Photos: This Is Hardcore 2016 Day 2

integrity this is hardcore-13

We are pleased to present the first round This Is Hardcore Fest 2016 Day 2 (Friday) photos by photographer Anne Spina from the stage. As in previous years, we like to roll out a few teasers before debuting the extended galleries in the days and weeks that follow.

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Enjoy TIHC Day 2 band teasers from Philadelphia’s Electric Factory venue featuring Integrity, Ringworm, All Out War, Iron Reagan, Haymaker, Full Of Hell, Eternal Sleep, Iron Price, Nomads, and PanzerBastard.

All of photos by BTS Photographer Anne Spina (Anne Spina Photography)


PanzerBastard this is hardcore-2

PanzerBastard this is hardcore



nomads this is hardcore-2

nomads this is hardcore-3

nomads this is hardcore-4

Iron Price

iron price this is hardcore-3

iron price this is hardcore-4

iron price this is hardcore-2

iron price this is hardcore-1

Year Of The Knife

yotk this is hardcore-1

yotk this is hardcore-2

yotk this is hardcore-3

yotk this is hardcore-4

yotk this is hardcore-5

Eternal Sleep

eternal sleep this is hardcore-1

eternal sleep this is hardcore-2

eternal sleep this is hardcore-3

eternal sleep this is hardcore-4

eternal sleep this is hardcore-5

Full Of Hell

full of hell this is hardcore-2

full of hell this is hardcore-3

full of hell this is hardcore-1


haymaker this is hardcore-3

haymaker this is hardcore-4

haymaker this is hardcore-2

haymaker this is hardcore-1

Iron Reagan

Iron Reagan this is hardcore-6

Iron Reagan this is hardcore-5

Iron Reagan this is hardcore-4

Iron Reagan this is hardcore-3

Iron Reagan this is hardcore-2

Iron Reagan this is hardcore-1

All Out War

all out war this is hardcore-1

all out war this is hardcore-2

all out war this is hardcore-3

all out war this is hardcore-4

all out war this is hardcore-5


ringworm finals this is hardcore-1

ringworm finals this is hardcore-2

ringworm finals this is hardcore-3

ringworm finals this is hardcore-4

ringworm finals this is hardcore-5


integrity this is hardcore-1

integrity this is hardcore-2

integrity this is hardcore-3

integrity this is hardcore-4

integrity this is hardcore-5

integrity this is hardcore-6

integrity this is hardcore-7

integrity this is hardcore-8

integrity this is hardcore-9

integrity this is hardcore-10

integrity this is hardcore-11

integrity this is hardcore-12

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