Death Metal Tuesdays: Coagula

Words by Paul Herzog

There are crust and punk elements to Coagula‘s style providing a depth that shies away from the unfortunate East Coast predominance of awful tech and slam styles of DM. Originating from Boston (although now partially displaced in NYC if I’m correct) Coagula focus on a heaviness as if Asphyx and Autopsy slithered through a classic Swedish d-beat sewage drain. A truly tough combination to beat.


I anxiously await new material that should see the darkness of this world very soon. In the meanwhile, I will gladly crank this — their first EP Vile Sacrament which was put out in November of 2016. I’ve witnessed these guys live in a rabid, crowded house show, a festival stage, and the always killer St. Vitus Bar in NYC. I’m pretty sure I got viciously smashed into a drainage pipe or furnace during that infamous house show at Worcester’s classic Distant Castle with the impossibly brutal Eaten. Coagula are one of my favorite current East Coast death metal bands without question. Please go forth and indulge in the bloodletting.

Live St. Vitus Bar set courtesy of Max Volume Silence:

words by Paul J. Herzog

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