Deathwish Direct is now the Exclusive Distributor for React! Records

Mindset - This Is Hardcore Fest 2012 Philadelphia

As if Deathwish Inc’s distro wasn’t rad enough already, the renowned label will now be the exclusive distributor for React! Records.

Official Press Release:

Founded by longtime friend Aram Arslanian (Champion, Betrayed, etc) React! Records is one of North America’s premier Hardcore labels. So far, React! has released records from great bands like Betrayed, Carry On, Mindset, Anchor, Dead Weight, Damages, Skin Like Iron, and more. Establishing themselves as one of the best label homes for positive Hardcore bands out there today.

The latest from React!
RXR032 * ANCHOR “Recovery” 12″LP
RXR030 * MINDSET “EP Collection” 12″LP
RXR029 * GROWING STRONGER “Toxic Fumes” 7″EP
RXR027 * TRANZMITORS “Self Titled” 7″EP
RXR024 * DAMAGES “Indignation” 12″LP

These titles as well as the entire React! catalog is available now in the DW Estore.

Top picture by Blow The Scene Staff Photographer, Anne Spina, taken from our Exclusive This Is Hardcore Fest 2012 Photo coverage.

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