Pale Emperor
Sissy SpacekLead Their Exit (technically ’14 but I got it in ’15)
Sissy Spacek live in Cleveland

Kirk SyrekSick/Tired & Pillage

So many sick reissues came out in in 2015. For example: Siege, Sore Throat, Agnostic Front, Deathside, GISM, etc that I simply can’t include any reissues in my top 10 list this time around. As always Im sure I’m forgetting something crucial, but off the top of my head this was my favorite stuff listed in no order:

DISROTTED – “Disrotted” 12″ – Diseased Audio
Easily my favorite release of 2015 simply because it is the most crushing thing I’ve heard in years. Pulverizing, sludgy, CORRUPTED worshiping, Death Metal influenced Funeral doom at its finest.

NO TOLERANCE – “You Walk Alone” 12″ – Painkiller Records
Hardcore has really all started to sound the same to me over the past few years unfortunately and it seems most bands really have beaten the genre to death. No Tolerance stands out among everyone has actually being fresh sounding while still retaining all the elements of what make traditional Hardcore awesome. Im not seen them live, but something tells me they are even better.

DAWN OF HUMANS – “Slurping at the Cosmos Spine” 12″ – Toxic State
I received this record as a gift from someone very special to me and perhaps that makes it more meaningful. I’m glad it survived in my bag on the flight back from NYC. This is killer, grotesque, unhinged weirdo music that leans more towards punk than hardcore, but still remains raw and mean at times. Imagine RUDI PENI played at the wrong speed with dirtier production.

THOU & THE BODY – “You, Whom I Have Always Hated” 12″ – Thrill Jockey
This one took me by surprise because I am not a huge fan of Thou or the Body to be honest, but holy fuck this collaboration is absolutely devastating! Like a journey into hell this might be the most crushing, disturbing, brutal record of the last 5 years. Not only is it generally heavy, but it creates an atmosphere of darkness & filth that most Metal bands can’t achieve. Listening to this on a crowded train or long drive at night is highly recommended.

CLOUD RAT – “Qliphoth” 12″ – Halo of Flies
CR never disappointing me with their brand of shoegazing, 90’s influenced, melodic, D-beat, Grind, whateverthefuck. They are one of few bands that can blend so many musical styles and influences and still sound very focused. They are even better live. While I do honestly prefer their previous 12″ from a few years ago, “Qliphoth” basically picks up where “Moksha” left off but perhaps a bit more angular. I can honestly say the break at about the 4 min mark makes the hair on my arms stand up and the first time I heard it, it did indeed bring tears to my eyes. Raging.

METH DRINKER – “split w/ Leechfeast” 12″ – Dry Cough Records
There is really nobody else doing the monumental, DYSTOPIA style, sludgy, miserable, despair thing better than Meth Drinker from New Zealand. I basically just listen to their “Oil” record but since that is technically from 2014, I had to list their 2015 split. Meth Drinker is like the best kept secret that nobody knows about.

SUPPRESSION – “Rats in the Control Room” cassette – Chaotic Noise Productions
This band has been hit or miss over the years to me. In the 90’s they were a force to be reckoned with releasing some killer records, but their 2000’s output was not good. I’m glad to say they are back in full force with 30 tracks of blown out noisecore madness with most tracks clocking in at under 16-18 seconds. Top notch.

SEA OF SHIT – “2nd ep” cassette – Self released
OK so the vinyl will not be out until 2016 on Nerve Altar, but the band released a tape version of this ep already so I’m counting it as 2015. On this release SOS have shifted some personnel around. They have cut out the “weirdness” from their sound so to speak and have gotten back to their roots with more of the straightforward, blown out Powerviolence style of their early releases. The split 12″ with SICK/TIRED should’ve been out months ago, but alas we’ll have to wait until 2016 for that to drop. If you’re lucky enough to see a copy of this I suggest buying it ASAP as it is limited to 50 copies.

TRIAC / SACRIDOSE – “split 7” – Nerve Altar
This is my favorite Grind release of the year with a runner up being the PIZZA HI FIVE/ NAKAY split. The production on the Triac side is flawless and Sacridose rips. I wish these 2 records were a 4-way split, haha.

TENEMENT – “Bruised Music Vol 1″ 12” – Grave Mistake
I’m not really sure if this should count as it is a compilation of older releases, eps, etc, but TENEMENT are one of the best bands doing melodic punk currently and live they are simply flawless.

