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Blow The Scene 2011 Top Lists

It is that time of year again, as we say goodbye to 2011 and usher in the new year. Before we slip away into our holiday modes with family and friends, we look back on another year in music. 2011 saw the good, the bad, and the ugly. Today we are just going to focus on the good! We invited a few of our musical peers to contribute year-end lists. Unlike a lot of online music outlets, we chose to invite not only musicians, but also the people who work behind the scenes to make the music community what it is. So here are top lists from musicians, promoters, photographers, label owners, publicity peeps, and other varying, but equally important, people of our music community. We chose to leave the contributors lists as they sent them with the exception of the bold and italicized emphasis.

Chances are we’ll have a few stragglers send in some last-minute lists that we will update within the coming days..:)

We also decided to display the lists in the order that they were received.

So without further ado, here are Blow The Scene’s Top Lists of 2011.

Joshua T. Cohen, Editor-in-Chief at BlowTheScene.com, Drummer of Cop Problem

I decided to give quick rundowns of my top 5 and a simple list of remaining top picks with links for further investigation (which I encourage you to do!) So many good lists here I don’t want to hog the spotlight, but can’t stress enough that all of these bands deserve the attention of the worldwide music community.

1. Trap Them, Darker Handcraft (Prosthetic Records)

– Simply the best album of the year. Not since Ben Koller‘s contributions with Converge on Jane Doe and You Fail Me has a drummer upped the ante of metal-infused-d-beat music like that Trap Them drummer Chris Maggio. The floor-tom to snare bounce over the driving double bass sent drummer boys back to the lab, as this subtlety was lost on most listeners. If you slept on this record – go back! A bulletproof release. Tasty guitar work and intricate timing that left enough open space for the vocals, bass, and drums to just pummel the listener with song craftsmanship that had no equal in 2011 and a live execution that put all questions to rest. I explored this album in great detail with my full-feature review and I interviewed singer Ryan McKenney while the band was recording this LP at God City Studios with Kurt Ballou. I would like to take this opportunity to establish a new rule – Reviewers no longer get to compare this band to Entombed unless you can site in your own words exactly why. I must admit, I too have been guilty of this in the past, but with all the cut-and paste-reviews and comparisons about this band, you would think they share members with Entombed. Sure the Swedish death metal sound is in the DNA, but no more than bands like Hot Snakes and Queens of the Stone Age, which the band actually sites as some of their influences. Darker Handcraft deserves more than a cut-and-paste review, and we were happy to give it.

2. Oathbreaker, Maelstrom (Deathwishinc)
– Here was an album I expected to see on tons of top lists, but to my surprise, many magazines slept on this record. A damn shame. I couldn’t agree with Deathwish more when they said “Without question, Oathbreaker‘s “Maelstrom” is one of the best debut albums we’ve ever heard, and we trust you’ll feel the same way.” A dark and moody album that finds beauty in the subtlety of melody mixed with crushing hardcore, metal, and a dash of d-beat influence. Great record. Check out our interview with the band from earlier this year.

3. Despise You / Agoraphobic Nosebleed, ..And On and On (Relapse Records)
– Two of the strongest showings from both bands ever. Despise You prove that powerviolence is far from dead with one one of the most poignant displays of musical brutality this year. Agoraphobic Nosebleed stepped up to the plate with yet another new chapter in their prolific career, displaying that they have found yet more ways to interpret an ever-evolving sound that incorporates many niches of extreme music ranging from sludge to speed and death metal. Peep our full-feature interview with both bands!

4. All Pigs Must Die, God Is War (Southern Lord)
– Comprised of Ben Koller (Converge, Acid Tiger) on drums, vocalist Kevin Baker (The Hope Conspiracy), guitarist Adam Wentworth (Bloodhorse) and bassist Matt Woods (Bloodhorse), the band is forging their own chapter in the US resurgence of Swedish metal meets d-beat-punk-backbone. Tasty riffs, crushing hardcore vocals that project real-life issues, while encompassing a bass and drum backbone that was simply flawless. This band is more than the sum of its parts and I expect this to only be the beginning of a long-standing musical reign. Check out our full-feature interview with the band.

