Exclusive Youth Forgotten premiere of “Eyes On The Prize”


We at BlowTheScene.com are stoked to kick off 2014 with an exclusive song stream from one of Cleveland’s fiercest rising talents, Youth Forgotten and brand new song “Eyes On The Prize,” streamable below the fold. This explosive unit of scene veterans breaks off an infectious blend of hardcore-infused metal that is making waves as the release of the band’s debut full-length, Ghost Of A Fallen Empire will hit streets officially February 1.

Featuring current and ex members of such Cleveland mainstays as Integrity, Dead Even, Salt The Wound, Chimaira, and more, Youth Forgotten quickly establish a place as leaders of the pack with the ten unrelenting tracks featured on Ghosts Of A Fallen Empire. Brutal riffs, hardcore punk intensity, anthemic vocals, an ear for meaningful technicality, all combined with a live show that more than punctuates the sentiment- Youth Forgotten should prove a force to reckoned with in 2014. Recent months have seen the band share the stage with the likes of Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, Battlecross, Ringworm, 3 Inches of Blood, Revocation, and more as word of the band’s live intensity quickly spreads.

Youth Forgotten will be playing a record release show in their hometown of Cleveland on February 1st at The Foundry with a slew of regional talents including Cholera, Cop Problem, Ruin, Fuck You Pay Me, and more with more dates and touring to be announced in the coming months.

Without further ado, check out the exclusive premiere of “Eyes On The Prize” below.

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Ghost Of A Fallen Empire Tracklist


1. Anthem
2. Revolution For Nothing
3. Take Control
4. The Passion
5. The Moral Soul
6. Unite The City
7. Proposed Existence
8. Nobody Cares
[wpaudio url=”https://blowthescene.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/09-Eyes-On-The-Prize-2.mp3″ text=”Eyes On The Prize” dl=”0″]
10. End Times

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