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Decibel Tour 2014 in Philly: Carcass, Gorguts, More!


The 2014 Decibel Magazine Tour recently blasted through Philly’s Trocadero theater featuring Carcass, Gorguts, The Black Dahlia Murder, Noisem, and Philly’s own Die Choking who were celebrating the vinyl release of their debut EP on this select date.

UK’s grindcore legends Carcass are coming off of a huge 2013 that saw the group release its first studio full-length since 1996’s Swansong entitled, Surgical Steel. This self-funded effort is the first new material the band has coined since reforming in 2007 and quite obviously caused a stir throughout the metal community. Any trepidation concerning the sound of the new songs was quickly put to rest as the critical response to Surgical Steel and its ultimate release on Nuclear Blast would be overwhelmingly positive. Upholding a strong sense of the past while still managing to progress the approach to be relevant in 2013, commented on the record saying, “Surgical Steel is a superlative Carcass record that often bests what many consider their finest hour, Heartwork, and, in its brightest moments, reaches the heights set by their masterpiece Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious. These are not idle boasts..” With a live show that is equally remarkable, Carcass proved to be a more than worthy headliner for titan tour Decibel Magazine delivers annually.

Quebec’s technical metal wizards Gorguts are supporting their critically-acclaimed new album Colored Sands on Season Of Mist, as they kicked off a headlining European tour, The “Colored Sands Summer Tour”, on June 12 in Copenhagen, DK and will travel through half a dozen countries, concluding with a performance at this year’s Hellfest in Clisson, FR on June 21. Following the festival, Gorguts will join this year’s “Death To All Tour” (featuring label mates Paul Masvidal and Sean Reinert of Cynic). In the events leading up to this particular show, drummer Patrice Hamelin cracked a few ribs, so opening bands Noisem and Die Choking spared the injured vet the hassle of moving his kit on before Gorguts‘ set, as each drummer took turns slaying that massive kit. Looking no worse for the ware, Hamelin along with founder Luc Lemay and crew, decimated the stage and put in one of the crowd favorites of the evening.

Main support was handled by The Black Dahlia Murder, who brought forth the younger concertgoers as this energetic bunch collectively proceeded to eat up the magnetic metalcore riffs hand over fist. TBDM continues to support their 2013 Metal Blade release, Everblack, that made an impressive #32 debut on the Billboard 200. commented, “It’s hard imagine any fan of The Black Dahlia Murder — or just good death metal — not enjoying Everblack. Maybe someday The Black Dahlia Murder will release an album full of material meant for mid-concert bathroom breaks, but this ain’t it.”

Baltimore’s new breed of metal mayhem, Noisem, unleashed a furious set as they continue to support their debut LP, Agony Defined, on A389 Recordings. One of the most promising of the young metals acts making its way up the ranks, Noisem has been hailed with commenting “Agony Defined is an incredible album by an extremely talented band that doesn’t sound forced or generic in anyway. It’s like the marriage of Repulsion with that of old school Slayer. I mean, I guess you could call this one a ripper. If by “ripper” you mean something that walks into your room and shreds your fucking face like a cheese grater.”

Philly’s own grind punk all stars Die Choking set the evening in motion with a blazing fast set feating their poignant blend of furious riffage. Die Choking is comprised of current and ex-members of Philly’s own heavyweights Total Fucking Destruction, Cop Problem, and Burden. This show marked the physical release of Die Choking‘s self-titled debut EP in 7″ format via The Compound label. Originally self-released in digital format on January 2 of this year, the effort has sparked a buzzstorm in the underground metal community with Decibel Magazine giving the recording a solid 9/10 in the current June print edition, and commenting, “Over 5 tracks, this band scrambles your brain cells with their brand of high-octane grindcore laced with traces of rancid crust! What I dig about this record is the hidden grooves that are smashed against walls of aggressive speed & angst!”

Without further ado, enjoy an fresh set of exclusive photos by Blow The Scene Senior Photographer, Dante Torrieri (Useless Rebel Imaging)

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