Top Lists Of 2014

2014 album top lists

A look back at 2014 with a little help from our friends. Enjoy top lists from Blow The Scene staffers, and lists by artists, labels and members of Dillinger Escape Plan, His Hero Is Gone, Hivesmasher, Artificial Brain, Grin And Bear It, SICK/TIRED, Old Lines, Enabler, Strike Anywhere, Old Wounds and so many more!

Joshua T. Cohen Editor-in-Chief at BlowTheScene.com, Drummer of Die Choking, Cop Problem

1. HierophantPeste
2. Trap ThemBlissfucker
3. †††self-titled LP
4. Artificial BrainLabyrinth Constellation
5. Dropdead / Brainoil split 7”
6. YautjaSongs Of Descent
7. Sick/TiredDissolution
8. Shitstorm / Radiation split 7”
9. Old LinesNo Child Left Behind
10. Fucking Invincible – It’ll Get Worse Before It Gets Better
11. No Brainer / Augurs split
12. Gustself-titled LP
13. GridlinkLonghena
14. BaptistsBloodmines
15. Code OrangeI am King
16. MartyrdödElddop
17. Deterioration / Nak’ay and Girth Split
18. Mutoid ManHelium Head
19. Full Of Hell / Merzbow collaboration LP
20. Iron ReaganTyranny of Will
21. Nux Vomica – self-titled
22. EnablerLa Fin Absolue Du Monde
23. Torch RunnerEndless Nothing
24. NoisemConsumed 7”
25. Every Time I DieFrom Parts Unknown
26. ObliterationsPoison Everything
27. TrenchrotNecronomic warfare
28. BurdenWithout
29. PutrisectChaos Awaits
30. Eyehategodself titled
31. Fantasy PantherWalpurgis Night (Digital Single)

Charles R. Pauley (Grin And Bear It)

GridlinkLONGHENA lp
Die ChokingII 7″
MerchandiseAfter The End lp
California X – leaked tracks from nights in the dark (lp technically out ’15)
Dead Church/Noisear – split 7″
Chest PainWeltschmerz lp
D’AngeloBlack Messiah
Cokskar/Violent Gorge – split 7″
Stoked on the material of all the bands we did splits with this year:
Rabid Pigs (7″)
Hang Ten (cs)
Youth Violence (7″)

Kirk Syrek (Bassist for SICK/TIRED & PILLAGE)

For my top 2014 list I decided to focus on 14 live shows that I saw this past year (instead of releases) because to me the live experience is the most crucial aspect of underground music. While there are some very good new bands currently, I unfortunately found Hardcore and Punk to be very stale and boring in 2014. Thus my list is mostly Metal and Grind/PV. Oddly enough it was mostly older or established bands that I saw this past year that gave some of the best performances. I tried to make this list only 10, but I just couldn’t do it.

1. DROPDEAD – Ive seen them many times over the years and while they are typically very good, I was not prepared for their performance at MDF. Seeing them cover “Drop Dead” with the drummer of Siege playing was one of those next level, “oh shit” moments that very rarely happen, but when they do you know you are witnessing something truly special.

2. UNHOLY GRAVE – I was really not expecting to be completely pulverized by this band, but they are probably the best grind band I have ever seen next to Napalm Death. I flipped my lid up front which is something I never do and they were absolutely devastating. Japanese bands (of any style) really seem to be a step above everyone else.

3. SHITSTORM – Perfectly executed and probably the fastest band I saw all year. Watching their drummer was mind blowing and they gave possibly the best performance of any band Ive seen in years. 100% perfect live band and much better than any of their recordings.

4. COFFINS – Usually described as sludgy, Death Metal, Coffins are in fact the best Mince band in the word. Mid-paced, pulverizing & crushing…I wish they played for 2 hours.

5. DISROTTED – Probably the heaviest band in America that nobody knows about…yet. Absolutely crushing live band. Seek them out ASAP.