5. Grin and Bear It, Demo 7″ (Self-released)
– Amazed I haven’t worn out the grooves in this record yet. One of the strongest showings of new band I’ve heard in quite some time. Think old-school intensity of bands like Despise You and Apt 13 meets the snotty attitude of modern practitioners Ceremony. I was fortunate to catch Grin and Bear It live at a house show in Philly and was sold after 5 seconds of their set. Every aspect of the band is poignant and in your face. Drums, bass, git, and vocals all work perfectly together. It’s like you died and went to powerviolence heaven. Music sample at our review!

6. Less Life, Today Will Be Ours (How Soon Is Now Records)
7. Owen Hart, Earth Control (Vitriol Records)
8. Converge / Dropdead, Split 7″ (Armageddon / Deathwishinc)
9. Black Kites, Songs Written While Things Were Changing (Protagonist Records)
10. Larry and His Flask, All That We Know (Silver Sprocket)
11. Bible Thumper, Cassette Demo (Self Released)
12. Brutal Truth, End Times (Relapse Records)
13. Red Fang, Murder The Mountains (Relapse Records)
14. Animals As Leaders, Weightless (Prosthetic Records)
15. Noisear, Subvert The Dominant Paradigm (Relapse Records)
16. Kicking Spit, Psychrockbullshit (Tankcrimes)
17. Night Birds, The Other Side of Darkness (Grave Mistake)

Jamie Getz of Gods and Queens and R5 Productions

EMAPast Life Martyed Saints
This has made it #1 on any and all of my end of year lists. This is the perfect record as far as I’m concerned. Super depressing, and has strange parts that remind me of PJ Harvey, Whitehouse, and Sinead O’Connor all in one.

This is another one that has made it onto every list I’ve gotten to be part of. Power trio of heavy melodic pop if that makes any sense? The rhythm section in this band is excellent, and the guitar work is beyond stellar. I can’t say enough about this record. I hope this band gets huge.

Young WidowsIn And Out Of Youth And Lightness
Future Hearts is pretty much the perfect song. I’m going to leave this just like that. End.

The Atlast MothAn Ache For The Distance
I’m not gonna lie, I never gave this band a fair shake, then I saw them live and it was crushing. Converted me, and now I’ve listened to this record about a good 20 times front to back since I got my hands on it.

TombsPath Of Totality
Perfect wall of white noise US Black Metal.

2011 top ten from Richard Hoak: Drummer of Brutal Truth, Total Fucking Destruction, Peacemaker.

The Company Corvette: End of the Summers cd Robert piotrowicz: Lasting Clinamen Vinyl
20 Jahre Ajz Bahndamn live comp cd
AC: The Old Testament 1988-1991 cd
Bastard Noise: Skulldozer cd
Obscene Extreme 2011 Comp cd
anything by Vagaasm!
Hessian, Unholy Mantras 7”
Fekal Party 9 dvd
FU, On The Earth album

Joe “Hardcore” Mckay, Founder of Philly Hardcore Shows and the now legendary This Is Hardcore Fest.

AgitatorWalls Closing In
Title FightShed
Mother of MercyIV Symptoms of Existence
XibalbaMadre Mia Por Los Dias
Rock BottomYour Demise
Converge / Dropdeadsplit 7″
FoundationWhen the Smoke Clears
HomicidalState of Mind

Bob Lugowe, co-owner of Brutal Panda Records

1. MastodonThe Hunter
2. Red FangMurder the Mountains
3. LiturgyAesthethica
4. RevocationChaos of Forms
5. The Atlas MothAn Ache for the Distance
6. BloodiestDescent
7. WhoresRuiner
8. RwakeRest
9. Blood CeremonyLiving With the Ancients
10. Weekend NachosWorthless
11. Dark CastleSurrender To All Life Beyond Form
12. KralliceDiotima
13. WormrotDirge
14. Amon AmarthSurtur Rising
15. Abysmal DawnLeveling the Plane of Existence

Patrick Gerity, owner of RTF Records

Top 15 of 2010

1. BLACK KITESSongs Written While Things Were Changing LP (Protagonist Records)
– This is the 2nd full length LP from this three piece from New Jersey and is by far the best material they’ve ever written. Crushing 90’s style metal core in the vein of Unbroken, Disembodied and Deadguy. Lyrically very intelligent with lots of substance behind the words. In my opinion, they are the best band in hardcore today.

