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There is always a segment of active bands that crank out new material at light speed. From the early writing sessions to the studio recordings, the process is quick, often formulated, and very much on the surface for the listener. On the other side of the coin, there is another segment of bands that slows the process to a crawl, completely forgoing the clock and immersing themselves in music formulation like a mad scientist in a hidden basement lab. Tucked away for months and sometimes years crafting a dense sound with immeasurable amounts of layering, these artists leave works often studied by more than casual fans. Philadelphia’s progressive doom-metal purveyors, Burden, definitely fall into the latter category.

With the band’s latest, 72-minute full-length WITHOVT, (streaming in full below for the first time ever!) Burden conclude three years of work invested into the writing and production of this most ambitious release. WITHOVT is dense enough to be deserving of its own archaeological record. Thematic elements are loosely based on the Stephen King epic, The Dark Tower. WITHOVT is set in a similar world where time holds little meaning and malevolent forces are readily at work. This motif is centered around the protagonist- A man that has been tasked with the protection of a woman who possesses unimaginable power.

With WITHOVT, Burden set out to create an album that impacts the mind with visual elements along with the the aural, balancing the most melodic and beautiful material they have written with some of the most destructive passages in recent memory. The evolution of sound throughout the album will lead listeners on an epic journey that spans time, space, madness, and all points in between.

WITHOVT was recorded at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, NJ with studio owner Kevin Antreassian providing production and recording efforts. Burden is Travis Weinand (ex-Tetsuo) on vocals and bass, Jason Herrmann (ex-Tetsuo) on lead guitar, Jeffrey V Daniels (Die Choking) on rhythm guitar, and Jason Strapec (ex-Tetsuo) on drums.

Stream WITHOVT in Full Below. Follow links to Purchase Download or CD formats

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