6. CONTROLLED EXISTENCE – Sometimes you see a band that is so intense, pissed, and furious that it makes the hair on your arms stand up and you want to lose control. Sometimes you see a band that you have never heard of and don’t know what to expect and you are beaten to a pulp. Controlled Existence really surprised me and totally blew me away at Bloodshed Fest. I didn’t know who they were and luckily made my way to the basement stage to catch their set. Ive since gotten a few of their releases and they are in constant rotation. More proof that the best grind comes from Europe and specifically the Czech Republic.

7. CLOUD RAT – People seem to have a lot of opinions about this band, good and bad. Are they Grind, Black Metal, Screamo? Cloud Rat perfectly and uniquely blend all of these elements and unlike most modern grind bands they actually have a message and something to scream about. Perhaps this is why the “caveman” grinders have issue with this band, but they gave a flawless performance at Mousetrap in Chicago just a few weeks ago.

8. THE REPOS – Hands down the best Hardcore band in America at the moment as well as solid dudes all around. Repos should be gigantic, but selfishly I’m glad they are not. Aaron has the best unhinged, menacing vocal delivery and it was a pleasure to steal & drink all of Negative Approach’s beer with him at the gig we played together a few months back.

9. INQUISITION – I am always in awe that just two guys can sound so unbelievably powerful. A relentless assault of Black Metal magic, they are simply one of my favorite live bands to see over and over again.

10. CAPITALIST CASUALTIES – Sick/Tired played with them at a small show space this past Summer in Baltimore and I had not seen them in over 5 years. I think a lot of the younger kids write this band off as “old guy PV”, but to me they are punk as fuck fast Hardcore that very few modern bands can compete with. They always put on a great live show and no matter how old these fools get, the energy is still there every time.

11. QUESTION – I did not pay attention to this band at all when they were around, but I was blown away at their reunion gig in Minneapolis this Summer. An all out furious, D-beat ,crust attack…Question really held it down with non-stop riff after relentless guitar riff. An excellent performance that I’m glad I was able to see.

12. SEA OF SHIT – I have seen this band 100 times in basements, but a rare chance at seeing them in an actual venue with a real sound system was absolutely pulverizing.

13. NOOTHGRUSH – At Maryland Deathfest they had Dino from Dystopia on vocals. Do I really need to explain why this was such a good performance? Dino was next level.

14. NAK’AY – None of their recordings do them justice and they must be seen live. Andy Sanchez might be the fastest drummer in the world. He just turned 21, but has been playing this fast since he was 17 years old. Watching him blast is mind blowing.

Thomas Schlatter (Capacities, NY in 64, ex-Thursday)

Youth NovelTurned Around Abruptly Beside a Mirror and Jumped at My Own Reflection EP
Crows-An-WraKalopsia LP
A Film in ColorTo Scale A Mountain EP
Under A Sky So Blue – Demo
Great ReversalsNatural Burial 7″
Enoch ArdonDedos Rotos 7″
Nine of SwordsI Can’t Stand My Own Face EP
HostDeath Will Claim These Tired Bones LP
Nous EtionsLa Manier Noire LP
Soul Glo – S/T
GiftsSeven Songs EP

Liam Wilson (Bassist of Dillinger Escape Plan)

Daniel LanoisFlesh and Machine
ThantifaxathSacred White Noise
Closure In MoscowPink Lemonade
Sturgill SimpsonMetamodern Sounds In Country Music
WovenhandRefractory Obdurate
Lost Origin Sound SeriesNawa: Sacred Voices Of Syria Vol. 1
John Zorn (Abraxas)Psychomagia
Secret Chiefs 3: IshraqiyunPerichoresis
Mariachi El Bronxs/t
CynicKindly Bent To Free Us
MastodonOnce More Around The Sun
YobClearing The Path To Ascend
Artificial BrainLabyrinth Constellation

Carl Auge (His Hero Is Gone, Drain The Sky)

