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Miami grind champs Shitstorm bring the thunder on new split

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Miami grind unit Shitstorm are unquestionably one of the most punishing grind forces currently active with the band’s new split release with Radiation serving as a latest punctuation mark. Utilizing a guitar distortion and presence to make blood boil, melded with a spine-shaking drum fury of laser-like blasts that stop and go on a dime, sprinkle in meaty bass riffs, and slather in completely irate vocal attacks from front to back…We’re talking proper grindcore.

Shitstorm‘s prior splits with Conga Fury and Magrudergrind, coupled with band’s 2009 Paranoid Existence full-length, has etched an uncompromising niche in the walls of grindcore. Complimented by an explosive live offering, Shitstorm have amassed an underground buzz via solely DIY tactics. Let us tip our hats.

Now- After over 2 years of delays, RSR Records in Germany has gotten psychical pre-orders live and you can stream Shitstorm‘s contributions to this split below as well as purchase options for the digital downloads.

Shitstorm sees members of Torche stretching their grind muscles and showcasing a much darker and abrasive take on metal than their more accessible alter-ego. Guitarist Jonathan Nuñez (Torche, Shitstorm) lends his many talents not only on the riff barrages, but tracking and production at his personal studio in Miami to give Shitstorm an unique sonic presence further separating them from the pack. Fans should be on the look-out for one-offs and fest announcements as this ripper makes waves.

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