Grey Area, Luther, The Reveling Photo Gallery

Grey Area - Philly Jan 28, 2012 New York City melodic hardcore legends Grey Area steamrolled through Philly last Saturday in celebration of their recent four-way split record with The Copyrights, The Reveling, and Luther, with the latter two bands on hand to join in the festivities. This recent four-way split dropped earlier in January via the Black Numbers label and features 2 unreleased songs from each contributing band.

Nightmares For A Week and One Win Choice rounded out the bill hosted by Philly Hardcore Shows at The Fire in Philly’s Northern Liberties neighborhood. It’s not often fans get to see Grey Area in such an intimate setting and you could feel the excitement in the air even before the opening bands hit the stage.

Formed from the ashes of legendary NYC hardcore outfit Warzone following the untimely death of frontman Raymond “Raybeez” Barbieri, Grey Area‘s line-up reads like the Who’s Who of American Hardcore. Long-time Warzone drummer Vinnie Value would hook up with Ernie Parada (Black Train Jack, Token Entry, In Your Face) to infuse a intense hardcore underbelly with the melodic sensibilities of Black Train Jack to create the catchy and furious sound that would become Grey Area. The band would fill-out the remaining slots with Steve O‘brien, former bassist in New York‘s “Crown of Thornz”, who would eventually settle in to take over bass duties with Warzone‘s Jason “JSIN” Lehrhoff picking up second guitar. The band would go on to release several very-well received releases via Victory Records in early 2000s.

Saturday’s performance found Grey Area as sharp as ever, opening the night with “Canonball” before firing into “Insomnia,” which saw the crowd all but explode. We’ve included links and listening samples below for further investigation.

We know you are here for the pictures, so without further ado..

All Photos by the uber-talented Anne Spina of Anne Spina Photography
Words by Joshua T. Cohen

One Win Choice
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Nightmares For A Week

The Reveling
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Grey Area
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