D-Beat Mondays: CØNDITIØN

condition actual hell cover

We’re launching some new columns this week at BlowTheScene, each focused on a broad genre of extreme underground music. We decided to dedicate Monday’s column to the mighty d-beat. Nothing better than this facet of punk to get your blood pumping pure fire to face to the week ahead. We’ll be sifting through new and classic d-beat releases in the weeks to come, but today we’re launching with a relatively new band that offers some seriously brutal d-beat assaults in the vein of BASTARD (more so than the often-cited DISCHARGE), as California’s CØNDITIØN blaze forward with what has been aptly dubbed ‘corpse-beat’.

CØNDITIØN offered up one of 2015’s most punishing releases with the Actual Hell LP via Iron Lung Records. Filthy distortions, absolutely irate vocals, compliment a driving d-beat underbelly that the drummer nails to perfection. Favorite track on this slab of hatred is ‘Dead Memory’ that features catchy punk rock riffs that transgress into some deliciously burly d-beat sections without warning. Often on the verge of frenzy, the production is full-blown without detracting from the skillful execution by the guilty musicians. The overarching distortion spares nothing and even played at low volumes this LP begs to burn your speakers into ash. Whether you’re a fan of old-school d-beat or new, CØNDITIØN offer up a great modern curve-ball on the genre while paying homage to classics with no lack of fury. Enjoy.

Words by Joshua Cohen

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