2. MIXTAPESMaps & Companions LP (Animal Style Records)
– This LP hits you hard with an extremely catchy high tempo pop punk that is very lighthearted, fun and relatable. Dueling male / female vocals will rope you in and have you singing along in no time. One of the better pop punk albums I’ve heard in a long time.

3. GDPUseless Eaters LP (Run for Cover Records)
-I literally do not know anything about hip hop or rap but I do know that GDP is one of the most talented guys out there. Extremely interesting beats mixed with overly honest lyrics give you a look in the mind of one wild person. This isn’t your mainstream hip hop, if one album ever needed a warning for explicit content, this would be the one.

4. TOO MANY VOICES – “Demo” Cassette (RTF Records)
– Finding out Andy from Kill Your Idols had a new band he was singing for made me love Demo before I even heard it. The band also has members of Texas is the Reason and 108. Four melodic hardcore songs from this New York City Unit in the vein of Dag Nasty.

5. NIGHT BIRDSThe Other Side of Darkness LP (Grave Mistake)
-New Jersey’s favorite punk band. They’ve taken the classic 80’s surf punk sound, added their snotty punk vocals and turned this album into one of the best punk records that has come out in the past how ever many years. Every song from start to finish is a banger not to mention it’s 16 songs in under 25 minutes which is the way punk albums should be.

6. TOUCHE AMOREParting the sea between brightness and me (Deathwish)
– Another great example of an awesome record under 25 minutes (this one is under 20 actually) 12 melodic hardcore songs without really much else to it. There is no fluff or extra filler, it’s straight forward and to the point. I enjoyed their first record but this one is much better than that in my opinion, VERY VERY catchy vocals and a distinct voice that is very easy to follow along and understand.

7. CREEMGood Riddance b/w I Hate You 7” (Katorgaworks)
-With all the hipster mysterious guy hardcore bullshit floating around Brooklyn, this 7” is nothing more than a great mid-tempo pissed off punk record. Singing about hating shit and being mad…I’m into it.

8. INCENDIARY / UNRESTRAINED Split 7” (Trip Machine Laboratories)
-Awesome split, Incendiary is one of the best hardcore bands out there right now. If you are a fan of Indecision and/or well written, interesting angry hardcore songs with powerful riffs and lyrics and you don’t listen to Incendiary you are fucking up. The Unrestrained side has that early 2000’s metal core feel, they sorta remind me of Snapcase. All around a very good split 7”. Cool label too.

9. PULLING TEETH “Funerary” LP (A380 Recordings)
– This sounds nothing like any of the older Pulling Teeth and is practically a metal record. I love every minute of it, they’ve taken many sounds from the metal scene and incorporated their hardcore influences into it. Mike Riley, as always, kills it on vocals and sounds angry as ever.

10. BLACK KITES / CONVULSIONS Split LP (Glory Kid Records)
– Some of Black Kites most interesting songs, lots of tempo changes. Fast, slow, pretty, angry, heavy heavy heavy heavy. Every song has it’s own awesome story. The Convulsions side of this split literally makes me feel so uncomfortable any time I listen to it, it’s disgusting and nasty and makes zero sense at all. Chaotic, weird, heavy… I love every second of it.

11. ALTERED BOYS “Demo” Cassette (RTF Records)
– If you are a fan of early 2000’s hardcore like Shark Attack, Tear it Up and anything that came from the Jersey Shore circa eight years ago you’ll love this demo. Features members of Hellhole, Black Kites and Torchbearer.

12. FOO FIGHTERS Wasting Light (RCA)
– Such an improvement from that last album… however radio friendly this band might be I still believe they embody all that punk is. Dave Grohl is the coolest guy in the world and this album has some serious ragers on it. The music video for “Walk” are you kidding me? Coolest fucking video

13. SUBURBAN SCUMHanging by a Thread (6131 Records)(RTF All Stars)
– Technically this is going to be “released” after the first of the year but the record is done and was recorded in 2011 so I’m going to count it as a 2011 release. The only reason it isn’t higher is because of the technicality. Heaviest band, hardest riff’s, most mosh pitting. Wait until they record an LP and take over the world, it’s going to happen sooner than later.

