Tonight: Dysogyny, Voarm, Nite Raids, Bumfeeder – Nov 16 KFN show preview

voarm is hosting an intimate showcase of regional and national touring bands tonight at Philly’s Kung Fu Necktie venue featuring Dysogyny, Voarm, Nite Raids, and Bumfeeder. We’ve hand-picked some of our favorite up-and-comers for this billing as we believe all the bands featured are on the cusp of larger notoriety in the very near future.


Kicking off the show is new Philly-area grind band Bumfeeder. The three-piece utilizes a frill-free guitar, drum, and vocal assault as demonstrated on Bumfeeder‘s first recorded effort Cloaked In Vomit. The record was recorded at staple DIY Philly venue, Beaumont Warehouse in a single take where it was said “The elemental power.. literally caused a torrential downpour.” Like a crustier and more blackened take on Iron Lung‘s contributions to the powerviolence landscape, Bumfeeder draw from a range of niche subgenres to deliver a poignant blend of grind with hints of street punk and black metal spliced throughout.

night raids

Next up we have 2-man, crusty thrash powerhouse Night Raids. Delivering unrelenting fastcore riffs behind a flurry of drums blasts, fills, and laser-like precision, I start to sweat just thinking about drummer Julius Masri‘s dedication to executing this ferocity in full neck and headscarf, which only adds to an already cathartic beatdown of riffs. The band’s aggressive prowess is matched by an ear for detail and consistency that makes this unit both demolishing while showcasing clever execution of near jazz-fusion style of grind.


Richmond, VA’s Voarm will be bringing the the Southern black metal the way it was meant to be played- raw, ugly, and unhinged. Distressed vocals sit on top of unrelenting drums that blast forth with an omnipresence matched by the atmosphere of guitar distortions. Although the band has only a few early demos available online, this group of music veterans is sure to be making waves in the months to follow.

Closing out the bill is a band we are very excited to experience for the first time live, Philadelphia’s own Dysogyny. Members are longtime contributors to the East Coast punk community on numerous levels and feature members of some of our staff’s favorites including Thulsa Doom, Reagan Youth, and Disjawn. Dysogyny is so new in fact, that there is not even a demo available online. But if you enjoy a blazing concoction of crust, hardcore, street punk, with a political lean- this band is sure to rise on your shortlist of favorites. Enjoy the live video below of Dysogyny from our friend Sunny at hate5six– to get a taste at what you can expect this evening. Now get to the show!

Disogony (Full Set) from hate5six on Vimeo.

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