Patrick Forrest (Backslider/Callous)

Top live performances of 2015

Cavity @ St. Vitus, NYC
I was insanely stoked to find out Cavity was playing live. I’ve asked native-Floridian-friends I’ve known over the years if there was any possibility of a Cavity reunion years prior, and was always met with doubt. After hearing about a one-off show/benefit in Miami they were playing that I couldn’t make, I was really bummed. So when I heard about the NYC date, there was no way I was going to miss it. It was well worth the wait as they played a wide range of material from their releases and executed it all flawlessly. Probably the heaviest show I saw all year. Can’t wait to see them again in 2016.

Bjork @ New York City Center
I thought Bjork was “okay” when I was younger. I was too “punk” for that back then and I really missed out. I slowly crept into her discography many years later. My wife is a huge Bjork fan and we could not pass up the opportunity for us to both go since it would be a first for both of us. Probably one of, if not the, best performance I’ve ever seen! So epic and beautiful.

Genocide Pact @ Various shows
My dudes from DC probably dropped one of the best LPs of the year. Besides “Forged Through Domination” (A389 Records) being a banger of a record, these guys are crushing live. Mid-tempo, “Fat Guy Death Metal.” Whatever you want to call it, its heavy as shit, but has that groove to keep it catchy. I was fortunate enough to play with these guys a few times and do a short tour with them this year. Seeing them live will cave your chest in.

Multicult @ Various shows
One of the best in the “Noise Rock” game right now. Angular, noisy, and just very creative, especially the drumming. I think they get tighter, louder, and noisier every time I see them, and it makes them a lot of fun to watch live. I was fortunate to be able to play a show or two with these guys this year and it seems like every time I see them they have a new record, or one in the works.

Gay Witch Abortion, Hammerhead, Cows
@ Grumpy’s, Minneapolis, MN (Amphetamine Reptile BASH 15)
All of these bands were the ones I was most excited to see at this fest, and they did not disappoint! I was a fan for a while and knew this may be the only opportunity to catch them. All of the bands lived up to the crazy, dirty, weird aspect you would expect from these Am Rep veterans, and the entire fest was probably the best time I had at a “fest” setting in a really long time, too.

Honorable Mentions: Ladder Devils, Faking, Davidians, and Child Bite.

Keith Abrami (Artificial Brain)

KralliceYgg huur
Iniquitous DeedsIncessant Hallucinations
CryptopsyThe Book of Suffering: Tome 1
PutridityIgnominious Atonement
Die ChokingIII
SkinlessOnly the Ruthless Remain
PyrrhonGrowth Without End
DHGA Umbra Omega
LeviathanScar Sighted
mglaExercises in Futility
Desolate ShrineThe Heart of the Netherworld
VIDe Praestigiis Angelorum
RevengeBehold. Total. Rejection
EntheosPrimal EP

Hasan A. (Ripping Headaches Promotions)

VastumHole Below
Killing JokePylon
IlsaThe Felon’s Claw
RevengeBehold. Total. Rejection
VorumCurrent Mouth
Primitive ManHome Is Where The Hatred Is
Soft KillHeresy
CemeteryWind and Shadows
The Body & Thou – You, Whom I Have Always Hated
Fight AmpConstantly Off
Blood IncantationInterdimensional Extinction
Spectral VoiceNecrotic Doom
WildhoneyYour Face Sideways
Perspex FleshOrdered Image
AdversarialDeath, Endless Nothing and the Black Knife of Nihilism
Genocide PactForced Through Domination
NoisemBlossoming Decay
PissgraveSuicide Euphoria
VaaskaTodos Contra Todos

Samuel Smith (Artificial Brain)

PsudokuPlanetarisk Sudoku
The newest release from Steinar Kittilsen, the man behind Parlamentarisk Sodomi and Brutal Blues, “Planetarisk Sudoku” is a piece of distant-thinking grind (I guess we can call it grind?). Think “East West Blast Test” with strains of Magma, Naked City, and with a lot of silly Sci-Fi noises. I’m not generally into “zany” music (and this is that), but Kittilsen writes with such charisma, and has an identity so his own that I’m consistently captivated by his music. No one else brings riffs with this much bounce.

