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BoySetsFire to release new album on Bridge Nine Records and World Tour

Boy Sets Fire - band live at The Note in West Chester, PA on January 6, 2012

BoySetsFire has been a band for nearly two decades. In that time the band has played hundreds of shows to anyone that would watch, from basements to festival audiences. They’ve lived through the terror or rap-rock, the tyranny of nu-metal, and the dark days of pop-punk. They were around before the internet. They made demo tapes. They recorded 4 LP’s, EP’s, Cd’s and even a cassingle. They have played the song “Rookie” over 1,000 times. They have fallen off more stages than most people have stood on. They have been signed and dropped and signed and dropped. Frankly, most bands would have given up years ago. Now, BoySetsFire are excited to announce that they’ll be recording their first studio album in almost 7 years, marking their first partnership with Bridge Nine Records. BSF guitarist Joshua Latshaw said, “We are excited to announce that Bridge Nine will be releasing the next BoySetsFire full-length in select territories. We could not be happier to be associated with the label, who has put out some of our favorite records and came highly recommended by bands currently working with them. It was their reputation as honest and passionate that was the single most important factor to us in deciding to work with them. Our new record is maybe more punk, maybe faster than our other records but its still a BoySetsFire record. It’s emotional post-hardcore with elements of metal, punk and melody. We can’t wait for you to hear it!”

BoySetsFire are currently working on their yet-to-be-titled album at Signal 2 Noise Studio in Newark, DE. The band has a brand new member (Dan Pelic – drums), and old member coming back (Robert Ehrenbrand – bass), a longtime friend officially joining (Rev. Chris Rakus, sharing bass duties with Ehrenbrand) and the three original grayhairs Chad Istvan (guitar), Nathan Gray (vocals) and Joshua Latshaw (guitar) playing together. Bridge Nine Records will be releasing this album in North and South America, as well as Asia and Australia.

Bridge Nine‘s Seth Decoteau commented, “It’s a real honor to be working with BoySetsFire; they’ve influenced a lot of great bands today. Having been a fan of the band since The Day The Sun Went Out, i’m very excited for this release both personally and professionally. It’s awesome to be working with a band that has such a great history and a clear artistic vision. All of us here at B9 are glad to be a part of their first new music since 2006.” Look for more information on this new BoySetsFire full-length album coming soon from Bridge Nine Records and a new BSF shirt in the B9Store.


15 Frauenau, Germany – Burgerhalle Jugendcafe Zweisel Benefiz
16 Frauenau, Germany – Burgerhalle Jugendcafe Zweisel Benefiz

20 Newburgh, NY @ Pub 151

13-15 Interlaken, Switzerland – Greenfield Festival
16 Linz, Austria @ Posthof w/ Bane
17 Budapest, Hungary – A38 w/ Bane, Gallows
18 Prague, Czech Republic @ Lucerna Music Bar w/ Bane, Gallows
19 Liepzig, Germany @ Werk 2 w/ Bane, Gallows
20 Berlin, Germany @ Lido w/ Gallows, Paper Arms
21-23 Scheessel, Germany @ Hurricane Festival
21-23 Neuhausen, Germany @ Southside Festival
27 Nurnberg, Germany @ Hirsch w/ Bane, Paper Arms
27-29 Montabaur, Germany @ Maril
29 Eindhoven, Netherlands @ Dynamo w/ Paper Arms
30 London, UK @ Islington Academy w/ Bane, Apologies I Have None

1 Manchester, UK @ Moho w/ Bane, Apologies I Have None
2 Bristol, UK @ The Fleece w/ Bane, Apologies I Have None
3 Plymouth, UK @ White Rabbit w/ Bane, Apologies I Have None
5 Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg @ Rockhal w/ Paper Arms
6 Munster, Germany @ Vainstream Rockfest

More US shows to be announced soon.

Photo by BTS’s Dante Torrieri

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