UK grinders BEG deliver s/t EP

beg self titled ep 2017

Today we feature the smoldering second release by UK grinders BEG. The trio features The Afternoon Gentlemen drummer Elliot Smith and Art Of Burning Water guitarist Geith Al-Robei. Throughout this self-titled EP you will find a solid blend of both old-school and new-school grindcore. Influences reminiscent of the driving rawness delivered by early Cryptopsy, Carcass, and Discordance Axis is clearly present, while exploring the progressive powerviolence and crust sensibilities of bands in the ballpark with Weekend Nachos and Full Of Hell. The noise elements compliment this concoction well and do not carry on too long or become a distraction from the power of the base material. Interesting glimpses of crust, driving d-beats, hardcore and even 90’s screamo-esque sections surface and then disappear seamlessly into the darkness. All-in-all a great EP that fans of the genre should be aware of. This release is limited to 300 copies with custom screen-printed kraft sleeves via SuperFi Records.

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