WarcrySavage Machinery LP
Crazy Spirit – Demo 2014 cassette
NoothgrushEntropy EP
Forward/TeargasBurning Spirits 2014 EP

Amanda Pearl Daniels (Nadoula, ex-Enabler)

In no particular order, a display of rather eclectic genres:
The NationalTrouble Will Find Me
At The GatesAt War With Reality
Lykke liI Never Learn
NadoulaDemo 2014 (shameless plug, new band)
Songs: OhiaJourney On: Collected Singles
SpoonThey Want My Soul
Sun Kil MoonBenji
Sunn o))) & UlverTerrestrials
YautjaSongs of Descent

Keith Abrami (Artificial Brain)

top 9 2014

1. AbigorLeytmotif Luzifer

Although the first 30 seconds of Leytmotif Luzifer should speak for itself, one should actively pursue a more in-depth understanding of Abigor’s entire discography.

2. Baring TeethGhost Chorus Among Old Ruins

In the wake of a disconnection between myself, and the music i spent my entire life developing, I stood in front of this band, dumbfounded and crushed under their presence.

3. PyrrhonMother of Virtues

Who Pyrrhon are to me, will not translate correctly through text. Real hatred resides within these tracks, and they weren’t for you to enjoy.

4. Die Choking – EP II

I get pissed immediately after i to listen to Die Choking …

5.MayhemEsoteric Warfare

This album lingers uncomfortably inside of me. It reminds me why i’m even here to begin with.

6. Blut Aus NordMemoria Vetusta III: Saturnian Poetry

This album gives me the exact same feeling i got when i first heard black metal. This is the kind of black metal i don’t want to share. i don’t want you to know i’m listening to it, and i don’t want to hear your opinion on it. so i won’t give mine.

7. RevocationDeathless

When i listen to revocation, i want to kick the shit out of everything i see, including brick walls. This album is perfect for driving. i drive faster, more aggressively and completely inconsiderately. Revocation kicks ass, it just sucks that one of their guitarists is a huge pussy.

8. Buckshot FaceliftLiving Ghosts of The North Shore

I got bashed in the fucking ear during that song at their album release show and i couldn’t touch it for 3 goddamn weeks. During the show, while taking a piss, some dude busted into the bathroom, punched the wall as hard as he could, puked, screamed fuck, apologized to me, then left. I drank close to about 13-15 beers. it was a great night. i love these dudes.

9. Aphex TwinSyro

Easily one of my favorite artists across all genres of music. Syro, although all together a solid album, has 3 tracks that have surpassed almost every song released in 2014. They’ll make anyone dance. Those tracks are 3,5, and 8, and the titles are fucking ridiculous so i’m not going to bother typing them. If none of the tracks on this album make you want to dance, you and i have nothing in common, which is probably the case anyway.

Chris Moore (Coke Bust, D.O.C., Sick Fix, The Rememberables)

I’m pumped that most of my favorite records to come out this year were from DC.

In no particular order:

PriestsBodies and Control and Money and Power LP
Blood PressureS/T 7″
Ex hexRips LP
JÄVLA – Demo Tape
Fleetwood Mac – Live in Philadelphia 10/15/14
HurulaVi Är Människorna Våra Föräldrar Varnade Oss För LP
Pure Disgust – S/T 7″
Earth GirlsWrong Side of History 7″
Judas Priest– Live in Baltimore 10/24/14
Rakta – S/T LP
ImpalersPsychedelic Snutskallar
Pentagram – Live in Baltimore 10/29/14
Genocide PactDesecration 7″
Future IslandsSingles LP

Robert Johnson (Scenic Presents NYC)

Swans: To Be Kind
Iron Reagan: Spoiled Identity Ep
THE ‪#‎1s‬ : The Number Ones
Perfect Pussy: Say Yes To Love
The Netherlands: Sluggo single
Run The Jewels: RUN THE JEWELS 2
BECK: Morning Phase
Low Fat Getting High: S/T