14. NIGHT FEVERNew Blood (Tankcrimes)
– This was re-released in 2011 and it shreds so hard. They are the AC/DC of hardcore and my favorite band from Europe. Had the pleasure of seeing them twice and they melted my face off both times.

15. DRUG CHURCH “Demo” (RTF Records)
– Heavy 90’s NYHC CIV feel, very groovy and gets my head banging every time I listen to it. Singer of End of a Year doing something completely different.

Liam Wilson of Dillinger Escape Plan and Reinventionofthereal.com

Com TruiseFairlight
SalvaComplex Housing
Gil Scott Heron & Jamie XXWe’re New Here
Young WidowsIn and Out of Youth and Light
Animals As LeadersWeightless
CynicCarbon Based Anatomy
Tom WaitsBad As Me
Mariachi El BronxII

Thomas Schlatter of Black Kites, Less Life, ex-Thursday, and probably most bands you love from the East Coast..

DeathbedFor The Few
Touche AmoreParting the Sea Between Brightness and Me
Iron ChicSplit N Shit
Russian CirclesEmpros
Lich / RessurectionistsSplit LP
AmpereLike Shadows
Twilight SingersDynamite Steps
RaeinSulla linea d’orizzonte tra questa mia vita e quella di tutti

Katie Ellsweig of Adrenaline PR

1. Bon IverBon Iver

Sometimes I sit alone in my room with all the lights off drinking wine while I watch all those hallucinogenic videos that Bon Iver released to go along with each song on this record. I stare at all the colors; I ain’t ashamed!

Lyric: “…and at once I knew I was not magnificent.”

2. Polar Bear ClubClash Battle Guilt Pride

Believe the hype. That’s all I can say. I would like this band to move into my living room and play every single night to an adoring crowd of one. I will pay them in frozen vegetables and killer dance moves.

Lyric: “I’ll take my one-man army to the streets for this week’s story.”

3. Frank TurnerEngland Keep My Bones

One of my good friends posted a lyric to “I am Disappeared” off this record and said that this song has virtually kept him from losing his sanity. Me fucking too, man.

Lyric: “I keep having dreams of pioneers and pirate ships and Bob Dylan. Of people wrapped up tight in the things that’ll kill them”

4. Touché AmoreParting the Sea Between Brightness and Me

Every morning for the past few weeks, I walk into the office alone, turn on my computer, furiously lap away at my coffee and listen to this record. It is brilliant.

Lyric: “Have you ever wonder why I always drive alone? Same reason why I never pick up my phone.”

5. Kevin DevineBetween the Concrete and The Clouds

My first internship back in high school was with Immigrant Sun Records. Kevin played in Miracle of ’86 back then. When will that reunion be?! Anyway, I have followed him since then and this is his most mature, honest and unpretentious collection of songs. It has gone the distance with me this year.

Lyric: “Now every single time you open your mouth, give yourself a breath while you’re working it out.”

6. DefeaterEmpty Days and Sleepless Nights

Seeing this band open for Bane a couple months ago just blew me away. I keep saying it and will continue to do so, but this is the best band in hardcore right now.

Lyric: “The longer you sit at the ocean; you lose more time than you think”

7. Manchester OrchestraSimple Math

Surprised this hasn’t gotten more attention. It is sloppy bitch good. This record is a concept about a man who is questioning God and his failing marriage while coming to grips with his own personal failures and insecurities. It’s human. It’s gripping.

Lyric: “I am the greatest man that never lived and now I never sleep.”

8. Rise AgainstEndgame

It’s kind of amazing to watch a band grow up so much without ever losing an ounce of integrity. One of my favorite bands of all time, right from “The Unraveling.”

Lyric: “Once upon a time I could take anything, anything.”

9. Machine HeadUnto The Locust

Robb Flynn is one of the most down-to-earth people I have had the pleasure of meeting. Knowing the integrity and the dedication that went into making this record, and then hearing the record and loving every second of it is truly special. Metal horns!

