Death Metal Tuesdays: Pestilent Reign

pestilent reign

On this Tuesday I’m gonna touch on Death Metal of a more modern, brutal variety. German death metal will always have a solid place in my horribly damaged heart (if Morgoth, Necrophagist, and Dew Scented have much to say about it). Pestilent Reign from Baden-Württemberg state in southwest Germany are for those that choose to indulge in a fiery, choppy, and technically tinged affair that pressurizes from a more synthetic standpoint. Does the Polish controlled chaos of Decapitated float your boat across the River Styx? Look no further…. The songwriting and guitar playing herein are suburb. Just when you vaguely think things are getting a bit too slamming Pestilent Reign nails you with a racing, tight thrash that is really tough to beat. This shit is quick and this shit is brutal. At the end of the day, I love something raunchy, putrid and slopping as much as I love the mechanical, savage, and surgical. We all gotta die somehow.

Pestilent Reign

‘No Blood, No Honor’ new song (March, 2016):

Zealot EP (January, 2016):

Words by Paul Herzog

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