Vincent Bochicchio (Signature Riff Booking NYC )
Top 25 (Random Order)
Blut Aus Nord (France)- Memoria Vetusta III: Saturnian Poetry (Debemur Morti Productions) – Band of the Year
Blut Aus Nord (France)/ P.H.O.B.O.S. (France) SplitTriunity (Debemur Morti Productions)
Lvcifyre (United Kingdom)- Sun Eater (Dark Descent Records) – Album of the Year
Diocletian (New Zealand)- Gesundrian (Osmose Productions)
Dead Congregation (Greece)- Promulgation Of The Fall (Martyrdoom Productions)
Abazagorath (USA)- The Satanic Verses (Eternal Death)
Ævangelist (USA)- Writhes in the Murk (Debemur Morti Productions)
Puissance (Sweden)/Aarditi (Sweden)/ Acherontas (Greece) splitPylons of the Adversary (World Terror Committee)
Ascension (Germany)- The Dead Of The World (World Terror Committee)
Zom (Ireland)- Flesh Assimilation (Invictus Productions)
Bolzer (Switzerland)- Soma (ep) (Invictus Productions)
Artificial Brain (USA)- Labyrinth Constellation (Profound Lore Records)
Dawnbringer (USA)- Night Of The Hammer (Profound Lore Records)
Menace Ruine (Canada)- Venus Armata (Profound Lore Records)
Mortuary Drape (Italy)- Spiritual Independence (Iron Tyrant)
Midnight (USA)- No Mercy For Mayhem (Hellsheadbangers)
EncoffinationIIIHear Me, O’ Death (Sing Thou Wretched Choirs)
ThantifaxathSacred White Noise
Satanic WarmasterFimbulwinter
SvartidauðiThe Synthesis of Whore and Beast
SinmaraAphotic Womb

Anne Spina (Blow The Scene Photographer, Anne Spina Photography)

Hounds of HateHate Springs Eternal
Full of Hell & Merzbow – collaboration LP
Code OrangeI Am King
GiveElectric Flower Circus
PraiseLights Went Out
TimebombNo Values
BaneDon’t Wait Up

Jackson Wasteland (Putrisect, Dishaus Baltimore)

AgnosyTraits of the Past
Mutilated VeteransNecro Crust Warhead
CorpsessedAbysmal Thresholds
DystopiaHuman=Garbage repress
VastumPatricidal Lust
Die ChokingI
NecrotThe Abyss
Dead CongregationPromulgation of the Fall
Old LinesNo Child Left Behind
NothingGuilty of Everything
Lie in RuinsTowards Devine Death

Season Of Mist Records Staff Picks 2014

Greg K (“Sales”)

Stone DaggerThe Siege Of Jerusalem 7″
MidnightNo Mercy For Mayhem
Night FeverVendetta
Morbus ChronSweven
Black AnvilHail Death
SumerlandsGuardian Demo
Grand MagusTriumph And Power
CynicKindly Bent To Free Us
Electric WizardTime To Die

Algar (Receiving)

Misery IndexThe Killing Gods
Black AnvilHail Death
GoatwhoreConstricting Rage of the Merciless
Rage NucleaireBlack Storm of Violence
Nex De OmnisUnholy Sacrament of Death
MeshuggahI (Reissue)
NecrophagiaWhiteWorm Cathedral
JenkemI’m Glad You’re Dead (The Complete Shit)

Gregor (Mailorder)

MastodonOnce More ‘Round the Sun
Secret Chiefs 3Isharquiyun
Misery Indexthe Killing Gods

Enrique (Publicity)

NightbringerEgo Dominus Tuus
LvcifyreSvn Eater
SvartidaudiSynthesis of the Whore and Beast
SumerlandsGuardian Demo
Dead CongregationPromulgation of the Fall
ThantifaxathSacred White Noise
PyrrhonThe Mother of Virtues

Stephanie Marlow – Publicity

1. Have A Nice LifeThe Unnatural World
2. FloorOblation
3. WovenhandRefractory Obdurate
4. PallbearerFoundations Of Burden
5. Black MonolithPassenger
6. NothingGuilty of Everything
7. Old Man GloomApe of God
8. Ryan AdamsRyan Adams
9. Electric WizardTime To Die
10. EarthPrimitive and Deadly

Dylan Garrett Smith – Artist

Nothing Guilty of Everything – As far as I’m concerned, this is the album of the year. I love every second of it. If you haven’t heard this album, give it a listen.