Lyric: “See how they dance upon the winds that beget our pestilence…”

10. The Joy FormidableThe Big Roar

Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I rarely get jazzed up on female fronted anything. Consider me freakin’ jazzed. This record jazzed my pants off.

Lyric: “You make me sleep so badly, invisible friend.”

Taryn Hipp of Siren Records, (Store Operations and Show Booking / Promoter)

The CoathangersLarceny and Old Lace
Fucked UpDavid Comes to Life
Trash TalkAwake
CreepoidHorse Heaven
Psychic TeensTeen
Lykke LiWounded Rhymes
Thao & Mirahself-titled
AustraFeel It Break
ObitsMoody, Standard and Poor

Dave Witte – Drummer of Municipal Waste and Argonauts
Here’s some of the music that excited me the most in 2011.

Opeth: Heritage
Mastodon: The Hunter
Red Fang: Murder the Mountains
Night Fever: New Blood
East of the Wall: The Apologist
Oranssi Pazuzu: Kosmonument
Graveyard: Hisingen Blues
Tombs: Path of Toltarity
Deceased: Surreal Overdose
Virus: The Agent that Shapes the Dessert.
Psychic Paramount: II
Leviathan: True Traitor, True Whore

Larry West of Larry West Productions and Designer of Blow The Scene!

Favorite Metal Moments:
Dave Mustaine and Roy McGovney playing with Metallica for the first time in nearly 30 years.
Metal Evolution by Sam Dunn for giving metal the Ken Bruns “Jazz” treatment
Anthrax finally released a new album!
Rammstein finally playing America again

Best Metal Albums of 2011:
1. Machine HeadUnto the Locusts:
After the release of “The Blackening” in 2007, it was hard to imagine what a follow-up would sound like. The result was easily the best metal release of 2011, “Unto the Locusts”. The album is incredibly complex and is filled with lyrics that tear through to your very soul! “I Am Hell” is written with a classical music inspired bent, while tracks such as “This is the End”, “Who We Are” and the title track rip through everything in its path.

2. AnthraxWorship Music
In the 8 years between releases, this band has been through a lot, and the result is a fairly mixed bag in every possible way. Three different singers made this album possible, and each one brought something different and wonderful to Anthrax. “In the End”, “Fight ‘em til you Can’t”, and “The Devi You Know” are some of the best Anthrax songs ever written, hands down.

3. DevilDriverBeast
I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with DevilDriver, but over the past few releases it’s just been love. The band has always been incredibly aggressive musically, and on “Beast” they deliver in a big way! The album simply pounds out aggression with songs like “Dead to Rights”, “Bring the Fight (To the Floor)”, and their cover of “Black Soul Choir” by 16 Horsepower.

4. WarbringerWorlds Torn Asunder
Many people may know these guys as thrash-metal revivalists, but on this album they show the world they have more up their sleeve than just partying! The album brings in a more modern influence while mixing it with a little bit of Nuclear Assault-inspired thrash.

5. MastodonThe Hunter
After years spent chasing whales and searching the skies and mountains, Mastodon comes back home with a release more akin to hard rock than metal. While other bands such as In Flames and The Haunted tried this year to do just that, Mastodon was the only one to pull it off with flying colors. The result is an album built with all the progressive sounds of their later output along with their penchant for heavy-written songs. It’s a mesmerizing album that is easy to get lost in.

Chris Moore – Drummer of Magrudergrind / Coke Bust / DOC / Sick Fix

TenementNapalm Dream
CriaturasArañas en el Crazon
Zola JesusConatus
IlsaTutti II Colori Del Buio
Bastard NoiseSkulldozer
Low Threat ProfileProduct #2
Big EyesHard Life
Hounds of HateNo Redemption

Dante Torrieri of Useless Rebel Imaging and Blow The Scene Senior Staff Photogrpaher.

Being a live music fiend- I have based my top ten albums this year on the live presentation, as well as, the album itself. I also have a few honorable mentions of albums I’ve really enjoyed but have not had the pleasure of experiencing live this year. I give you my top ten in no particular order.

All Pigs Must DieGod Is War — SOUTHERN LORD
It gives me a happy fizzy feeling inside.

