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blow-the-scene-paws-benefit-2015 Presents.. A Night of Music / Art & Animal Love July 10th, 2015 at The Pharmacy in South Philly to benefit PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society).

We have a awesome FUNDRAISER happening RIGHT NOW with more details on show. Please check out all the info and donate if you can!

This article is a feature on our performing bands for July 10th. We’re going to be running our visual artist feature in about a week, so be sure to check back on that and more updates!


Current HQ: Long Island, NY
genres: Grindcore
current release: Rise and Grind 7″

Recorded by renowned music engineer Kevin Bernsten (Full of Hell & Merzbow, Noisem) and mastered by James Plotkin (Full Of Hell, Old Man Gloom), Mother Brain‘s latest the Rise and Grind 7″ is available now via Mannequin Rein Recordings. A fantastic grindcore offering- describes the effort stating, “..chainsaw guitar tone (really love it) has increased in its traction, and caustic death roars and demolishing drumming fuse into a blown-out grind firestorm that hits both scraping groove bouts and infuriated speed bursts..”

Current HQ: North Carolina
genres: hardcore punk, hardcore
notes: Features members of Catharsis, Undying, Torch Runner
current release: s/t 7″

Released this past April, Gut Feeling‘s new and second overall s/t 7″ is available now via Headfirst! Records/Bitter Melody Records, and in Europe and South America via Goodwill Records/SP Discos. Despite the members’ current statuses in noted bands, Gut Feeling‘s sound is nothing like the other running projects. Old-school hardcore, aggressive and melodic, in the vein of Comeback Kid, Go It Alone, Have Heart, and At Half-Mast is what you’ll find here. Gut Feeling‘s latest s/t 7″ was recorded at Legitimate Business by Kris Hilbert (Centuries, Torch Runner) and mastered at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright (Nails, Baptists, Die Choking) and is avail in some rad limited colors. Not a band to be missed!

Current HQ: Cleveland, OH
genres: powerviolence, hardcore punk, grindcore
current split releases with MDLF, God’s America, and Masakari

Our love for Cleveland’s Grin And Bear It runs deep. Arguably the best executed punk-fueled powerviolence in the USA right now. Strong words, we know. But if you’ve ever had the pleasure of catching Grin And Bear It live, you already know. Fresh off a menacing set at this year’s Maryland Deathfest, Grin And Bear It has a rash of fresh 7″ releases out with such genre mainstays as Masakari, God’s America and other local Cleveland shredders.

band: DYING
current hq: Philadelphia, PA
genres: hardcore punk, metal, XvX
features members of +HIRS+, Boroughs
current release: Broken EP

Dying set forth a nihilistic hardcore punk vision that is both focused and uncompromising. Vegan starightedge in theme and fittingly dissonant and moody, Dying lets loose a barrage of angry tones, poignant vocals, and punchy, driving drum-work that is well-executed. Rooted in 90s-era metallic hardcore that Chokehold fans will immediately latch onto- Dying provides a modern spin mixing in new-era approaches and sound textures. The bands latest EP, Broken, recorded by Steve Roche at Permanent Hearing Damage and mastered by Carl Saff, is an absolute ripper available now via Hydrogen Man Records.

current hq: Philadelphia, PA
genres: grindcore, punk, metal
feature current/former members of Total Fucking Destruction, Cop Problem, Burden.

Frenzied grindcore trio Die Choking are supporting a latest EP, titled II out now The Compound Records, recorded by Dan O’Hare (Brutal Truth, Total Fucking Destruction) at Mark It Zero Studios and subsequent mastering by Brad Boatright (Nails, Baptists) at Audiosiege. Decibel Magazine premiered the II EP stating, “We’re big fans of Philly grind-punkers/Decibel tour vets Die Choking around these parts — some readers may recall our in-depth interview from earlier this year — so it is an honor and a privilege to be granted the opportunity to offer up this exclusive full stream of the band’s new blistering, un-fucking-relenting EP, II.” Die Choking prepares to release a debut full-length, III, this October. III was recently recorded by famed Studio 4 engineer Will Yip (Me Without You, Lauryn Hill, Paint It Black) this past April and will see the band continue touring through the US and into Europe.

current hq: Philadelphia, PA
genres: metal, thrash, grindcore
feature current members of Population Zero, Sovereign,

Philly’s Drone For Queens have a fresh new EP, Practically Weapons that just dropped in May via Riff Lifter Media that is not to be missed for fans of thrashy punk and metal played with the quickness. commented on the effort in a recent review, “Imagine fast paced metallic, thrash, punk, sometimes melodic D-Beat rage. If that tickles your fancy then grab Drones for Queens new slab of vinyl Practically Weapons 7” EP. Grinding string breaking guitars with a touch of melody. Drums that pound your ears raw, heart felt screamed and growled vocals. This is a short but sweet 7” that will leave any fans and new comers drooling for more from these Philadelphia boys.”

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