BurrowThe Collapse of Time – Having absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I did the art for this album, it has been on constant rotation in my studio and car since the second I first heard it. If you’re into Neurosis, Cult of Luna, and other experimental metal bands, give this album a listen immediately.

Woods of DesolationAs the Stars – Woods of Desolation became one of my favorite bands after I first listened to “Torn Beyond Reason”. Check out this band if you like atmospheric/depressive black metal.

Die ChokingII – I love Die Choking and I really enjoy what they’ve been doing since they started. I’m also really into the living will inserts they included with the 7″. D. N. Fucking. R.

EarthPrimitive and Deadly – it’s Earth, I don’t think I need to elaborate.

The BodyI Shall Die Here – I can’t get enough of this band.

NakedFuneral Songs (and everything else he released this year) – I saw Naked at the Coven in Bethlehem, PA over the summer and the songs, performance, ambiance, and mood immediately spoke to me. Easily one of my favorite bands I discovered this year.

Glamour GirlsGlamour Girls – I might be biased because these guys have been friends of mine for more years than I can count, but I truly enjoy this tape.

Derek Archambault (Alcoa & Defeater)

Top 10 records of 2014
TEN – Rude AwakeningCollateral Damage
NINE – Dark BluePure Reality
EIGHT – AviatorHead In The Clouds, Hands In The Dirt
SEVEN – Angel Du$tA.D
SIX – I Am The AvalancheWolverines
FIVE – Justin Townes EarleSingle Mothers
FOUR – The RentalsLost In Alphaville
THREE – Elder BrotherHeavy Head
TWO – Lawrence ArmsMetropole
ONE – Afghan WhigsDo To The Beast
7″ / EP
THREE – Backstabbers Inc.M.I.A.
TWO – Teen DeathCrawling
ONE – Choir Vandals At Night

Eric Kane (Strike Anywhere)

1. WovenhandRefractory Obdurate
2. New Model ArmyBetween Wine and Blood
3. White Lung Deep Fantasy
4. Lana Del ReyUltraviolence
5. Cloud NothingsHere and Nowhere Else
6. Bob MouldBeauty & Ruin
7. Marissa NadlerJuly
8. The War On DrugsLost In The Dream
9. Bear TradeBlood & Sand
10. The MenzingersRented World

Brian Shultz (Bridge Nine Records)

1. Pianos Become the TeethKeep You
2. The Twilight SadNobody Wants to Be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave
3. SeahavenReverie Lagoon: Music for Escapism Only
4. From Indian LakesAbsent Sounds
5. Every Time I DieFrom Parts Unknown
6. La DisputeRooms of the House
7. Restorations LP3
8. Have MercyA Place of Our Own
9. WeatherboxFlies in All Directions
10. SouvenirsYou, Fear and Me

Brandon Gallagher (Old Wounds)

1. Every Time I DieFrom Parts Unknown
2. PhantogramVoices
3. ObliterationsPoison Everything
4. Freddie Gibbs & MadlibPiñata
5. BanksGoddess
6. ExaltPale Light
7. FKA TwigsLP1
8. BaptistsBloodmines
9. AbortedThe Necrotic Manifesto
10. The Budos BandBurnt Offering

2014 was pretty solid across the board. Every Time I Die truly returned to form with their latest From Parts Unknown, Phantogram released one of the sickest “trip hop” / pop records since Portishead’s Third, and Southern Lord killed it with the new Obliterations and Baptists records. I also got down to more pop and hip hop this year then in previous years, jamming both the Banks and FKA Twigs records extremely hard. I’m not going to lie, I think it’s been a few years since I’ve seen such strong top 10 release lists. Is music in general back on track? I sure hope so because it feels that way! Looking forward to 2015.

