Eye Of The Stoned Goat 2 Photo Review

Skeleton HandsDelaware’s second annual installment of The Eye of the Stoned Goat music festival featured talents from throughout the region including Pale Divine, Iron Man, Beelzefuzz, Clamfight, Wasted Theory, Wizard Eye, Blackhand, Skeleton Hands, Heavy Temple, and Thee Nosebleeds. With a heavy slant towards the southern sludge and doom end of the spectrum, each one of these rising talents offered a unique interpretation within this context of the metal and rock spectrum.

10 bands, 8 hours, and a more heavy riffin’ than you could shake a stick at as Philly, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland all found themselves represented well. Blow The Scene’s Senior Staff Photographer, Dante Torrieri, had the pleasure of covering the event and also showcasing his collection of signature photographic works with Useless Rebel Imaging, including his new and custom prints on metal.

For those just tuning in, we have included links to all of the guilty pleasures, so be sure to check out more info regarding releases and upcoming shows.

We missed Pale Divine due to circumstances out of our control, but you can scope a dense show review and additional pictures at The Obelisk.

Thee Nosebleeds

Thee NosebleedsThee NosebleedsThee NosebleedsThee Nosebleeds

Heavy Temple

Heavy TempleHeavy TempleHeavy TempleHeavy TempleHeavy TempleHeavy Temple

Skeleton Hands

Skeleton HandsSkeleton HandsSkeleton HandsSkeleton HandsSkeleton HandsSkeleton HandsSkeleton HandsSkeleton HandsSkeleton Hands



Wizard Eye

Wizard EyeWizard-Eye-band-032Wizard EyeWizard EyeWizard EyeWizard Eye

Wasted Theory

Wasted-TheoryWasted-TheoryWasted-TheoryWasted-TheoryWasted TheoryWasted TheoryWasted TheoryWasted TheoryWasted Theory




BeelzefuzzBeelzefuzzBeelzefuzzBeelzefuzzBeelzefuzzWizard Eye

Iron Man

Iron Man bandIron Man bandIron Man bandIron Man bandIron Man bandIron Man bandIron Man bandIron Man bandIron Man bandIron Man bandIron Man bandIron Man bandIron Man band

Coming soon to BTS…

Dante Torrieri Metal Prints

Dante’s one-of-kind band prints on metal!

Stay tuned!

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