TrenchRot Exclusive Song Premiere “Mad Dogs Of War”

trenchrot - necronomic warfare

Enjoy a world premiere from Philadelphia’s own smashing death metal purveyors, TrenchRot as we stream “Mad Dogs Of War” below the fold taken directly from the band’s forthcoming album, Necronomic Warfare, due out February 18th on Unspeakable Axe Records.

There is so much awesomeness packed into this forthcoming 11-song basher that it’s difficult to know where to start. Authenticity is one of the first adjectives that comes to mind, as vocal and musical attacks ripple with influences from such mainstays as Bolt Thrower and Asphyx. This is pure death metal that both old-school and new-school fans should find appealing. Arrangements are far from one-dimensional and quickly move from riffy, groove-oriented segments into punishing double-bass driven movements that allows the evil to seep forth in an almost uncanny fashion. Everything on this record works for me.

The prevailing tones are dark and hateful blends of mid-tempo, blackened riffs that sound like they could have been lifted from Europe’s elite practitioners of slow, methodic death metal in the late 80s and early 90s. The production on the other hand, is modern, crisp, and poignant but not over-the-top or cheesy by any stretch of the imagination. It’s only January and we surely have a contender for one of 2014’s top death metal albums.

By the band’s own admission, “..Only formed recently in 2012, TrenchRot make music within the structure of two rules: 1. Play Death Metal 2. Crush posers”.

We at Blow The Scene would have to concur.. Mission accomplished.

Enjoy an exclusive stream and world premiere of “Mad Dogs of War” below!

trenchrot - necronomic warfare

Necronomic Warfare Tracklist

1. Death By TrenchRot
2. Gustav Gun
3. The Most Unspeakable of Acts
4. [wpaudio url=”http://blowthescene.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/04-Mad-Dogs-of-War-1.mp3″ text=”Mad Dogs of War” dl=”0″] (EXCLUSIVE STREAM!)
5. Sickening Devotion
6. Necrotic Victory
7. Maddening Aggression
8. Necronomic Warfare
9. Gallery of the Dead
10. Trapped Under Treads
11. Dragged Down to Hell

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