Aaron Heinold (vox at Hivesmasher, Old Bones)

EnablerLa Fin Asbsolu Du Monde
KimbraThe Golden Echo
Fuming Mouth7″ split with Gatlin
Parasitic ExtirpationPutrid Crown
Run the JewelsRTJ2
Meghann Wright2014 cassette
MotherbrainRise and Grind
Fuck the FactsAbandoned
So HideousLast poem/first light
The Great SabatiniDog Years
Tiger FlowersDead Hymns
Cognitive – s/t
David BowieNothing Has Changed
Soils of FateThin The Herd

Jeffrey Lohrber (Enabler, Today Is The Day)

I’ve read through hundreds of year end lists, and I decided to write about several releases that personally had a huge impact on me rather than just throw together a few records that came out this year that I thought were awesome, there were just too many.


Both bands that I play in were picked as support bands on two different legs of their tours this year, Enabler doing the east coast, and Today is the Day doing the west coast. This band just rules period, Jimmy Bower and Mike Williams are such characters to tour with, and I would put Brian Patton in my favorite guitarists of all time from his work in EHG and Soilent Green. Brian is like a riff scientist, so focused on every note he plays like the next note he plays is going to be the most calculated heaviest note you’ve ever heard in your life, complimented by Jimmy Bower’s knack for the best grooves and Mike William’s tortured screams. I played over 50 shows with this band this year, and I watched them every night. This was a great comeback record stacked with great songs from one of NOLA’s finest. Riffs are free, son

YautjaSongs of Descent

Finally, this band put out a proper full length. Enabler played I think one of their first shows on our first tour in 2010 and I was absolutely blown away, eventually leading to a split 7″ that was released in 2012. I still have all of their crappy demo tapes, most of which were recorded live and you can’t even make out what’s going on. These guys were Nashville’s best kept secret for the longest time, a true musicians band, no egos, no need to write music to be cool, just raw talent and amazing songs. This band is so good that when we were on tour with Eyehategod earlier this year that I begged everyone to watch them because once you’ve been on tour for a while, everyone is terrible at checking out opening bands, and Jimmy Bower was so blown away that he put them on the show the following night and paid them out of his pocket.


Martyrdod is a band that I have a close relationship with, having tour managed them twice now, and driving them around the United States on the Southern Lord tour in 2012. It’s much different than what most American bands are used to with tour, because not only were we playing with them every night, but sharing gear and traveling in the same vehicle with them. Their main songwriter Micke and I had many long talks on that tour about different ideas and opinions on songwriting, and there are many memories that I’ll never forget. If you’ve never heard this band, they play some next level Swedish melodic crust punk. I was a huge fan of their earlier record “In Extremis”, and then touring with them on “Paranoia” pushed them into one of my all time favorites. This record is stacked with so many next level riffs I don’t even know where to begin.

American HeritageProlapse

American Heritage was one of Chicago’s best kept secrets, never really getting the credit they deserve, and it’s great to see them end on such a strong note. I met these guys several years ago when my old band Harlots had played several shows with them, and later on lead to their guitarist Scott Shellhamer filling in on guitar for Enabler, which lead to him meeting his now wife Therese who was playing in Mares of Thrace. While they were recording this album with Sanford Parker, Scott called me and asked me to do guest vocals on the album, which I immediately said yes to, but I had no idea what exactly I was doing. They were kind enough to let me write some of the lyrics for the song “Mask of Lies” and perform lead vocals on it. That lead to a night of getting blackout drunk with the guys in Pelican, and then later on almost falling into Scott’s TV. I am very happy to have been a part of these guys final album. If you’ve never heard this band before, I recommend starting with the album “Millenarian”.

