Proper 90’s Death Metal: Necrony

necrony pathological performances

To kick off our new weekly Death Metal Tuesdays column, we invited our good friend and death metal expert, Paul Herzog (Die Choking / ex-Total Fucking Destruction) to elaborate on some prime death metal from the present, past, and rising future greats from week to week. His first offering is from Sweden’s mighty Necrony. Strap in.

In the pantheon of early era Carcass worship there are a handful of bands that have managed to do things with enough style and quality that their homage warrants standalone praise. Fellow Swedish freaks General Surgery are an obvious source but Necrony’s Pathological Performances is as good as it gets for those yearning for an eternal repeat of the Carcass classic tune ‘Exhume to Consume’.

This is excellent material with a production courtesy of manic mastermind Dan Swano (most notably of Edge of Sanity and Bloodbath) whose production and musical credits are too vast to list. There is a plodding, dark quality reminiscent of Autopsy or even classic Paradise Lost in here that helps to maintain a memorability that even Carcass partially lacked on those first 2 albums.

Interest in Necrony is further and massively highlighted by the fact that grindcore legends Nasum were birthed from this rotten surgical graveyard. Prior to Miezsko Talarczyk’s involvement, Rickard Alriksson and Anders Jacobson turned their pitch-shifted, chugging brutality towards the blasting salvation of grindcore. All give praise.


Album: Pathological Performances (1993)

Words by Paul Herzog

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