Black CobraInvernal — SOUTHERN LORD
A full coarse meal of kick-ass.

Chuck RaganCovering Ground — Side One Dummy Records
Can you say “Sing a long”

DeafheavenRoads To Judah — Deathwish inc.
Hands down favorite live performance of the year.

SkeletonwitchForever Abomination — Prosthetic Records
Made me feel like I could run through brick walls unharmed

Touché AmoréParting The Sea Between Brightness And Me — Deathwish inc.
I can fight the world and win with this as my soundtrack.

Toxic HolocaustConjure And Command — Relapse Records
Thrash you very much!

Trap ThemDarker Handcraft — Prosthetic Records
I had blood in my stool after seeing them last

WeedeaterJason… The Dragon — SOUTHERN LORD
Abandon ship and burn that god damn flag!

YOBAtma — Profound Lore
If this was the last thing I heard before I died, I’d be happy.

Honorable mentions:

Austin LucasA New Home, In The Old World — Last Chance Records

Black TuskSet the Dial — Relapse Records

Hail!HornetDisperse the Curse — Relapse Records

OathbreakerMælstrøm — Deathwish inc.

UnkindHarhakuvat — Relapse Records

Carl Auge – Artist and Bassist of Drain The Sky, Ex – His Hero Is Gone

Top 6 of 2011

1. Lost Sounds, 1620 Echles Street (Fat Possum), Video
Director Geoffrey Brent Shrewsbury geoffrey brent shrewsbury

2. Lost Sounds, Blac Static LP (Goner Records)
This is a posthumous compilation, a greatest hits release with selections from Alicja and Rich. Visceral stuff, these songs always invoke good memories and friends in Memphis.

3. Hooray For Everything / Angries, split EP
Hooray For Everything is awesome. To borrow a description: “Hooray For Everything is a loud, melodic punk band whose music is influenced by and/or has been compared to The Wipers, Husker Du, Team Dresch, The Big Boys, and Black Sabbath (amongst many others)-”

4. Karysun, Until the End LP (Destructure Records)
Great Heavy Hardcore from France, great record label.

5. Kicker, Innit 7” (Tankcrimes)
Brilliance from Oakland, this is a must.

6. Slang, Life Made Me Hardcore (Prank Records)

Bora Chung of Bora Chung Photography and Senior Staff Photographer at Blow The Scene!

Pianos Become The TeethThe Lack Long After (11.11)
DefeaterEmpty Days and Sleepless Nights (3.11)
Touche AmoreParting the Sea Between Brightness and Me (6.11)
MontpellierSelf Titled (8.11)

then there was this one track album i’m into.. Cop ProblemEndless War (8.11)


Dead End PathBlind Faith
Title FightShed
No ToleranceNo Remorse, No Tolerance
Face RealityFace Reality
War HungryWar Hungry
United YouthSomething To Prove
The Pegasus set at the Joe Hardcore benefit
Big Sean ft/Nicki MinajASS
Anything Nicki Minaj put out
SupertouchLost My Way

AustraFeel It Break
Holy OtherWith U
Lady GagaBorn This Way
Britney SpearsFemme Fatale
Balam AcabWander / Wonder
Chelsea WolfeApokalypsis
Lykke LiWounded Rhymes
DrakeTake Care
M83Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming

J. Bannon (Deathwish, Converge, Wear Your Wounds, etc.)

Marriage, Friends, and Family
All things Deathwish (shameful I know, but it is true for me)
J. Mascis “Several Shades of Why”
How To Dress Well “Just Once”
40 Watt Sun “The Inside Room”
Leviathan “True Traitor, True Whore”
Cold Cave “Cherish The Light Years”
Harm’s Way “Isolation”
Omegas “Blasts of Lunacy”
Morne “Asylum”