Today is the DayAnimal Mother

When I first picked up drumming (I was a guitarist first), my holy grail of favorite drumming records was Don Caballero’s “Singles Breaking Up”, Discordance Axis “The Inalienable Dreamless”, and Today is the Day’s “In The Eyes Of God”. Fast forward a few years to 2005, and I was asked to drum for Today is the Day. That year I wrote a lot of what became “Axis of Eden” with the band, and toured Europe for the first time, and I also left the band, but continued to stay in touch with Steve Austin over the years and have always remained a fan and friend. Last year after my good friend Curran Reynolds left the band, I was asked to rejoin and I immediately said yes. Steve, Sean Conkling, and myself wrote this record in late November of 2013 shortly after the death of Steve’s mother. I feel that all the negative things surrounding that led Steve to write some of his most powerful lyrics, and I feel that this is one of the band’s best sounding albums. We went into this with no record label and no money, just a statement to be made. Unfortunately, the tour cycle on the album was cut short when Steve and our roadie Trevor Thomas were on their way to pick me up in New York to start the third leg of tour when a car struck the van, totaling the van and destroying most of the merchandise and gear. It was painful to be on the side, helpless, knowing that your friends are stuck in a hospital and going through hell, but it also represents all that there is to be thankful for. I could have lost 2 of my best friends that night and they are still here to fight another day.

EnablerLa Fin Absolue Du Monde

I’ll end this with the record that obviously had the biggest impact on my life. Again, we went into this album with no record label, no money, and were barely even a band, but there was a statement to be made. After we had toured Australia last year, our drummer and second guitarist left the band, leaving Amanda Daniels and myself with a shitload of debt, stress, and a lot of songs that I had written in the meantime. Ryan Steigerwald had agreed to fill in for tours, but did not agree to be a member or play on the record until about 4 days before the recording was scheduled. I literally got off the plane when I got back from recording drums with Today is the Day, drove to Chicago and started teaching Ryan the songs. This record was recorded during one of the worst times of my life and it represents the ending of a huge chapter of my life, and the beginning of a new one. I broke my lease in Milwaukee after the album was finished which was my home for 7 years and moved back to my parents house in Ohio about a month before we started our tour cycle on this album. The tour cycle was better than ever while we were on stage, but ugly off stage and turned the best of friends into the worst of enemies at times. It’s a huge learning experience for me, it left me with a shitload of debt, no band members, the best of memories and the worst of memories, and a record deal with Century Media. I don’t know if I will ever share the stage with some of these people again in my life, but ultimately am thankful to have shared the time that I had with them. I am proud of the statement we made with this record, and proud of every show that we played in support of this album.

Curran Reynolds – Publicity

Unit 731The Hive Mind
Raspberry BulbsPrivacy
Code OrangeI Am King
Chain and the GangMinimum Rock N Roll
Olivia Neutron JohnVulnerability
Mobb DeepThe Infamous Mobb Deep
PyrrhonThe Mother of Virtues
Xiu XiuAngel Guts: Red Classroom
Black Veil BridesBlack Veil Brides

Jordan Berk (Rock Bottom, Sunburster, Ten Ton Hammer))

