Catharsis, Die Young, Future/Primitive, Die Choking at Vox Populi


North Carolina legends of political hardcore punk, Catharsis, plowed through Philly’s Vox Populi performance space with a cast of heavy hitters including tour mates Die Young out of Texas, and rounded out by Philly’s own Future/Primitive and Die Choking.

This August performance marked Catharsis‘s first Philadelphia appearance in over 15 years. Playing a full hour-plus set painted with lead vocalist Brian’s heavily engrossing dialogue with the audience, many in attendance will agree that Catharsis provide a sermon-esque experience that is truly cathartic on many levels. But we’re not talking religion here. Unity, passion, animal-rights and anti-fascist themes backed a powerhouse band that has provided the DNA to modern metalcore sounds long before Converge was a household name.

This show marked pt II of Catharsis‘s tour schedule with friends in Die Young who provided an explosive set showcasing years worth of material that the crowd was quite familiar with. Catharsis had fresh pressings of Light From A Dead Star pts I & II and a table full of books and pamphlets across a range of activism topics. Our friend Sunny at Hate5Six.com captured the entire night, so be sure to scope the live videos (Catharsis, Die Young, Future/primitive, Die Choking) after you finish with photos and music samples below. And as always- be sure to follow the band links and support the bands if you like what you hear.

All photos by Blow The Scene Senior Staff Photographer Dante Torrieri (Useless Rebel Imaging)

Die Choking

Die Choking-band-018

Die Choking-band-020  Die Choking-band-018 Die Choking-band-006 Die Choking-band-017 Die Choking-band-016 Die Choking-band-003

Die Choking-band-013

Die Choking-band-014 Die Choking-band-013 Die Choking-band-012 Die Choking-band-011 Die Choking-band-010 Die Choking-band-002

Die Choking-band-005

Die Choking-band-008 Die Choking-band-007  Die Choking-band-005 Die Choking-band-004 Die Choking-band-003 Die Choking-band-019 Die Choking-band-001

Future Primitive

Future Primitive-band-035

Future Primitive-band-039 Future Primitive-band-038 Future Primitive-band-037 Future Primitive-band-036 Future Primitive-band-035 Future Primitive-band-021

Future Primitive-band-031

Future Primitive-band-033 Future Primitive-band-032 Future Primitive-band-031 Future Primitive-band-030 Future Primitive-band-029 Future Primitive-band-024

Future Primitive-band-025

Future Primitive-band-027 Future Primitive-band-026 Future Primitive-band-025 Future Primitive-band-023 Future Primitive-band-022

Die Young

Die Young-band-062

Die Young-band-063 Die Young-band-062 Die Young-band-061 Die Young-band-060 Die Young-band-059

Die Young-band-054

Die Young-band-043 Die Young-band-056 Die Young-band-055 Die Young-band-054 Die Young-band-048

Die Young-band-047

Die Young-band-051 Die Young-band-050 Die Young-band-049 Die Young-band-053 Die Young-band-047

Die Young-band-057

Die Young-band-045 Die Young-band-044 Die Young-band-057 Die Young-band-042 Die Young-band-041



Catharsis-band-094 Catharsis-band-093 Catharsis-band-092 Catharsis-band-083 Catharsis-band-090 Catharsis-band-089


Catharsis-band-088 Catharsis-band-091 Catharsis-band-087 Catharsis-band-086 Catharsis-band-085 Catharsis-band-084


Catharsis-band-082 Catharsis-band-081 Catharsis-band-080 Catharsis-band-079 Catharsis-band-078 Catharsis-band-077


Catharsis-band-076 Catharsis-band-075 Catharsis-band-074 Catharsis-band-073 Catharsis-band-072 Catharsis-band-071


Catharsis-band-070 Catharsis-band-069 Catharsis-band-068 Catharsis-band-067 Catharsis-band-066 Catharsis-band-065

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