Pentagram, Satan’s Satyrs, Electric Citizen, Righteous Bloom At Underground Arts.


A damn good night for rock music at Philly’s Underground Arts venue was had as the legendary Pentagram rolled through with Satan’s Satyrs, Electric Citizen, and Righteous Bloom. Blow The Scene‘s Dante Torrieri was on hand to deliver a stellar set of photos below the fold for your viewing pleasure.

Maryland’s Righteous Bloom, formally known as Beelzefuzz played a solid set to kick off the evening. The band recently completed tracking for a debut album to be released by Church Within Records in 2016 with mixing currently being done by the renowned Richard Whittaker (The Clash, The Who). Electric Citizen killed it delivering a no frills set of high octane rock ‘n’ roll. The band is currently mixing a sophomore album at Easy Eye Studio in Nashville with producer Brian Olive and engineer Collin Dupuis (The Black Keys, Tomahawk, Jeff the Brotherhood).

Satan’s Satyrs who feature Electric Wizard’s Clayton Burgess, released a latest album Don’t Deliver Us on October 30th via Bad Omen Records. The band teamed up with Revolver Magazine to debut new song, “You-Know-Who,” which you can stream below the fold. The album continues to receive praise from both critics and fans alike.

The pioneers of American doom metal, Pentagram recently teamed up with Noisey to stream its latest album, Curious Volume, on Peaceville Records which can be sampled below the fold. The album features eleven classic heavy metal compositions with catchy hooks from core band members Victor Griffin, Greg Turley, and Bobby Liebling (Pete Campbell on the drums completes the band’s line-up), Curious Volume was recorded with Swedish producer Mattias Nilsson at studios located in Maryland and Virginia. Additional recording took place in Tennessee with Grammy-nominated producer, Travis Wyrick, who also produced Pentagram‘s previous album, Last Rites. The album’s cover artwork was provided courtesy of Richard Schouten.

Commenting on the shirt Liebling is wearing in a Torrieri photo featured below- Pentagram‘s camp commented- “He puts on that shirt to channel Hendrix and quotes him by saying, “its all about love”. He’s not f=&%ing the amps, he’s making love to them.” And make love to the amps they did, and it never sounded so good.

Listening samples and links for purchase available below.

All photos by Blow The Scene Senior Staff Photographer Dante Torrieri (Useless Rebel Imaging)


Righteous Bloom

Righteous Bloom-band-009

Righteous Bloom-band-001 Righteous Bloom-band-012 Righteous Bloom-band-011 Righteous Bloom-band-010 Righteous Bloom-band-009 Righteous Bloom-band-008

Righteous Bloom-band-013

Righteous Bloom-band-007 Righteous Bloom-band-006 Righteous Bloom-band-005 Righteous Bloom-band-004 Righteous Bloom-band-003 Righteous Bloom-band-002 Righteous Bloom-band-013

Electric Citizen

Electric Citizen-band-038

Electric Citizen-band-039 Electric Citizen-band-038 Electric Citizen-band-037 Electric Citizen-band-036 Electric Citizen-band-035 Electric Citizen-band-034

Electric Citizen-band-032

Electric Citizen-band-033 Electric Citizen-band-032 Electric Citizen-band-026 Electric Citizen-band-030 Electric Citizen-band-029 Electric Citizen-band-028

Electric Citizen-band-033

Electric Citizen-band-027 Electric Citizen-band-031 Electric Citizen-band-025 Electric Citizen-band-024 Electric Citizen-band-023 Electric Citizen-band-022

Electric Citizen-band-027

Electric Citizen-band-021 Electric Citizen-band-020 Electric Citizen-band-019 Electric Citizen-band-018 Electric Citizen-band-017 Electric Citizen-band-016 Electric Citizen-band-015 Electric Citizen-band-014

Satan’s Satyrs

Satan's Satyrs-band-053

Satan's Satyrs-band-059 Satan's Satyrs-band-058 Satan's Satyrs-band-057 Satan's Satyrs-band-056 Satan's Satyrs-band-055 Satan's Satyrs-band-054

Satan's Satyrs-band-053 Satan's Satyrs-band-052 Satan's Satyrs-band-051 Satan's Satyrs-band-050 Satan's Satyrs-band-049 Satan's Satyrs-band-048

Satan's Satyrs-band-050

Satan's Satyrs-band-047 Satan's Satyrs-band-046 Satan's Satyrs-band-045 Satan's Satyrs-band-044 Satan's Satyrs-band-043 Satan's Satyrs-band-042 Satan's Satyrs-band-041 Satan's Satyrs-band-040

Satan's Satyrs-band-044



Pentagram-band-089 Pentagram-band-088 Pentagram-band-087 Pentagram-band-086 Pentagram-band-085 Pentagram-band-084


Pentagram-band-083 Pentagram-band-082 Pentagram-band-081 Pentagram-band-080 Pentagram-band-079 Pentagram-band-078


Pentagram-band-077 Pentagram-band-076 Pentagram-band-075 Pentagram-band-074 Pentagram-band-073 Pentagram-band-072


Pentagram-band-071 Pentagram-band-070 Pentagram-band-069 Pentagram-band-068 Pentagram-band-067 Pentagram-band-066


Pentagram-band-065 Pentagram-band-064 Pentagram-band-063 Pentagram-band-062 Pentagram-band-061 -band-060

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