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This Is Hardcore Fest 2012 BTS Coverage Kicks Off with Joe Hardcore Interview

This Is Hardcore Fest Founder and Organizer - Philly's Joe Hardcore2012 marks the 7th annual installment of one of the East Coast’s staple hardcore music festivals, This Is Hardcore. After 6 years of blowing the roof off of Philly’s Starlight Ballroom, TIH will see its first venue change with opening ceremonies happening Aug 9th at The Union Transfer followed by 3 days of hardcore madness at The Electric Factory.

This Is Hardcore 2012 will include a rare appearance by legendary LA act, Suicidal Tendencies, who will be performing alongside Cro-Mags, Gorilla Biscuits, Earth Crisis, Terror, Lifetime, and scores of others over the course of this 4-day rager.

Last year we brought you 4 days worth of exclusive photo galleries surrounding the fest. This year we are bringing you nonstop on-site video, pictorial, and blog style coverage of all 4 days of the fest. As TIH founder and organizer Joe “Hardcore” McKay joked in a brand new interview featured in the Youtube player below, “Blow The Scene is going to be the TMZ of This Is Hardcore 2012.”

We’re going to be backstage, on stage, all over the fest grounds, mingling with bands, fans, organizers, and musicians, for 4 days of nonstop exclusive coverage. We’re even adding a new section to the right side bar of for all 4 days of TIH so our readers can keep up with breaking news and fun coverage. We’re going to touching base with several of the bands appearing at TIH 2012 as we countdown to the fest, so stay tuned!

We recently caught up with Joe Hardcore for an exclusive interview during his sword fighting practice with the SCA. Apart from heading his Philly Hardcore Shows booking group, the TIH founder is an avid historical combatant. I must admit, I thought this “sword fighting” was going to be more of a jolly frolic, but make no mistake, these guys are pummeling each other dressed in full combat armor. Video speaks a thousand words, so without further ado, enjoy this exclusive Joe Hardcore video interview with some sword fighting thrown in for good measure.

More Info at The Official This Is Hardcore Fest Website

Interview and words by Joshua T. Cohen
Photo by Blow The Scene Staff Photographer, Bora Chung of Bora Chung Photography.

This Is Hardcore Fest Founder and Organizer - Philly's Joe HardcoreThis Is Hardcore Fest Founder and Organizer - Philly's Joe HardcoreThis Is Hardcore Fest Founder and Organizer - Philly's Joe Hardcore

This Is Hardcore Fest 2012 Line-up

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