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Cave In Announces New Album of Anomalies

Cave In Anomalies Vol 1

Anomalies Vol. 1 LP
Cave In
Hydra Head Records
Pre-Order Available Now
Ships Nov 30, 2010

While genre bending might be the name of the game in contemporary hardcore/metal, it can be argued that Cave In heralded, even created this trend long before the explosion of craptastic bands with chugging verses and faux-emotional choruses diluted the form to a point of meaningless static. The seamless blending of pummeling thrash, squalls of psychedelic melody, truly emotive vocalizations (of both the sung and screamed variety), and peerless arrangements make all the originals as well as the highly altered covers (Black Sabbath, The Cure, Bad Brains) in this compilation as vital now as they were then. Though some of these tracks were released in various forms around the time they were recorded, it is only now over a decade since their creation that the true enormity of their growth and subsequent impact on the next generation of bands can be fully appreciated.

Cave In – Anomalies Vol. 1 Tracklist
1. Mr. Co-Dexterity
2. Inflatable Dream
3. I Luv I Jah
4. Plainsong
5. N.I.B.
6. Innuendo And Out The Other (Demo)
7. Cave-In

More Info: Hydra Head Records

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