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Old Wounds Q & A Spotlight

Old Wounds - Terror Eyes EP

BTS Spotlight Q & A

Band: Old Wounds
Current Release: Terror Eyes
Label: RTF
Location: New Jersey
FFO: Cursed, Ceremony

We’re keeping the Spotlight Q & A’s rolling with New Jersey’s doom-influenced, hardcore practitioners Old Wounds, as the band is getting ready to drop new EP, Terror Eyes, May 10. This relatively new five-piece is making waves in the Jersey hardcore scene with several upcoming high-profile shows and a slew of rad underground performances, as they continue to reach new listeners throughout the East Coast. Without further ado, let’s hear from Old Wounds vocalist and front-man, Brandon, for the inside scoop.

Joshua BTS: Greetings Brandon! Tell us- What is Old Wounds and who are the key players?

Brandon: Old Wounds is Luke on Drums, Zak and Eros on guitars, Mike on bass, and Me (Brandon) on vocals.

Joshua BTS: Old Wounds is gearing up to release a new album May 10? Give us the inside scoop. Where and when did you record? What pieces of equipment do you find to be the most important in your arsenal when capturing the band’s overall sound in the studio? Any pieces of equipment you truly could not live without?

Brandon: We started recording this back in February with Jeremy Comitas, Dayn Viglione, and our own Eros Marcello at Stained Glass Studios in Hoboken. As for recording, we really don’t have anything specific that we went in recording with. We’re a young band still trying to feel our way around in the studio messing around with different amps, settings, drums, ect. Although I think with this EP we definitely found our sound a bit.

Joshua BTS: What is the significance of the album title “Terror Eyes”?

Brandon: It’s a play on words (Terror Eyes = Terrorize hahaha duh) because the whole EP is a bit of a concept album. I’ve never really tried writing (lyrically) anything that was just one big story, so this was my first attempt at something like it.

Old Wounds Band LiveJoshua BTS: Hahaha. Wow. That blew right by me on first take. “Duh” indeed. What are the best aspects of being based out of New Jersey?

Brandon: The fact that we have so many good bands doing awesome things right now. Black Kites’ new tracks are awesome, Suburban Scum just got signed to 6131 and Troublemaker put out a super solid 12″ earlier this year. On top of that, Fleshtemple, Disobey, The Wanderers, and Changes all recently put out awesome records / EPs … I mean the list goes on. Things seem to be picking up as well, because it felt like NJ’s scene was dead for a little while. I must say that I’m really excited to see where things go in the next couple years, not just for us, but all of these NJ bands. RTF is also based out of NJ. I couldn’t tell you how much Pat Gerity and all of the RTF dudes have helped us.

Joshua BTS: Worst aspects of being based out of New Jersey?

Brandon: The winter sucks, especially this past one, but I guess that makes our music a lot more depressed and pissed off ha ha. There also seems to be a lot of bands following trends and just playing whatever is in at the moment and unfortunately they get sucked into playing these “pay to play” or “sell x amount of tickets” battle of the bands type shows that just really water down the scene. Its a bummer for sure, but theres definitely enough going on to avoid that part of the NJ scene.

Joshua BTS: What does the actual writing process look like for Old Wounds? Is there a writing messiah?

Brandon: The writing process is fairly simple. We kinda just all hang out and jam out ideas. Sometimes we’ll just play for hours and scrap everything we wrote because we just weren’t feeling it. There’s never any pressure to write new songs either, we just simply play and write what we want and what we think sounds cool.

Joshua BTS: What are some of the lyrical themes on the new record?

Brandon: Its pretty much just a story based off of growing up, but with a darker vibe. I was super influenced by Chris Colohan & Wes Eisold during the time of writing this album so that definitely swayed my styled a bit.

Joshua BTS: Where can fans expect to see you playing in the coming months?

Brandon: We’re kind of playing all over the place. We’ve got a show coming up with Rise and Fall on Long Island in May, which is going to be awesome. From there we’ve got a split release show in June, and then summer we’re going to be all over the east coast doing some dates with our good friends Code Orange Kids.

Joshua BTS: Where is the best place for fans to keep up with your current and future endeavors?

Brandon: Definitely our bandcamp. We post everything there… http://www.oldwoundsnj.bandcamp.com

More info at Old Wounds Official Facebook

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