Fastcore of The Month!

car wreck fastcore

Two, 3-piece fastcore bands that we love dropped surprise releases this month that both ripped new assholes in the music stratosphere…

All that was needed to perfect these potent concoctions below are vocals, guitar, and drums. That’s right, bass players can fuck right the fuck off now…


First up, we have Delaware’s Bandit. Young, fast, and angry as fuck. Their live shows are antic-filled, often ending with members drawing blood from one another through various mid-set tackling, guitar-swinging, and mic-flinging. With the main course of fast riffs and blast-first servings, the band offers a few power-violent tempo shifts and mood swings to spice up the mix. This E.P benefits from the expertise of Kevin Bernsten (Full Of Hell, Triac) who engineered and mixed the effort at Developing Nations in Baltimore.

grin and bear it

Cleveland’s Grind and Bear It reign supreme in the realm of modern powerviolence. Implausible speed and rawness truly perfected, Grin And Bear It run a vocal range fitting of the extreme arches they throw at the listener. The aptly titled, The Fast Will Prevail release should solidify the band’s now 8-year legacy as one of the frontrunners of true powerviolence subculture along with a select string of peers around the globe. Not surprising to find the band recorded this gem with Andy Nelson (Weekend Nachos) at his Bricktop Studios in Chicago. Grin And Bear It is slated to play a stacked show on their home turf on August 19th for SIEGE‘s final area performance along with FYPM and touring acts Die Choking, Mister Lizard, and Bathe.

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