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Enjoy a fresh cut from Polish grindcore legends Antigama and a quick interview with guitarist Sebastian Rokicki on the forthcoming record, The Insolent, due to hit streets in early May on Selfmadegod Records. The world premiere of song ‘Foul Play’ can be streamed exclusively on BTS below the fold. Also be sure to check out the new US Tour dates as Blowthescene.com, Earsplit, and Selfmadegod presents Blast The East Coast Tour with Antigama & Drugs Of Faith also featured below the fold.

Antigama Interview with Sebastian Rokicki

Joshua BTS: Your new album, The Insolent, drops in early May on Selfmadegod Records, showcasing a wide range of influences through a familiar, but also fresh, futuristic grind attack. Now 7 records under your belts- How did you approach the writing and recording sessions for this latest body of work?

Seb: The process of making new music is always the same with us. When the right time comes we jam on new ideas and new songs are created. We usually work very quickly and make lots of music in a short period of time.

Joshua BTS: The cover art for The Insolent, designed by Bartek Rogalewicz, is quite striking. Does the imagery correspond with any of the lyrical themes on the record? What are some of the specific lyrical themes you touch on throughout The Insolent?

Seb: The interpretation of the lyrics in relation to our cover art is multi-dimensional. ‘The Insolent’ is a sum of thoughts on contemporary life. Its main themes are as always choices and consequences. Insolent is in every one of us.

Joshua BTS: You are about to embark on your first US tour since 2009 with a feature performance at this year’s Maryland Deathfest. What cities are you looking forward to the most? And what bands are on your ‘Do Not Miss’ list for Maryland Deathfest?

Seb: Personally I’d be really happy to see all the cities on the way to MDF. N.Y. will definitely be a strong point of the tour. Philadelphia is a beatiful place as well. Maryland Deathfest is a amazing festival and I’m really looking forward to playing there again. My ‘Do Not Miss’ band list includes Napalm Death, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Noisear, Lock Up, Melt Banana and Spazztic Blurr.

Joshua BTS: Anything off the beaten path you guys like to get into when in the US?

Seb: If there is time we’d like to see some places we’ve never seen during our previous trip. We’ll be happy to meet with our old friends and make new ones.

Joshua BTS: You will be doing several dates with Drugs Of Faith. How did you come to link up with Drugs of Faith?

Seb: We’re in the same label and we’ve also been good friends for a long time. We’ve shared the split CD together in 2007 and played shows during our first US Tour 2 years later. Richard Johnson is a good friend of mine and always shows interest in our music. It will be great to be on tour with Drugs Of Faith again.

Joshua BTS: The Insolent sees a special guest appearance by a legend of the Polish electronic music scene, Władysław “Gudonis” Komendarek. How did you come to link up Komendarek? And what are your thoughts on the experience and outcome of the collaboration?

Joshua BTS: Komendarek is an outstanding person and musician. Getting to make some music with him was an great opportunity to expand our horizons and we’ve learned that he is into heavy music as well. What he did was amazing and the result is a journey into vintage electronic music experience that perfectly fits with our vision.

Joshua BTS: After you wrap up these US Tour dates- What does Antigama have coming down the pipeline?

Seb: We’ll promote the new album here in Europe. Some shows and festivals have already been confirmed. We also have to finish some upcoming split releases so there is more new Antigama music to come.

Exclusive premiere of ‘Foul Play’ featured on the forthcoming, The Insolent full-length.

Selfmadegod Records / Earsplit / BlowTheScene.com Presents..

2015 Antigama | Drugs of Faith US Tour

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