1. Conquering the Grand Canyon

2. Power Of The Riff west coast tour

3. SWANS – live in Boston

4. PENTAGRAM – live at SXSW


6. SAINT VITUS – live in Worcester MA.

7. CRO-MAGS – live in Quincy MA.

8. LEVIATHANTrue Traitor True Whore LP

9. NIHILIST – Carnal Leftovers Discography 12″ + 7″

10. Kurt Ballou and Godcity studio


La dispute, wildlife
O’ brother, garden window
Radiohead, king of limbs
All Pigs Must Die, God is War
Counterparts, The Current Will Carry Us
Foo Fighters, Wasting Light
Rotting OutStreet Prowl
Wugazi13 Chambers
BacktrackDarker Half
FoundationWhen The Smoke Clears
Lil WayneTha Carter IV
Harm’s WayIsolation
Title FightShed
Trapped Under IceBig Kiss Goodnight
MinusHard Feelings
Take OffenseTables Will Turn

JOHN MAUSWe Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves
MORPHOSISWhat Have We Learned
NICOLAS JAARSpace Is Only Noise
THE VACCINESWhat Did You Expect From The Vaccines?

ANDY STOTTPassed Me By + We Stay Together
BURIALStreet Halo
FACTORY FLOOR(R E A L L O V E) + Two Different Ways
GIVEI Am Love + Petal Pushing + Flower Head
HOAX1st + 2nd EPs
SHACKLETONDeadman + Fireworks
TROPIC OF CANCERThe Sorrow Of Two Blooms

Chelsea Wolfe “apokalypsis”
Graveyard “hisingen blues”
Gillian Welch ” the harrow and the harvest”
six organs of admittance “asleep on the flood plain”
void “sessions 1981-83”
200 years “200 years”
uncle acid and the deadbeats “bloodlust”
skull defekts “peer amid”
skull defekts “2013-3012”
executioner ‘anthology”
wild flag “wild flag”
ryan adams “ashes and fire”
atelecine ‘the falcon and the pod”
boris “new album”
charles manson “air”
dag nasty “dag with shawn”
david lynch “crazy clown time”
low “c’mon”
zola jesus “conatus”
gentlemen’s pistols “at her majesty’s pleasure”


1. M83– “hurry up your dreaming”
2. All Pigs must Die -all
3. Suede at Coachella 2011
4. Black God EP 2011
5. Young Widows “in and out of youth and lightness”
6. Youth Lagoon “The Year of Hibernation”
7. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart “belong”
8. Surfer Blood “tarot classics” EP
9. PJ Harvey “Let England Shake”
10. Ringo Deathstarr “colour trip”

Top 11 shows

Prince @ Oracle Arena, Oakland CA. 2/23
Prince @ HP Pavilion, San Jose CA.
Prince @ Oracle Arena, Oakland CA. 2/21
Prince @ Oracle Arena, Oakland CA. 2/24
Dillenger Escape Plan @ Chaos in Tejas
Zola (5/6)
Blaqk audio (1/6)
Negative approach (11/5)
Furs (5/3)
Kylie (5/21)
Pixies (11/20)
Dillenger (6/4)

Top 10 singles

Superbass (Nicki Minaj)
We Found Love (Rihanna)
Rumor Has It (Adele)
Seekir (Zola Jesus)
Confetti (Cold Cave)
Without You (David Guetta & Usher)
Extralovable (Prince)
I Hate You (Doe Eye)
The Other Shoe (Fucked Up)
People Are The Same Everywhere (Morrissey)


Joyce Manorself titled
Alkaline Triodamnesia
Turnstilepressure to succeed
Harms wayisolation
Deafheavenroads to judah
Bassnectardivergent spectrum
Title fightshed
BasementI wish I could stay here
The beautiful onesdemo

When the Smoke ClearsFoundation
ShedTitle Fight
Ghost TownOwen
Tables Will TurnTake Offense
Bon IverBon Iver
IsolationHarms Way
Down But Not OutNaysayer
Darker HalfBacktrack
Bury the BlameSoul Search

Oathbreaker‘s selection of 10 records that stood out in 2011
in no particular order

Astral Blood

TOMBSPath Of Totality


TRAP THEMDarker Handcraft
The Facts

Language Games

TRUE WIDOWAs High As the Highest Heavens and From the Center to the Circumference of the Earth

PJ HARVEYLet England Shake
The Glorious Land

Nothing But Heart

J MASCISSeveral Shades Of Why
Is It Done

Flood of ’72

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