SleepMakesWaves Live Photo Gallery and Review

SleepMakesWavesSleepMakesWaves brought their ambient progressive-rock stylings to Philadelphia’s Milkboy venue by way of Sydney, Australia, last week in support of the US-release of their latest 6-song EP on Bird’s Robe Records, simply titled, US EP. This latest release features four new songs and 2-previously recorded tracks that were featured in a very limited split pressing with Tangled Thoughts of Leaving in 2009 and for those of us not privy to the Australian tour circuit, this EP is entirely new. SleepMakesWaves have built a strong following of fans throughout the world and have done so impressively and almost solely through word of mouth. This instrumental band is able to build vastly flowing landscapes that shift and cascade through effect-laden guitar playing and tasty drumwork. SleepMakesWaves‘ live shows peak and swell with intensity and emotion that the band guides tediously with every progression. This ability to build and play with musical tension escapes many post-rock instrumental bands of today. This is definitely a band to keep an eye on in 2012. Fans of Russian Circles and Explosions in the Sky will certainly find a lot to love here. We’ve included listening samples and links below, so be sure to do yourself a favor and investigate SleepMakesWaves further if this is your first introduction to the band.

Last week’s performance at Milkboy was rounded out by local supporting bands Vasudeva and North End. We’ve including listening samples and links where available for further investigation.

All pictures by Dante Torrieri of Useless Rebel Imaging
Words by Joshua T. Cohen

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North End
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North EndNorth EndNorth EndNorth EndNorth EndNorth EndNorth EndNorth EndNorth EndNorth EndNorth End


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