Eve RisserDes Pas Sur La Neige
I bought this record on a whim at a FNAC in Paris, after having a truly bizarre and synchronous encounter with bassist Benjamin Duboc (a collaborator of Risser’s on her 2012 record “En Corps,” which would have made my top 10 list that year, had I been asked to do one.) Anyway, this is a solo outing by Risser and it’s a demonstration of some brilliant and very musical prepared piano work. A really subtle and imaginative set of pieces by a top-tier improviser.

Wei ZhongleNu Trance
Absolutely bizarre music. Guitarist/vocalist Rob Jacobs weaves his way through these compositions with a delicate, vaguely eastern falsetto, accompanied by drums and an often-effected clarinet. That oriental vibe runs deep, too- sort of like a Harry Partch record, maybe? Describing “Nu Trance” is pretty difficult, but if you’re interested in This Heat at all, that’s possibly the closest I can come comparison-wise. Beautifully mixed, undeniably unique, thematically tight progressive music.

One-man weirdo black metal. Ephemerial Domignostika, the man behind Mastery, has clearly received some inspiration from Mick Barr, as demonstrated by some of the more peculiar tremolo picked runs, as well as by the guitar tone on “Valis,” but there’s…a lot more going on here. There are pieces of Organ/V.E.G.A, Abigor, more traditional black metal and it seems quilted up in sort of a manic and haphazard fashion, which it turns out is because this record was patched together after having been improvised. Huh.

LeviathanScar Sighted
One-man weirdo black metal. Again. “Scar Sighted” is a thoughtfully-organized collage of dark, warped-sounding music, samples, noise…it’s a really moody, evocative music- even for Wrest. It’s also unusually full-sounding for a Leviathan record, something owed to Billy Anderson (famous for his work with bands like Sleep and Swans). Possibly my favorite Leviathan release.

Total AbuseExcluded
This isn’t quite as compelling to me as 2011’s “Prison Sweat,” but Total Abuse consistently puts out some of my favorite contemporary hardcore. Wretched, negative music. They’ve basically dropped the noise experimentation on this record, and it feels more constructed and mature than previous efforts (for better and worse), but the songs are great and the production is filthy (significantly deeper and more clear than previous offerings). FFO: Void, Black Flag.

Ivo Perelman / Matthew ShippCallas
A set of performances by two of my favorite improvisers (Ivo Perelman on tenor sax, Matthew Shipp on piano), inspired by the opera singer Maria Callas. These remind me a bit of Ornette Coleman’s collaboration with Howard Shore on Naked Lunch score, or “Feathers” from Eric Dolphy’s second record…and the reason is sort of difficult to articulate, but it sounds at times like there’s a harmonic space in between the musicians that’s being stretched to it’s limits- like Perelman is trying to break away, but stays locked in orbit around Shipp. This is some deep, telepathic improvising.

Death Like MassKrete Drogi
Polish black metal featuring the vocalist of Cultes Des Ghoules (I think?). It’s difficult to find any information about these guys, but he’s basically in a league of his own, in my opinion. This material is furious, blindingly fast, and eerie. A really promising debut.

SternBone Turquoise
Dark, cinematic, catchy avant-rock from the mind of Chuck Stern, one of the men behind defunct NYC outfit Time of Orchids. Really thoughtfully textured music that brings to mind Angelo Badalamenti’s David Lynch scores as well as some of Mike Patton’s more subtle work. The compositions on “Bone Turquoise” are constantly taking unexpected harmonic turns, but the vibe of the record stays in clear view. Also featured on the album are Toby Driver, Keith Abrams, and Tim Byrnes of Kayo Dot, who help Chuck along in the development of what he calls his “alien pop.”

This is a really good Revenge record. It sounds angry, the riffs are hard to make out, and there’s a ton of blasting.

Dante Torrieri (Useless Rebel Imaging / Senior Photographer at Blow The Scene)

Royal ThunderCrooked Doors
GrimesArt Angels
TribulationThe Children of the Night
KRS-OneNow Hear This
Tau CrossTau Cross
Publicist UKForgive Yourself
The DarknessLast of our Kind
Dead SaraPleasure to Meet You

Allison Vess (Empty Vessels)

My 2015 List : Top 5 Cats

1. LIL BUB – Lil Bub went through a lot this year and is even currently recovering from a fractured arm. Her dude is a music producer and helped her release her newest album this month: Science and Magic. It even debuted #1 on the Top New Alternative Artists Billboard Charts with 25% of the proceeds going to help special needs pets. Lil Bub has worked with musicians such as Andrew W.K. and even had guests such as Steve Albini on her “Big SHOW” web series. Good job, Bub!

