D-Beat Mondays: BASTARD

bastard wind of pain

Since we mentioned Japan’s mighty hardcore punk practitioners in BASTARD during last week’s D-Beat Mondays edition, we figured it only proper to dedicate this week’s column to the band’s 1990, second and final release, Wind of Pain. BASTARD made their bones in the Japanese Hardcore scene in the very late 80s. Bands such as Gauze, GISM and Systematic Death had already been going strong and the second wave of hardcore punk bands were just about to be ushered in.

BASTARD‘s debut EP in 1989, Controlled In The Frame quickly established the act as a force to be reckoned with, offering brutal renditions of Discharge-esque d-beat played even faster and less-forgiving. With 1990’s Wind Of Pain LP, BASTARD would turn up the energy even more with razor sharp fills and punchy, unrelenting attacks that simply bludgeon from front to back. The near overwhelming output is an album that has appropriately climbed the ranks with some of the most well-received hardcore punk to ever emerge from Japan. Favorite tracks; ‘Misery’ and ‘The Way To Survive’. Enjoy.

Words by Joshua Cohen

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