The Pink Floyd Experience – Electric Factory

The Pink Floyd Experience played for the first time in Philadelphia at The Electric Factory on February 22nd, 2011.

A full crowd of all ages attended the powerhouse Pink Floyd cover band’s concert Tuesday night. The Pink Floyd Experience, comprised of John Staten (Drums), John Cox (Keyboard), Jesse Molloy (Saxophone), Gus Beaudoin (Bass), Howard Pattow (Guitar/Vocals) and band leader Tom Quinn (Lead Guitar), produces a pitch-perfect recreation of the iconic English rock band’s catalogue. Of course, one would expect a high caliber of instrumental ability from a major touring cover project. What makes The Pink Floyd Experience such an enjoyable show to attend, is the level of enjoyment each band member takes while playing.

During every musically memorable moment, The Pink Floyd Experience is mirroring the exact emotions Pink Floyd fans love to accentuate. Tom Quinn’s facial expressions make his flawless David Gilmour guitar riffs that much more impressive when fans are acting along with him via air guitar, and Howard Pattow’s vocal abilities create Pink Floyd’s chilling laugh tracks while donning an extremely appropriate psychotic grin.

The band played two long sets covering the entirety of the Animals album and much more. Noteable tour props were used, such as the flying pink pig and the light-bulb covered business man. If you are a Pink Floyd fan of any age, The Pink Floyd Experience is a must see.

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