This Is Hardcore

This Is Hardcore 2014 Day 4 Candids pt 2

TIHC photobooth Day4-31

This Is Hardcore 2014 closed Day 4 at Philly’s iconic Electric Factory venue and grounds with a shock and awe campaign of heavy hitters including Test Of Time, Angel Dust, World War 4, Harm’s Way, Suburban Scum, Death Before Dishonor, Turnstile, Slumlords, Incendiary, Stigmata, Power Trip, Mushmouth, Knuckledust, Downset, Fury Of Five, E. Town Concrete, Madball and the infamous Bad Luck 13.

We’ll save the band reviews and news for the debut of BTS photographer Anne Spina‘s massive collection of band shots from the stage! Stay tuned for the band galleries coming soon!

You can catch up on all of our This Is Hardcore 2014 coverage at BTS HERE.

More candid, crowd, and photo booth shots by Dante Torrieri and Joshua T Cohen below the fold.

Photos by Joshua T Cohen







Blow The Scene / TIH Photo Booth

Photos by Dante Torrieri

TIHC photobooth Day4-47

TIHC photobooth Day4-51TIHC photobooth Day4-50TIHC photobooth Day4-49TIHC photobooth Day4-48TIHC photobooth Day4-47TIHC photobooth Day4-46

TIHC photobooth Day4-41

TIHC photobooth Day4-45TIHC photobooth Day4-44TIHC photobooth Day4-43TIHC photobooth Day4-42TIHC photobooth Day4-41TIHC photobooth Day4-40

TIHC photobooth Day4-36

TIHC photobooth Day4-39TIHC photobooth Day4-38TIHC photobooth Day4-37TIHC photobooth Day4-36TIHC photobooth Day4-35TIHC photobooth Day4-34

TIHC photobooth Day4-21

TIHC photobooth Day4-21TIHC photobooth Day4-20TIHC photobooth Day4-19TIHC photobooth Day4-18TIHC photobooth Day4-17TIHC photobooth Day4-16

TIHC photobooth Day4-33

TIHC photobooth Day4-33TIHC photobooth Day4-32TIHC photobooth Day4-31TIHC photobooth Day4-30TIHC photobooth Day4-29TIHC photobooth Day4-28

TIHC photobooth Day4-22

TIHC photobooth Day4-27TIHC photobooth Day4-26TIHC photobooth Day4-25TIHC photobooth Day4-24TIHC photobooth Day4-23TIHC photobooth Day4-22

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