2. COLONEL MEOW – Even though he sadly passed away in 2014 he is still one of my favorites and making my list. He had the Guinness World Record for longest furred cat! I first found out about him through a game I downloaded while on tour called Bread Kittens (kinda like Pokemon, but instead you capture cats by throwing bread onto their face and then bring them into battle).

3. HAMILTON THE HIPSTER CAT – He’s got a rad mustache and is way hip.

4. PRINCESS MONSTER TRUCK – Mostly because her name rules and she’s got a crazy face.

5. NEKO – Really he is #1 on my list because he is my cat and he rules. I figured if I listed him first you’d think this list was biased and not finish reading it. He is a very small, smoosh-faced Persian. Those that know him know what’s up. He some how understands English, plays fetch, likes being involved in conversations, kitty-moshes and does aerial flips when fast aggressive music is on and even has a girlfriend that is a stuffed bear (named Bear) which he drags around with him. Due to his extremely above average cuteness most people don’t know what to make of him. When I first got him as a kitten a friend of mine said, “cool puppy, what breed?”

My Top 3 Cats That Aren’t Cats:
1. Meerkats – I feel like they’ve unfortunately taken a hit since the cancellation of Meerkat Manor. Hopefully 2016 will be the year of the Meerkat.
2. Kittens – According to a Snapple cap I recently read, young rabbits are sometimes called kittens. Weird.
3. Phisher Cats – I never even knew these things existed until I read in the paper about somebody getting viciously attacked by one in the woods. Be careful New England.

Daniel Austin (Die Young)

All Out WarDying Gods
It’s like For Those Who Were Crucified pt. 2. It may only be 5 new songs, and 2 exceptionally well-done covers, but it’s everything I ever wanted in the last 15 years from this band. Best record for gym listening since FTWWC. We got to bring them to Texas for Fallcore this year, and my mosh definitely just came out of retirement. Couldn’t help it.

Strung OutTransmission Alpha Delta
I grew up listening to these guys around the time I discovered Epitaph and Fat Wreck Chords in 6th or 7th grade. Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues and Twisted by Design were always two of my favorite records, but at some point after Twisted by Design they lost me. That’s not to say the albums in between are bad–I really haven’t devoted enough attention to them to say, even though I initially did not click with them–but I think this may very well be Strung Out’s best record, ever. Whoah.

Good RiddancePeace In Our Time
Like Strung Out, these guys were essential listening for a young 90s punk/hardcore kid. But again, after Operation Phoenix I don’t their catalog held up well. Russ Rankin has always been one of my favorite vocalists and lyricists, and I can appreciate how everyone has always said he is notoriously grumpy and anti-social. It cracks me up and is endearing. GR broke up years ago and Russ did some solid work in Only Crime, and as much as I especially love that newest Only Crime album, let’s not kid ourselves–we’d all prefer to see Russ fronting GR and Bill Stevenson drumming one-offs for Descendents, and maybe Flag. This GR record is a true return to form for them, and I think it is almost as good as their best record (which is Operation Phoenix IMO).

Paradise LostThe Plague Within
I never liked this band much. Every time I’d listen to them the vocals reminded me too much of James Hetfield or Peter Steele, and I’ve always just preferred to listen to some old Metallica or Type O instead. But this record is its own thing, and it is just infectious goth-inspired metal. Definitely a record that I listened to over and over this year for long periods of time while not listening to anything else.

Maybe you don’t get this band. People seem to love em or hate em. But for me, you have to be conceptual geniuses of some kind to be able to construct an album that I love that is almost entirely comprised of influences that I don’t love. Don’t get me wrong, you can’t really hate Styx, Queen, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, or Mr. Bungle. I could always enjoy those bands, but I never LOVED them. Now comes Ghost, with an album that is nothing like their previous two albums, that somehow digs into the vault of 70s prog rock, mixes those influences with some classic Metallica and Anthrax here and there, and the result is a work of conceptual and comical genius. Nothing but smiles on my face when I jam this.

