World Inferno, Rasputina, Stolen Babies Philly Photo Special

World Inferno Friendship Society

One of the most unique and compelling tours of the Spring season featuring The World Inferno Friendship Society, Rasputina, and Stolen Babies recently plowed through Philly’s Union Transfer for a packed house.

Stolen Babies set the night in motion and proceeded to rally the crowd into an uproar, many fans came prepared with different trinkets to throw around including balloons, confetti, and poppers establishing an upbeat tone to start the evening. This multi-membered circus of dark-styled cabaret featuring ex-Dillinger Escape Plan drummer Gil Sharone, fired off a fierce set and won over a crowd widely unfamiliar with the project beforehand. It would be far too dismissive to label this an “opening” set. Stolen Babies continues to support their second full-length album, Naught released via No Comment Records in 2012.

Fronted by singer/songwriter Melora Creager, Rasputina took the stage next and transgressed the crowd’s energy into an invisible magnetism that saw bodies pull towards the stage. Many could be seen attempting to draw as close as possible to the source of these mammoth sing-alongs. Creager‘s unique approach, stemming from a classically-trained cellist background, was complimented perfectly by a gifted set of musicians who proceeded to play selections that cut a deep swath through a vast catalogue. With a light show that matched the engaging arrangements -it is not hard to imagine why Nirvana would hand pick Creager to accompany them on tour following the release of In Utero, for what would be the band’s final tour. Rasputina is currently touring in support of their latest release, Sister Kinderhook, which came out in 2010, shortly after a documentary of the band by Dawn Miceli entitled, Under the Corset.

Headlining the bill–New York’s punk rock cabaret gangsters The World/Inferno Friendship Society set forth a barrage of infections madness that saw the crowd go completely apeshit. With so many members on stage, there is a constant stream of sonic and visual stimuli with no separation between a frenzied crowd. While the audience endlessly rotated their brave on stage while the forebearers flung themselves back in to the flailing sea- The 10+ member band dressed in full costume garb armed with saxophones, strings, keys, while sweating profusely under the sharp light displays- Raged on for 2 straight hours, showing full appreciation for a city that absolutely loves them. The World/Inferno Friendship Society are touring in support of their new EP plus comic book (feat. the work of artist Mitch Clem) Turnstile Comix 2 out now on Silver Sprocket Records.

Enjoy an exclusive photo gallery by Blow The Scene’s Senior Photographer, Dante Torrieri (Useless Rebel Imaging)

Stolen Babies


Stolen-Babies-band-025Stolen BabiesStolen-Babies-band-023Stolen-Babies-band-022Stolen-Babies-band-021Stolen-Babies-band-020


Stolen-Babies-band-019Stolen BabiesStolen-Babies-band-017Stolen-Babies-band-016Stolen-Babies-band-015Stolen BabiesStolen BabiesStolen BabiesStolen-Babies-band-011Stolen-Babies-band-010Stolen-Babies-band-009Stolen-Babies-band-008


Stolen-Babies-band-007Stolen BabiesStolen BabiesStolen BabiesStolen BabiesStolen BabiesStolen Babies







World Inferno Friendship Society


World-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-097World-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-096World-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-095World-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-094World-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-093World Inferno Friendship Society


World-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-090World-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-089World-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-088World Inferno Friendship SocietyWorld-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-086World-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-085World-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-084World-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-083World-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-082World-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-081World Inferno Friendship SocietyWorld-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-091


World-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-079World Inferno Friendship SocietyWorld-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-077World Inferno Friendship SocietyWorld-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-075World Inferno Friendship SocietyWorld Inferno Friendship SocietyWorld Inferno Friendship SocietyWorld-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-071

World Inferno Friendship Society

World-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-069World Inferno Friendship SocietyWorld-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-067World Inferno Friendship SocietyWorld-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-065World-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-064World-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-063World-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-062World-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-061


World Inferno Friendship SocietyWorld Inferno Friendship SocietyWorld Inferno Friendship SocietyWorld Inferno Friendship SocietyWorld Inferno Friendship SocietyWorld Inferno Friendship Society

World Inferno Friendship Society

World-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-052World-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-051World-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-050World Inferno Friendship SocietyWorld Inferno Friendship SocietyWorld Inferno Friendship SocietyWorld-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-046World-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-045World-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-044World Inferno Friendship SocietyWorld-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-092World-Inferno-Friendship-Society-band-053

World Inferno Friendship Society

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