1. CreepoidS/T
Not a band in the genre doing it better than them right now. My most played vinyl of the year.
2. At the GatesAt War With Reality
None of us ever thought it would happen, but sure enough almost 20 years later it’s like they never stopped.
3. The HauntedExit Wounds
Most underrated metal album of the year let alone another killer comeback album. Marco being back gave them the boost they needed to start writing killer thrash again.
4. Vince StaplesShyne Coldchain Vol.2
Mixtape schmixtape it’s good enough to be a real LP that blows away 95% of any other rap release this year. (yea yea run the jewels 2 I hear ya) My favorite newer rapper
5. FloorOblation
Might be as good as S/T. The production is perfect for them. Glad they’re back and just as stupid heavy as ever.
6. EarthPrimitive and Deadly
Either I smoke way too much weed or adding vocals to their already beautiful compositions made them even better. My favorite since Bees made honey…
14 years since their last album and apparently slightly more sober. No big deal, between every song being a banger and the production being a perfect mix of clear yet raw this is in my top 3 EHG albums easily.
8. MadballHardcore Lives
The album title says it all. Their best album since Hold it Down, young and older fans of hardcore better recognize.
9. MastodonOnce More ‘Round the Sun
Their last album, The Hunter made me completely uninterested and was a total let down for me being a huge fan of Mastodon. Once More.. blows that shit away and makes me look like a big PoS for bailing on em for 2 years.
10. CrowbarSymmetry in Black
Once again proving in the realm of sludge, metal and hardcore that no one can replicate and master the style they helped create. Just another heavy milestone in the Crowbar legacy.

Vince StaplesHell Can Wait
(Go figure)

Tanner Douglass – Photographer

1. No Time – 7″
2. Electric WizardTime To Die
3. Trap ThemBlissfucker
4. ObliterationsPoison Everything
5. Torch RunnerEndless Nothing
6. BaptistsBloodmines
7. Full Of Hell + MerzbowFull Of Hell + Merzbow

Mitch Roemer (Old Lines, ex-Pulling Teeth)

Electric WizardTime to Die
The Siege FireDead Refuge
Asylumself titled 7″
Old Man GloomThe Ape Of God
ObliterationsThe Hole
Lana Del ReyUltra Violence

Paul Herzog (Die Choking, ex-Total Fucking Destruction)

In no particular order. Stuff that I actually DID listen to consistently that came out this year. Realistically, I am still obsessing over many 2013 releases (i.e. Leprous, Bullerslug, Gingerpig, Antigama, Surf and Sun Club, etc….). Threw a sci-fi book, a comic, and 2 live shows in there.

Releases 2014

Artificial BrainLabyrinth Constellation
Brutal BluesBrutal Blues
PerturbatorDangerous Days
GodfleshA World Lit Only by Fire
TrenchrotNecronomic warfare
BeckMorning Phase
Circle (ex-Falcon)Leviatan
Jason VieauxPlay
The Bird and the BeeUndone Single
The Afternoon GentlemenGrind In The Mind 7” (2014)

2014 live highlights:
Leprous — Coal tour @ Webster Hall NYC
Artificial Brain — record release @ Saint Vitus

Ancillary Sword by Anne Lecke
COLDER Bad Seeds comic series by Paul Tobin and Juan Ferreyra

Dante Torrieri (Blow The Scene Senior Photographer, Useless Rebel Imaging)

This years list seamed far easier then years past, all I had to do was look at play counts and every song from every album here has 20 plus plays and growing.

YOBClearing The Path To Ascend
Nux VomicaNux Vomica
Pray for SoundDreamer
Inter Armathe Cavern
Bear the MammothYamadori
GodfleshWorld Lit Only By Fire
MastodonOnce More ‘Round The Sun
DOOMCorrupt Fucking System (it was late enough in 2013 that I don’t give a fuck I listened to it a lot this year)

Richard Hoak: (Brutal Truth, Total Fucking Destruction, Peacemaker)

Bastard Noise/Witches of Malibu split 7″
Food Not Bombs Depok City Indonesia benefit Comp cd
Naked Ape: Grind Core usb demo
Creatures: War of the Machinelords cd
Bastard Noise: Live at Babycastles cd
Kaotoxin Records: Monsters (Six of a Kind) comp cd
Forest Kingdom: s/t cd
Test: Arabe Macabre cd
Deadmocracy: Hinfamy split lp
Black Ganion: Supermetamorphosisgrinder 2 cd
Ubi Quitous: live performance NYC
Self Deconstruction: Virtue cd-r demo

Special thank you to BTS site designer and Philadelphia-based artist, Larry West for the 2014 top graphic!

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