Reign Supreme and Kingdom Photo Gallery

Four of Philly’s heaviest hitters joined forces last Friday to support Occupy Philadelphia’s Direct Action Network with a massive benefit show. Headliners Reign Supreme were joined by Kingdom, Cop Problem, and Snake Road for one of the largest turnouts ever for West Philly’s leading anarchist bookstore/venue, Lava Space.

Snake Road kicked off the evening with their blend of heavy-rock-meets-punk-backbone that quickly garnered the attention of those in attendance. Combining elements of metallic punk reminiscent of early From Ashes Rise, the band infuses this fundamental core with riff motifs from the Mastodon and Baroness end of the spectrum for a refreshing take on punk rock.

South Philly’s Cop Problem hit the floor next with their unique blend of punk-infused-metal that incorporates elements of d-beat, crust, and even glimpses of rock and grindcore for another intriguing spin on modern punk. Cop Problem guitarist Randon was also the show’s main organizer and fundraiser. The band has been very vocal about their support of Occupy Philadelphia since the beginning of the Occupy protests that occurred in over 1,500 cities worldwide in 2011 to address the growing inequalities and systemic issues that have seen the unprecedented consolidation of the world’s finances into the pockets of the top 1%. The Occupy movement has welcomed many facets of direction action to address a wide array of growing social issues.

Philly’s vegan straightedge juggernauts, Kingdom took the floor with a vengeance for this rare hometown appearance that marked the band’s only US show before taking off to Europe for six weeks with Wrong Answer the following morning. Kingdom played a hearty mix of fan favorites and classic covers that quickly saw the mosh open up and wide grins on the faces of those in attendance. Kingdom were in prime form and you could feel the excitement emanating from this four-piece as they prepare to embark on another European trek.

Reign Supreme has etched a name that will forever be synonymous with the most pulverizing hardcore music to emerge from Philadelphia. Following the departure from renowned act Blacklisted in the early 2000s, singer and founder Jay Pepito has built a hardcore machine with rabid fans that stretch across the far reaches of the globe. Wasting no time last Friday, Reign Supreme set the floor on fire, debuting a new song from their forthcoming release on Mediaskare Records to open their set. This forthcoming release marks the band’s first since departing from longtime label Deathwishinc last year and if this new song be a gauge for what’s to come, fans are in for a definite treat. The band is clearly stepping out of their trademark sound and beginning to incorporate elements of thrash and metal with their crushing hardcore tenacity. Definitely a band to keep an eye on in 2012. Both Reign Supreme and Cop problem are slated for a three-day weekend together starting February 9th in York, PA with stops in Baltimore and Long Island, NY.

Our incredibly talented photographer Anne Spina was on hand to capture another stellar gallery for your viewing pleasure. Without further ado..

All pictures by Anne Spina of Anne Spina Photography

Snake Road
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Cop Problem
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Reign Supreme

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