Wisdom in ChainsThe God Rhythm
These guys will never make a bad album, because everything they do, and have done, has always come straight from their hearts. Honestly, it’s not my favorite WIC album, but it definitely has some of their best songs to date.

AxisShow Your Greed
Finally, a full length from this band, and it is well worth the wait. If you love Turmoil, Botch, or Deadguy, this has your name all over it. I can’t think of one band right now paying homage to late 90s dissonant metalcore doing it better than Axis. The drumming is top notch, and the band as a unit is just tight as fuck. Raf’s vocals even sound like Jon Gula sometimes, which you wouldn’t expect of him, because he is one of the nicest, most soft-spoken dudes around. This record definitely exceeded my expectations.

Chris X (Philly Hardcore Shows / This Is Hardcore Fest)

full lengths:

Title FightHyperview
TurnstileNonstop Feeling
CeremonyThe L Shaped Man
John WilliamsStar Wars:The Force Awakens soundtrack
FailureThe Heart is a Monster
Faith No MoreSol Invictus
Killing JokePylon
Harms WayRust
XIBALBATierra y Libertad
BlisteredThe Poison of Self Confinement
TurnoverPeripheral Vision
Forced OrderVanished Crusade
DisgraceTrue Enemy
DiscourseSanity Decays
AXISShow Your Greed
SkinlessOnly the Ruthless Remain
Tau Crossself titled
xRepentancexThe Sickness of Eden


All Out WarDying Gods
Outer HeavenDiabolus Vobiscum
Genocide PactForged Through Domination
Into AnotherOmens
Malice at the Palaceself titled
Jesus Pieceself titled
Eternal SleepBelief In the Truth of Nothing
ZAOXenophobe/Fear Itself 7″


Wolves Attack!!
World Be Free 2 song tape
Iron Price
Malice At the Palace

Paul Herzog (Die Choking, ex-Total Fucking Destruction)

LeprousThe Congregation
Bird and the BeeRecreational Love
Pomegranate TigerBoundless
VorumCurrent Mouth
Sweet CobraEarth
Organ DealerVisceral Infection
Fight AmpConstantly Off
GingerpigGhost on the Highway
The Afternoon GentlemenS/T LP

Dan Smith (Fight Amp)

Kowloon Walled CityGrievances
Jaga JazzistStarfire
Spray PaintPunters On a Barge
Ghostface Killah12 Reasons to Die
Cherubs2 Ynfynyty
the Hex DispensersIII
Die ChokingIII
Sun Kil MoonUniversal Themes

Eric Schnee
(Organ Dealer)

Top list of 2015

VIDe Praestigiis Angelorum
Die ChokingIII
AntigamaThe Insolent
Cult LeaderLightless Walk
JK FleshNothing is Free
MarutaRemain Dystopian
SumacThe Deal
The KillKill Them All
Napalm DeathApex Predator Easy Meat
MgłaExercises in Futility

Raul Viveros (Concussive)

1.Sickmark – S/T “2015”
These German shredders are pumping out some of the best powerviolence from there neck of the woods to date!
I was very fortunate enough to have them play in my room and completely destroy everyones ears
Great show!Great times!
Favorite Track:Void

2.Mellow Harsher – Served Cold EP “2015”
I’ve been keeping up with these guys since there demo back in 2011 and all I can say is they deliver nothing
but blistering spazztic grind!These guys are onpoint and do not dissapoint
Favorite Track:Open Sore

3.Fiend – Split 7″ w/ Dead Issue “2015”
Do I even have to say anything?FIEND from Fresno has been slamming my ears since the day I first caught them
at “Fuck your life fest”These kats seriously destroy!Don’t sleep on them.
Favorite Track:Boundries

4.Disciples of Christ – Demo CS “2015”
D.O.C bringing the hate with this killer Demo!I highly recommend catching these kats live!
Favorite track:Chasin

5.Grin and Bear It – Split 7″ w/ Youth Violence “2015”
Ohio kill unit slaying with this rad split.Fast funky and straight in your face grindcore just the way I like
Favorite Track:Rat#2

6.Yacøpsæ – Verfaulte Durchschauung 7″ “2015”
Once again these kats deliver the goods with this crushing split!
Favorite track:Die Ulmer Schachtel

7.Sordo – The Pain I Have…Everyday 7″ “2015”
SORDO!One of my favorite bands coming out of the socal area.Bass and drum powerviolence excellence!These guys
rule live and are even better people.
Favorite track:Sleeping In

8.SLUGGED – Split CS w/ Power Trip “2015”
Slugged does everything right with this and there past releases!Straight to the point grunting grindcore.
Favorite Track:Skid Row Synthetics

9.Pavel Chekov – Split CS w/ Criminal Slang “2015”
Fast as fuck powerviolence/fastcore hailing from Texas!I again was very fortunate to have these guys play in
my room!Killer band live and killer band in general!Check em out
Favorite Track: One Tough Duderino

10.Scum Human – Demo “2015”
One of Canadas finest!Featuring members from Obacha,Sickener,&Subsist.All dudes came together to form this killer
of a band!Im very stoked for these guys future releases and you should be too!Check it
Favorite Track:Hog Tied

11.Odioso Dios – Split CD Card w/ StevexJobs “2015”
Fast and spazzy as fuck spanish powerviolence!These rippers have several splits this being one of the two they
released this year
Favorite track:No Grites El Nombre De Ninguna Estupida Banda De Metal Entre Tema Y Tema

12.Deterioration – Split CS w/ Zakłócić “2015”
Blistering and intrusive grindcore from Minneapolis.This release is guaranteed to satisfy.You gotta love the random
Saxaphone in the third song.
Favorite Track:DDT on Concrete

13.Cave State – Cave State 7″ “2015”
Another guaranteed favorite!Cave State continues to bring the killer pissed off powerviolence I have grown to love!
Everything about their music is on point!Don’t sleep on this.
Favorite Track:Primitivo

14.Vile Intent – Shadow Of The Skull CS “2015”
VILE INTENT!I know these kats have been around for quite a while and still they are dominating!Take this release
for example.
Favorite track:Masquerade

15.Twitch-Self Titled
Members from Chainsawsquid and DrugxMule came together to forge this masterpiece!Fast as fuck funky fastcore.
Get with it
Favorite track:Squandered Existence

16.Tenchu – Split w/ Happy Pill Trauma “2015”
Filthy fucking grindcore from British Columbia!I caught these guys in seattle and they do NOT dissapoint
Favorite track:CAR 119703

17.Agitate – Monuments of Annoyance 7″ “2015”
Mincing grindcore also hailing from Minneapolis!Nothing but perfection
favorite track:Monuments of Annoyance

18.White Wards– Cigarette Burns LP “2015”
Fast and groovy hardcore punk from Olympia!Along with the killer recordings these kats put on a killer performance.
Favorite track:Paint Huffer

19.2X4 – 8 songs EP “2015”
Killer hardcore punk from Boston!
Favorite track:SURVIVE THE MESS

20.The Body & Thou– Collaboration “2015”
This collaboration is nothing but great.Great guitar work and mix of noise with lots of heavy grooves.
favorite track:Her Strongholds Unvanquishable

21.Primitive Man– Home Is Where The Hatred Is 12″ “2015”
PRIMATE FUCKING MAN!Such a crushing band to see liv,they released this earlier in Febuary and it is HEAVY!
Do yourself a favor and give it a listen.
Favorite track:Bag Man

22.The Day Man Lost – Split 7″ w/ Suffering Mind “2015”
Punishing grindcore from the UK.I just came across these cats before i wrote this and had to make sure i mentioned them!
You can not go wrong with this band!
Favorite track: This Will All Catch Up With You

Jeffrey V. Daniels (Die Choking, Bvrden)

1. Napalm DeathApex Predator-Easy Meat
2. EnslavedIn Times
3. Hate EternalInfernus
4. KralliceYgg Huur
5. Cattle DecapitationThe Anthropocene Extinction
6. GorodA Maze Of Recycled Creeds
7. Dendritic ArborRomantic Love
8. AbortedThe Necrotic Manifesto
9. RevocationEmpire Of The Obscene
10. Cult LeaderLightless Walk
11. Fuck The FactsDesire Will Rot
12. MarutaRemain Dystopia
13. Cloud RatQuilphoth
14. Organ DealerVisceral Infection
15. CoffinsCraving To Eternal Slumber

Special thank you to BTS site designer and Philadelphia-based artist, Larry West for the 2015 top graphic!

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